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  1. Ha ha, yea Re: About plane landing, aren't it's same configuration that Tails transform "tornado 2" in-flight but can't transform back or land, so he can only crash anyway?
  2. About first of your question, about whole amy issue I always remembered a cinemotagraphic theory by Mike Stoklasa about "not gay characters". Characters inserted just to show that other character not gay and nothing much more. The fact that sonik and tails have such... perfect duo, made it as requrement to insert someone to show that "they are just friends". I think that because Amy was probably first or one of the first... not very imaginative characters. There a lot now after all this sonic games that they produced over years, but originally sonic-tails-knuckles-robotnik was all quite unique in their appearance, abilities and character. And amy.. well, it's pink sonic that added dress and "behave like annoying girl"... and then they added a hammer to somehow make her different. Ehh, feels forced. Big the cat in Adventure was more original even. And hey Ross you may check out this game from 3d sonic games. It hoverboard racing with it's own interesting mechanics, I think you might enjoy it https://youtu.be/ACDPyWubLuQ Arcade style sonic racing games are fine too, I liked sonic and all-stars racing transformed
  3. To add to InspMagnum's word it's really do have Stalker vibe, more than that - all this builds of alpha and beta staler all over 00s. More early you go more it looks kind of like that - by engine, by textures, by style elements. It's hard to describe specific things, but later you go in GSC stuff after stalker - like Clear Sky and Call of Prypyat, less it had this specific feel of early-00s late-90s science fiction video game style combined with dry, fade green-ish brown-ish colors together with specific type of jank. Nice game, tried to play around sound and main gameplay feature and single transormable weapon instead of arsenal. Well, you can expect from it everything you can from eastern european game in early 00s so be prepeared.
  4. I have an idea - Ross, make video about every Star Trek Episode! About episode: -Thing is, they still have some ships left. One of ships was destroyed but they have 2 or 3 more. They all in terrible condition and since planet switched to making basic goods for planet b to survive they over time forgot about how to fix most complex parts of it. So after picard leave nothing happen probably for quite long time - shipments continue, untill rest of ships they have die. And he warned Planet B that "over time, this will end, so be prepeared that there will be no more shipments". So Planet B have plenty of time to prepear and do something. For example making less and less adictive drug for Planet A and ressurect their own manufacturing, maybe ask Planet A instead of ship goods, ship schemes how to build goods and make food etc, maybe even ship slaves for them on their home planet as option. About DS9: Never watch it alongside TNG, this series have compleatly different feel. And starts kind of lame but become better over time. People have different poitions over it, but I from ones who thinks it's absoluetly awesome. A lot of people not understand it since it departue from basic scheme, but it have and more deep evolving characters and more deep plots overall. In general remember TNG episode with "God-like observants over planet". Well, imagine it, combined with philosophy, with non-linear time was made into 7 seasons as premisis, where instead of "problem-picard speech - solution" we have very detailed explanation of this question. Of cource, it's not everything what DS9 have - DS9 is where Star Trek started become more and more actual universe with rules, where every event remembered and conneted to something instead of "oh! Random encounter with random race for 1 episode!". But same time DS9 follow all basic rules of star trek. It would be not out of place like "modern trek" is. And even besides that, there is plenty of really great episodes about adventure too. And unlike TNG where charaters evolve very slow and not really deep, here you like live life with them, and more series go, more you like basicly everybody. Exept Vic it was kind of lame actually but it's mine opinion. About Voyager: I don't like it for same reasons I like DS9. This series unlike DS9 leed to nothing. Nothing changing on ship, characters not change, there no sence of adventure. Every episode is like scrapped TNG episodes with constant time travel and talking clouds it's become old very fast since you know that nothing will happen at the end. It's still trying to be Trekk-y tho and people who just like "random disconected episode" more or less think it's okay. About Enterprise: There a lot things that from start kind of breaking continuity, if you think about it's twise, but for general watch it's fine and over time they doing more and more work. At it's end it become really good and bring up a lot quality stuff and if it was not cancelled, it might become DS9-like. Also my personal recomendations: Try Star Trek Games! Seriously! Klingon Honor Guard - cool FPS game on Unreal 1 engine when you playing Klingon Warrior. Even more cool - Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and Elite Force 2. Awesome quality FPS games, and first game is litteraly best Voyager episode. They have full set of actors, you can explore ship itself, there a lot thought made into making it's quality Star Trek Games. first game done raven and if you familiar with Star Wars EU and played Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy - you know what expect. Second game hasPicard and probably most advanced game made on Quake 3 engine. Also adventure game DS9 The Fall. And I sadly not played DS9 strategy game "Dominion Wars" yet. Thanks for video!
  5. Probably I'm not only one who spot this, but in cutscenes in BipPop 3 they ripped off Warcraft I music
  6. Back then you had to pay for actual even 2,5d render, original ultima underworld was also in tiny-tiny render window.Many people played doom in much smaller window lol. I can say that last game on engine, Ravenloft: Stone Prophet is a bit better but not really far, however you may try. With Anvil of Dawn I kind of have problem that they really get into 3d-prerender stuff in places - for walls and different details. I appreciate and love look of 2d handrawn art, espessialy when it's good (and Dreamforge have good one for the most part, not greatest but really good) over just pre-renders of photosprites/textures. Veil of Darkness was full handrawn same as Dungeon Hack, 2,5d games had cutscenes in crappy 3d renders but rest of art and textures was handrawn, Anvil of Dawn already used pre-renders in game, and Wh40k Rites of War was in majority 3d pre-renders with strange backgrounds. But well yea, Anvil of Dawn still looks great and there was a point in making 2d first person game over 2,5d one untill 1995-96.
  7. Maybe it was already metioned, but I spot in a list game "In Pursuit of Greed" which was SoftDisc game made out of id software codebase they created during development of Doom, like engine between Wolf3d and Doom. Because after split, id still had some agreements with softdisc. As I know this game is kind of not good, and probably it might be better to check raven Software games which also recived this base and made "raven engine" from it. Games like Shadowcaster and CyClones. First is real time, action, but have some RPG elements into it such as dungeoncrawler-like interface and ability of character turn into monsters (yea hi Lands of Lore 2). CyClones is on updated Raven engine that can do things like platforms, and with this free aiming feature but Ross would not like it most probably because he don't like this controls, however I like them and they are major feature in this game where whole game built around it. After I seen in list games like Wrath of Earth and Rapid Assault I wonder why there is no Raven's Necrodome . It probably less known Raven game since it was made not on id software engine unlike most of their other games, but on same engine as their top-down shooters. Idea is that you are on future arena championship with armored cars with guns. So it's FPS game where you control car and shoot enemies, you can also get out from your car and move on foot, can do simple car jumps, it also support coop where driver and gunner is different players. I think it might be interesting for you.
  8. Problem there is "draw distance" most probably for you - place where engine start "distort" cell and floor textures to not render all texture for all location. There nothing really you can do with it - it's way how engine threat "big" locations (in doom and tes arena you had dark or fog when you more far). Looking at your screenshots you may try play with acpect ratio correction and opengldb render, it might make it slightly better However, you may turn off cell and floor texctures in options easely, if it'll help you to make it more "wolfenstein 3d style". With this view you can see easely see points where game change floor texture rendering I can see that it may be bad for people but for me this graphics was fine, also in this games if I not crazy there no ranage-attack enemies and all combat is close one (exept occasional fireball from wall or some boss), so it'll not affecting gameplay much, espessialy in smaller dungeons and interiors where you spend most of the game. However yeah, if you want more modern experience with real time free-movment blobber Might and Magic 6-8 with GrayFace patches and hardware acceleration with widescreen patches probably be better start. I playing all this because fan of old CRPGs.
  9. If not mistaken looking at screenshots, in re-release instead of real soviet trucks and cars they made just "imagine cars" like in gta, probably to avoid licensing.
  10. Probably last game done by Cyclone Studios, one of studios owned by 3DO that died with this 3DO. But even before 3DO died, studio as I understand was absorbed by 3DO compleatly and their developers ended in other divisions. Like also dying from 3DO policy New World Computing. Developers from here and their engine was used in different Might and Magic series spin-offs, such as Legends of might and Magic, PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. Not very finished and not polished games because lack of budget and time. I belive some from this studio worked on Might and Magic 9 also, althought it was licensed Lithtech engine from Monolith already. Overall nice game, not 10/10 but I think Ross will do great review of it, espessialy after Messiah and other bible-themed games he played. Bu be warn, as was posted above that it's like Jedi Knight clone. Jedi Knight 1 Dark Forces 2, where to use FORCE JUMP ability you need to select force power from menu, use it, and then for short time you can jump. This kind of skill system.
  11. Don't know, but for some reason I like controls where you have free mouse movment on screen. Of cource it was dead end, but back then when free movment games was continuation of real time gird based dungeoncrawlers it was logical. And in games like Ultima underworld and system shock it realley added to feel of your character. When it's not like in your quake supersolder, but actual human who need to move his body parts in order to do actions. And also it added additional layer of freedom. From action games first game that comes to mind that like that is Raven's CyClones Now, when for like 30 years character arms attached to your camera, seeing this when you can freely move your chrosshair, and weapon sprite also move to sides, turn and go up and down. It is kind of magical feel for me.
  12. Graphics there is quite good in mine opinion, they basicly same 2d artistwork you get in all dreamforge games from this time. Not as good as westwood or even Raven in places I'd say, but still much better than anything what use just phototextures and raw 3d renders back than. I think you might have problem with actual game render - I don't know what they used in their engine, some sort of Raycasting or other early 2,5d render, but of cource it has it's limitations and without proper "far shading" effect and lower render resolution it might look as pixelated mess at first time If you played frist person games from this time a lot - like Thor's Hammer or The Elder Scrolls Arena or maybe original Rise of the Triad and Wolfenstein 3d you'll be perfectly fine with it lol. Well, this trilogy of 2 ravenloft and one forgotten realms free movment games is not something 10/10, but decent plot based SSI RPG as you might expect. But they'll really benefit from more advanced render and resolution. This why at the time 2d with 3d imitation games like Lands of Lore 1 still existed.
  13. Have some small things to answer: 1.Your sounds most probably don't work correctly because you need to setup card properly. Dosbox is emulatro of hardware in first place, and all PC expantion card had Port, DMA, HDMA etc. They should be same numbers in your dosbox and card you are emulating. In general, I recommend use doxbox game laucher - program that allow easely tweak your doxbox options in menus, not in .ini format. And keep one dosbox installation for multiple config files easely. 2.Adlib was cheapest and one of the first PC expation sound cards from 1987, SNES came out much later, already in 90s and had complicated circuit board by Sony that allow cutom PCM samples, size of this samples is small tho. Amiga computers had similar music system. By 90s Adlib was outdated, but newer Adlib Gold card was a falure, most common in early 90s was soundblasters. Quality of music also not most times connect to card but for what card developers aimed to and what they supported just because. For example I prefer in Ultima Underworld 1 Soundblaster over Roland sound. 3.This game is made by Dreamforge entertaiment (they had different name back then but that's them). Low framerate of intros is kind of their distinct style I don't know, maybe they was pre-recorded and it was only way they figured out how to present them properly. Most of their games published by SSI and have distinct 2d artstyle that you spot immideatly. Their responisble for such games as Dungeon Hack - ADnD2 dungeoncrawler in style and on engine of Eye of the beholder 3, Series of Ravenloft Strahd's possession/Menzoberranzan/Anvil of Dawn based on DnD also because SSI, yeah. They are first person party dungeoncrawlers but in real time, as it become in fashion after Ultima Underworld/System Shock and other Dooms and Wolfensteins. Plot of first game is around basic Ravenloft module about lord vamipre who own village and castle that trapped by evil powers with fog disconnected from rest of the world (sounds familiar, aren't it?) and Avil of Dawn. Their later games is tactic game about eldars Rites of War also by SSI, also Sanitarium you also might be interested in. 4.Inventory system like this was common for real time dungeoncrawlers and some CRPGs - Ultima 6, ultima underworld, Dungeon Master (in which kind of FPS games and real time first person RPG games and immersive sims have it's roots) etc. Hope my post was not too annoying. Thanks for video!
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