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  1. Invincible moonwalking is present in might and magic 3 and 4-5. If you not seen an enemy, the enemy will not see you. I guess it was they way to make AI in gird based games. Btw original macintosh game version is supported by Scummvm, later re-releases use "director" if I not mistaken? If so they might be supported by Scummvm in near future, they doing big progress on it there is a list to follow https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Director/Games And some very fresh news https://www.scummvm.org/news/20210817/ "We are actively working on deepening Director 3 compatibility, particularly the original Journeyman Project and advancing with Director 4 support, having Meet MediaBand and Chop Suey as our primary test targets." Also bonus points for mars atmosphere. People don't realise that mars is small, light rock closer to the moon than to Earth.
  2. Great, I happy that I being usefull somehow Anyway, some other interestion opensource projects I noted OpenDW - was surprised to see it exists, opensource implementation of Dragon Wars game, a totaly forgotten RPG, sort of "spiritual" sequel to Bard's Tale series from late 80s. OpenGothic - there were a number of project of re-implementations of Gothic 1-2 engines, but they all were abandoned. Hope this one will not.
  3. I can so relate with the idea of games being sharp! It is so nice to revisit some late 90s early 00s games, now with an ability of wrappers to set 4k resolution and anti-aliasing, and this blocky graphics so sharp, so clear! I don't really like mess of details.
  4. Well, it depends on USSR in what times and on what things we see for better or for worse. Current Russian politics slowely making it not into like China, but just your generic third world banana republic just with this soviet flavor.
  5. Heroes 2 are actually fully playable via DOSBox, you can just buy for example gog version and play it. But yea, I have high hopes for this project. It was fun to play with a touchscreen in very old versions before it originally was abandoned. There was also another H2-related project, a "port" on Heroes 3 engine, Heroes 3 Succession Wars with a lot of new content, made in style and spirit of Heroes 2 art style and based strictly on the lore of Might and Magic universe, with new units, elements, new castles, and stuff. Even additional campaigns was planned, for example bridge between HoMM2 and MM6 about king Roland against Kreegans. Sadly, at least for now, this project feels dead.
  6. FHeroes2 is now picked up again. This is an open-source engine re-implementation in development for the Heroes of Might and Magic 2 game. Github General page They have social media groups contancts listed on general page if you want to follow the project.
  7. Hey Ross, don't know where to post it, but there some project of laws in South Korea about protecting Cybersport. The thing is, there was the case when Blizzard just canceled Heroes of the Storm championships and more or less closed game. It left cybersport leagues who play this game in a bad situation. So they want to make some things to prohibit such behavior from game companies in the future.
  8. Pretty much is. There is a debate of course, if modern Russian Federation created after fall of SU just by itself can not hold itself in present form, or that former KGB officers who get back to power in 2000 did everything to fail it. Never the less, we are now going into constantly worse and worse times and there are not much hope.
  9. Well actually Skywind is clear example of such project: In development for a decade, Skyrim now as old as Morrowind when this project started, questionable "new artistic vision" of artists and problems to implement original MW mechanics via avalible Skyrim instruments. I guess this project is sort of alive only because Bethesda turned into valve in their development time.
  10. Personally I'd not describe F4 mechanis as an improvement, and jump from the visuals not that big. In my personal opinion it would be more productive just to wait (or even better, help) the development of OpenMW so it'll faster reach the point when it'll be able to support all gamebryo games.
  11. But why port game from one version of gamebryo to other using limited avalible instruments?
  12. There is no current emulator for Roland devices that don't need ROMs. Dosbox ECE just uses integrated MUNT, as listed on the website. But integrated fluidsynth and munt in-DOSBox is a very handy thing. All options for both of them are documented in the config file.
  13. I not tried it yet myself, but you still might need MT-32 ROMs for this
  14. Also, it might be interesting for the Might and Magic fans: Web-based open source HD clone of 3DO and NWC's 2000 card game Arcomage (yes that card game from Might and Magic 7-8 games) https://arcomage.github.io/ - you can now play it in your browser. And I found out that there in development open-source re-implementation of the MM6-8 engine. https://github.com/gp-alex/world-of-might-and-magic - currently it supports only MM7 only and you need to compile it yourself. And for people who want to open Might and Magic 6-8 games right now, don't forget about GrayFace patches and tools - this is must-have bug fixes, improvements and controls enhancements for these games https://grayface.github.io/mm/ For 7 and 8 games, which are supporting hardware acceleration, it even allows to play them with any modern resolution you want.
  15. An interesting project https://dosboxece.yesterplay.net/ DOSBOX ECE - Enhanced Community Edition is DOSBox with already included patches and enhancements made by the community over the years right in the package. It has many things, including: Emulation of a 3Dfx Voodoo card via internal (software or OpenGL) or external wrapper Improved emulation of OPL3 (a FM sound synthesis chip from Yamaha) Improved balance and authenticity in FM sound playback Improved PC speaker sound emulation Emulation of the Roland MT-32 Midi synthesizer Integration of Fluidsynth (a software midi synthesizer with soundfont support) Support for up to 10 joystick axes and 2 D-pads (allowing 2 complete Xbox360 compatible controllers to be used) Mouse buttons can be mapped to keyboard keys or controller buttons Support for up to 384 MB RAM, required for running Windows 9x in DOSBox ECE 4MB video memory, reducing sprite flickering in games with the Build engine ("Duke Nukem 3D", "Blood", etc.) Support for MSF timestamps in CUE files, MP3, FLAC, WAV and OPUS files are supported as cd audio replacement Having an easy to configure glide wrapper included together with integrated Fluidsynth is very nice. For general MIDI with regular dosbox I usually using VirtualMIDISynth player, however I heard that Fluidsynth is better and also since it integrated it'll not count as a "separate sound source" which for example discord streaming doesn't pick up. Same goes with MT-32. So for now it'll be my default Dosbox I'll use.
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