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  1. Hello Everyone! I wanted to mention this game - Surface Tension ( DOS , PC ) 1996 - not to be confused with the Half Life level It has an awesome soundtrack and I really enjoyed it. It's extremly obscure in that there are no video reviews of it on youtube ( and yes, it was a fully boxed game that was sold in stores ) I mean.. check out this track from it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhjrRojYzBc how can anything with this track not be awesome? I rest my case the graphics may seem simple - but the terrain is in legit VOXELS and is destructible!!! Also, even though this is an arcade flight sim, there is a legit story that I recall enjoying. In terms of missions it's not just mindless shooting of enemies - it's quite involved. It's is not available on GOG, but with some searching it's possible to find archives of it if you know where to look
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