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  1. I'm sure there's minutes worth of air left in this pocket.
  2. All dog breeds belong to one species: canis familiaris. This explains their ability to mate successfully.
  3. Onward to Strongbadia! Strongbadia the FREE!
  4. When I was driving once I saw this painted on a bridge: "I don't want the world, I just want your half."
  5. So "lightly dusted with dirt" then? Japanese porn is the most disgusting shit you'll ever accidentally glimpse, then go to a psychiatrist because of... Caked with blood is what I meant... going for the whole German freaky BDSM porn angle... whatever. Lame joke anyhow. Japan is just insane anyway. In its own, almost charming, way.
  6. The most obvious flaw is Mac Flash Player fucking around and acting stupid and using almost all of the CPU... but that's Adobe's problem, not Apple's.
  7. I'm going to give you -rep for every post of yours I see simply because of your sig. Hmmm, sorry for not liking the same OS as you do. People have different preferences, so get used to it and stop being a dick. BACK ON TOPIC: Still no Ep 33... GAH
  8. I'm gay and I don't have a problem with people of other sexualities, as long as they're not dicks to me/any gay people because of my sexual interests. I support marriage equality, LGBT adoption rights, the usual fare for a gay guy. The one slight problem I do have with only a few straight people is that whenever they see a romantic situation between a two guys or two girls, they're always going off on how it's inappropriate to "flaunt" their sexuality. And then they go kiss/hug/hold hands with their boyfriend or girlfriend. What the hell do they think they're doing? And then people who complain about pride parades, and how they don't understand why LGBT need a parade. Straights don't. But it's essentially a straight pride parade on every other day of the year on every street. Couples holding hands and walking, kissing, etc. This kind of hypocrisy just sets me off. Again, I wasn't making a blanket statement about straights, just that the few who do this are extremely annoying..
  9. Keeps the top side of his head warm in the winter, and distracts the Marines... Considering it's New Mexico, winter is pretty much non-existant in the usual sense. Plus, with all the barnacles he's run into, and murky, dirty water he's swam through his hair is probably filthier than German porn.
  10. Maybe it's part of his deal with Machinima that he has to wait.
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