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  1. Well actually Skywind is clear example of such project: In development for a decade, Skyrim now as old as Morrowind when this project started, questionable "new artistic vision" of artists and problems to implement original MW mechanics via avalible Skyrim instruments. I guess this project is sort of alive only because Bethesda turned into valve in their development time.
  2. Personally I'd not describe F4 mechanis as an improvement, and jump from the visuals not that big. In my personal opinion it would be more productive just to wait (or even better, help) the development of OpenMW so it'll faster reach the point when it'll be able to support all gamebryo games.
  3. But why port game from one version of gamebryo to other using limited avalible instruments?
  4. There is no current emulator for Roland devices that don't need ROMs. Dosbox ECE just uses integrated MUNT, as listed on the website. But integrated fluidsynth and munt in-DOSBox is a very handy thing. All options for both of them are documented in the config file.
  5. I not tried it yet myself, but you still might need MT-32 ROMs for this
  6. Also, it might be interesting for the Might and Magic fans: Web-based open source HD clone of 3DO and NWC's 2000 card game Arcomage (yes that card game from Might and Magic 7-8 games) https://arcomage.github.io/ - you can now play it in your browser. And I found out that there in development open-source re-implementation of the MM6-8 engine. https://github.com/gp-alex/world-of-might-and-magic - currently it supports only MM7 only and you need to compile it yourself. And for people who want to open Might and Magic 6-8 games right now, don't forget about GrayFace patches and tools - this is must-have bug fixes, improvements and controls enhancements for these games https://grayface.github.io/mm/ For 7 and 8 games, which are supporting hardware acceleration, it even allows to play them with any modern resolution you want.
  7. An interesting project https://dosboxece.yesterplay.net/ DOSBOX ECE - Enhanced Community Edition is DOSBox with already included patches and enhancements made by the community over the years right in the package. It has many things, including: Emulation of a 3Dfx Voodoo card via internal (software or OpenGL) or external wrapper Improved emulation of OPL3 (a FM sound synthesis chip from Yamaha) Improved balance and authenticity in FM sound playback Improved PC speaker sound emulation Emulation of the Roland MT-32 Midi synthesizer Integration of Fluidsynth (a software midi synthesizer with soundfont support) Support for up to 10 joystick axes and 2 D-pads (allowing 2 complete Xbox360 compatible controllers to be used) Mouse buttons can be mapped to keyboard keys or controller buttons Support for up to 384 MB RAM, required for running Windows 9x in DOSBox ECE 4MB video memory, reducing sprite flickering in games with the Build engine ("Duke Nukem 3D", "Blood", etc.) Support for MSF timestamps in CUE files, MP3, FLAC, WAV and OPUS files are supported as cd audio replacement Having an easy to configure glide wrapper included together with integrated Fluidsynth is very nice. For general MIDI with regular dosbox I usually using VirtualMIDISynth player, however I heard that Fluidsynth is better and also since it integrated it'll not count as a "separate sound source" which for example discord streaming doesn't pick up. Same goes with MT-32. So for now it'll be my default Dosbox I'll use.
  8. From modern games? Well I liked Ion Fury and awaiting Wrath Aeon of Ruin. New Super Lucky's Tale was a cute 3d platformer.
  9. I did not talk about OpenMW here before because it is one of the biggest and most known opensource game engine projects at this time, but their last video of project evolution is too awesome to not share.
  10. Grim beard's Arx Fatalis review is nice, only thing is to look at it from the perspective of someone who played Ultima Underworld 1, since a lot of elements in this game is directly copying it. But I usually get such feelings from many youtubers when they talk about something I know more. Well, Ross is unique tho because his whole perspective on media.
  11. Well probably something blocking dbgl from acces to the internet. Hmm. Maybe firewall or something. Please, ask about this in dbgl thread in vogons
  12. Do you type it with or without quotation marks?
  13. Honestly, I don't use actual wizard at all. Here is how I usually add a game profile. I clicking add a profile. In "game name" I type name of the game then hit the "M" button here. It'll do a search on the Mobygames. I choose the game I need from the list and it adds description and allows me to choose a cover. I can edit a name and description after it. Then go to the Mounting tab. Here, you can browse exe for the game and after it it'll automatically add game folder as "mounted C drive". Since this is CD game, and many CD games requre CD inside drive while running, I added path to Image of the CD to mount as D. Both CD and gamefiles I put inside Dosbox game launcher dosroot folder, so it'll be portable. Also as "setup" usually in folders of DOS games there is "setup.exe" or "installation.exe" or "sound.exe" etc., this is exe to configure what sound device you'll game will use. Rest is opotional thing. For example for this game I type midiconfig "0" in sound options, since I configured it to play music from general midi and my general midi device is VirtualMIDISynth player, which on my machine is listed as 0 device. And for playing sounds I set in game soundblaster 16, game ask for its addres and you can also see it here. And this is my usual video ssetings to have correct unfiltered graphics is Openglnb render, none scaler, my desktop resolution in fullscreen and Aspect ratio correction for clear correct picture. And here is the game! You can place your own cover. Just right click on the game, open captures folder and there will be you choosen cover file. Place any picture and name it same way. Also example of setup menu in Warcraft, it'll ask for Soundcard, DMA, port etc., set here all same way as it set up in your audio tab in DBGL game profile.
  14. Very happy to hear that this thread was useful for someone.
  15. Not agree about discord sucks, probably depend on what groups you are in. For me, discord basically replaced almost all social media on the internet. I following a lot of open-source engine projects, global mods for multiple games, communities for obscure stuff. Okay, joined that one, thank you.
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