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  1. Not in the case he's making... I don't see how talking about possibly putting these together in a loss-less format is ruining anyone's fun. In fact I feel it makes it even more fun! I was talking about- You know what, forget it.
  2. This is a random thread. For random things. Random example: I'm going to randomly post random song lyrics in a random fashion. Random. Mother Will you Keep me Hold me? Father Be there Strong for Me! Demons await Where the mighty rivers run Children sail on! Sail on!
  3. WHY MUST YOU RUIN OUR FUN WITH SCIENCE?!?! Science is fun. Not in the case he's making...
  5. The reason why one takes so much time is usually because he's busy with other things... Freeman's Mind was originally created to satisfy the fans in between Civil Protection episodes. Those take a lot more time than it does to make a Freeman's Mind, but usually there's huge delays because he's doing something else. I'm not going to debate with you on your opinion on Cinematic Mod. I like it myself, but I respect your opinion.
  6. It would be cool, especially since version 10.98 is supposed to have dynamic destruction. If you don't know what that means, it basically means your environment is slightly destroyable (You can't blow up buildings though).
  7. Thanks Blue, I already knew that though. It's really annoying how they don't sell it to the public, except for Invincible, and that contains mostly stuff from Nemesis and Power of Darkness. There's a lot of good songs out in their albums, and yet they mostly focused on those 2. Solitude should have been in it... Well, you could always just Youtube2mp3 every song you find.
  8. You're probably thinking this is asking whether there WILL be a Freeman's Mind 2, right? You're so god damn mainstream. No, this is asking a different question. IF there will be a Freeman's Mind 2, I have a request to make if you have a good enough computer, Mr. Scott/Ross/Dr. Freeman/etc. Freeman's Mind 2 in Cinematic Mod?
  9. That's why their music is used in trailers for everything.
  10. Isn't that why I informed you of them?
  11. Alright boys and girls... and hermaphrodites. I'm here to tell you about a group called Two Steps from Hell. They are some of the greatest movie trailer music I have heard in the entirety of my brief existence. Let me give you an example of their work. Hear the music? Now listen to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISzK6e237II Same song, obviously. I have all 858 songs of them (3.53 GB, to those who are wondering.) Good luck getting them. Their work varies, some is like Heart of Courage (The link above), some is calm ( ) Some of it is actiony ( ), and it goes on and on and on. I love TSFH very much, and just wanted to share with you their awesomeness. Nogoodnms out.
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