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  1. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

  2. Average Internet Guy

    Post what you're doing right now

    Debugging an issue I was having with detail props on painted displacements for a source mod. About to go drink beer and eat hot pockets to celebrate.
  3. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

    Bachelor Facts #327 Did you know that, by throwing your dirty clothes on the floor and leaving them there for at least a week, they magically become clean again?
  4. Average Internet Guy

    General Chat

    Turning your back on your sham shield brethren? I'm alive, I don't really check in too often since the forums tend to attract a disproportionate amount of the tin-foil hat crowd types.
  5. Average Internet Guy


    Nobody fucking wants VR. Red wine is absolute trash.
  6. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

  7. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

    Is there an easy way to learn calculus? Algebra and pre-calc were easy, but I never took any higher level math in college.
  8. Average Internet Guy

    Roguelite/MetroidVania General

    Ruiner is very fun! It's like a better, harder, more polished version of Alien Swarm. I think it's be right up Ross' alley in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. I did just purchase Neon Chrome since it's only $3ish dollars on steam right now.
  9. Average Internet Guy

    Roguelite/MetroidVania General

    Just checked it out, it's $5 on steam right now. May purchase it after work today since it looks right up my alley. Kind of gives me a Ruiner vibe as well, which I've been meaning to play (will probably get that if it ever goes on sale). Also, I tried dead cells: pretty fun, but suffers from same TBoI issue of getting boned if you don't get a certain type of item drop (and the new update pretty much forces you to use a shield/build survival if you want to get past the fifth stage). Pretty decent for an early access title.
  10. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

  11. Average Internet Guy

    Roguelite/MetroidVania General

    Hey, I was trying to get some recommendations for some single player adventure/RPG type games in the vein of The Binding of Isaac or Salt and Sanctuary, and I wanted to make a thread to discuss them in. I've been thinking of purchasing Dead Cells, but I'm also open to other suggestions (I had looked at Hollow Knight but I found myself uninterested in the artstyle).
  12. Average Internet Guy

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey! What parts of 40k are you into? I used to do the tabletop ('crons and IG), but then I got more into the RPGs (Dark Heresy and Only War).
  13. Average Internet Guy

    What are you listening to?

    fEN1HTHLqDA fuck, I want to see more desert sessions, there ain't shit for experimental/weird desert/stoner rock nowadays
  14. Average Internet Guy

    Random thread

    Has nobody had the heart to tell game devs that *nobody* likes VR?
  15. Average Internet Guy

    Post what you're doing right now

    Just got back from playing 1v1 commander all night. Had a couple of really long, close games but somehow I managed to clean house (the other guy did get mana screwed for a couple of those games, but mostly they were pretty close). Palace Siege, Abhorrent Overlord, Crosis's Charm, and Quietus Spike are the real MVPs.

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