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  1. tisnman

    The Ctrl+V game

  2. tisnman

    Too much cash? We can help.

    I like this idea, I could make it as advanced as stickmen. Instantly thought of it being like this
  3. tisnman

    Most comfortable mouse?

    Hippus HandShoe Mouse Large Right Hand Black I don't own one, but it seems very ergonomic also the first review on this page seems convincing http://www.amazon.com/Hippus-HandShoe-Mouse-Large-Right/dp/B00275QIV6/ref=pd_cp_e_3
  4. tisnman

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for making a big lambda out of cute little lambdas
  5. tisnman

    Do we need a seperate "forum games" board?

    i would like a forum games board
  6. tisnman

    Anyone else here using Google Chrome?

    What privacy violations? I think he is scared of the incognito mode's humorousness
  7. tisnman

    Improve the Picture!

    Fresh off the ms-paint boat, ready to impress
  8. tisnman

    Change one word in the sentence!

    Now she will drop dildos on a stone table, That unpinned a ton of dresses while stroking myself.
  9. tisnman

    the "who needs...when you've got..." game

    Who needs Metalocalypse when you've got Robot Chicken?
  10. tisnman

    Anime Thread

    Just watched Code Geass and it is now m new favorite
  11. tisnman

    End of the world

    So sorry for all the people with the WRONG RELIGION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Goes to hell*
  12. tisnman

    Freeman's Mind Spliced together!

    Gotcha, ill fix that
  13. tisnman

    *gasp!* Episode 32 All Green?

    mfw i saw
  14. tisnman

    The potent desire to not suck

    Oh lawl that made me giggle
  15. tisnman

    Freeman's Mind Spliced together!

    actually, yeah ill do that, but ill do it once the next episode is out so i can recompile the entire thing with the credits and next episode(rendering takes forever).

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