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  1. I did all of them on my own tbh. None of them were that hard.
  2. been wanting to get this game. Shame the version on GOG is the DOS version, I'd really love checking out the Windows version.
  3. Finished Mass Effect Andromeda. Kinda meh experience but enjoyable at times.
  4. Mass Effect Andromeda. I kinda like it. I wouldn't say it's more than a mediocre game but it has some things about it I legit enjoy.
  5. You're good too. OT: Has never not had Data in his avatar
  6. 10/10 Adorable and bonus points for transparency
  7. Yeah, it feels really different from other games in the franchise but I kinda like that. It's far from perfect but it's definitely not as bad as people say.
  8. 3018 - My company goes bankrupt after a horrible sex scandal involving a cucumber.
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