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  1. Jak games IIRC close engine to Ratchet and Clank so probably similar, but polished a bit more. Need to try, I never get past Jak 1 yet in this series sadly.
  2. I'm in but not post or even look much on the discord server. But, ehh, this is off topic.
  3. Am I that ugly? Well, maybe will draw something different later
  4. Also, I managed to beat all hoverboard races in 2002 PS2 Ratchet and Clank First one was quite annoying
  5. I can recomend sonic riders. It actually has requred tricks (sort of), actual AIR mechanics where air is your FUEL and Sonic Riders 1 has AWESOME 2d intro made by some professional anime studio. Really nice game, I think you'll find it interesting. https://youtu.be/3dYgTNOjsI8
  6. Oh, so it is a native Win9x game Well, weird, maybe bad compression from 3DO same as with FMV components. PC codecs were really bad back then. Good to know, thanks
  7. Hello ross! This is same annoying guy again, but since the last game dungeon I become a girl. Well, anyway. 1.Sound pop may come from dosbox emulation, or what was set for music in your config? However I don't know myself as I not played the game much. 2.Thing with the walls is how their custom engine handles the collision. Looks like it has same issue as bethesda's xNgine, but sadly, it is a common thing of the time when you wanted to make REALLY LARGE levels. 3.Thing with mous aim is that someone did bind keyboard key option to the mouse movement in dosbox. There are similar patches for other games, but it is not a real mouselook obv. Broken physics might be the issue with emulation as well. Sometimes physics calculations may be ruined by too fast cpu. And dosbox cycle emulation is sort of janky thing even with tinkering. You may see similar things like that in many DOS games, which don't speed up like crazy with faster CPU like early ones, but still have issues. Again, bethesda's xNgine games physics, or speed of some scripted space ships in Star Wars TIE fighter. So be sure to check whatever in mid-high sys requrements of the game. Maybe changing cycles from auto to something else. 3.5.Sill, as a huge fan of 80-90s CRPGs, I feel so sad that you don't appretiare classic controls! C'mon, they add immersion, feeling of movement, and in games like SS1 and UU1-UU2 that "feel" of freedom of your head from arms. It is rare nowadays, besides some VR stuff. 4.I don't want to be that person recommending games again like "Ross, please, play my game!", I feel ashamed, but your video hit all marks: -Mention of Daggerfal and landscapes -Search for more "realistic enviroments in 90s FPS games" -Search for obscure and ahead of their time games -Game with maybe similar clipping issues -Game where you have molotovs and a shotgun and use them a lot -Game with actual mouselook and 3d render and configurable controls let you present probably best game of old Bethesda Softworks, 1995 Terminator Future Shock and 1996 standalone addon SKYnet. Those games have plot, music, interiors with destructable items, progression feels and most advanced technologies at the time. Like c'mon, in SKYnet you have full 3d multiplayer in 640x480 with 3d vehicles! Interactivity, enviroment, little details! This is the game for which xNgine was made in the first place and was used for Daggerfall by other, more... messy bethesda sub team. If you want me tips on how to configure game, setup music etc, to have proper working physics, gmidi ost and 640x480 with far draw distance in original game, just ask! Since game is obscure enough to be not present on GOG or Steam 5.Now, I can go into rabbit hole of games like CyberMage (now that would've been a 100% nice Game Dungeon episode. Obscure figure of D.W.Bradely, its connection to system shock, weird comicbook style, attemt to plot delivery via in-game chatacters with voice and some scripted pseudo-scenes in 1995 is also spicy.) but I guess I annoyed you enough! 6.Oh and the last thing, modern doom ports are basically modern engines, even if they loosely originally based on og doom source code, there are probably 0 original code. They are like Source 2 to Quake World. :Р Happy haloween!
  8. Hey Ross, don't know if you read comments, but try 86box instead of PCEm! It is actual fork of PCEm, but more active and up to date nowadays. Also, sometimes mouse jank connected to dpi on modern mices. If you have ps/2 ports on your modern pc, you may just get old ps/2 mouse for 1$ for such purposes
  9. After that video people on ScummVM server started to talk about this game and its possible support. Funny enough, game itself without videos and related stuff to them is very very tiny. A quote about thst Game itself is 480kb in size, yea lol. Not surprising since whole game is just videos with simplest "choose A or B" screen
  10. Invincible moonwalking is present in might and magic 3 and 4-5. If you not seen an enemy, the enemy will not see you. I guess it was they way to make AI in gird based games. Btw original macintosh game version is supported by Scummvm, later re-releases use "director" if I not mistaken? If so they might be supported by Scummvm in near future, they doing big progress on it there is a list to follow https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Director/Games And some very fresh news https://www.scummvm.org/news/20210817/ "We are actively working on deepening Director 3 compatibility, particularly the original Journeyman Project and advancing with Director 4 support, having Meet MediaBand and Chop Suey as our primary test targets." Also bonus points for mars atmosphere. People don't realise that mars is small, light rock closer to the moon than to Earth.
  11. Great, I happy that I being usefull somehow Anyway, some other interestion opensource projects I noted OpenDW - was surprised to see it exists, opensource implementation of Dragon Wars game, a totaly forgotten RPG, sort of "spiritual" sequel to Bard's Tale series from late 80s. OpenGothic - there were a number of project of re-implementations of Gothic 1-2 engines, but they all were abandoned. Hope this one will not.
  12. I can so relate with the idea of games being sharp! It is so nice to revisit some late 90s early 00s games, now with an ability of wrappers to set 4k resolution and anti-aliasing, and this blocky graphics so sharp, so clear! I don't really like mess of details.
  13. Well, it depends on USSR in what times and on what things we see for better or for worse. Current Russian politics slowely making it not into like China, but just your generic third world banana republic just with this soviet flavor.
  14. Heroes 2 are actually fully playable via DOSBox, you can just buy for example gog version and play it. But yea, I have high hopes for this project. It was fun to play with a touchscreen in very old versions before it originally was abandoned. There was also another H2-related project, a "port" on Heroes 3 engine, Heroes 3 Succession Wars with a lot of new content, made in style and spirit of Heroes 2 art style and based strictly on the lore of Might and Magic universe, with new units, elements, new castles, and stuff. Even additional campaigns was planned, for example bridge between HoMM2 and MM6 about king Roland against Kreegans. Sadly, at least for now, this project feels dead.
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