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  1. This topic is mainly about gay couples, and adoption rights. In my opinion it doesn't matter if it's two men adopting a child, or two women, either way at least the child has a family. If gay couples can adopt, it will help more orphans in reality. That's my two cents on it, feel free to give yours.
  2. Your complaining about how the topic of sexuality involves sexuality. Yeah, it involves sexuality. Don't fucking read it, if you don't want to read about such "evil" acts.
  3. What you said there sounds like some pedophile shit, an 80 year old man getting it on with a 19 year old man is just.... Ugh. An 18 year old man getting it on with a 13 year old kinda is wrong, but it's not as bad.
  4. I have three rules regarding sex: 1. Keep it to your own age group. 2. Keep it to your own species. 3. Don't include death. Anything else is fine. I agree with 2 and 3, for the age thing I think age is just a number, just as long as it isn't at 80 year old man fucking a 19 year old man, or women, because that's just scary.
  5. They have had some control.
  6. As I always say, respect and be respected. That's what it's all about. I agree, but a lot of people can't get that through their thick skulls.
  7. Then what are bisexuals?
  8. Things happen to me from time to time, usually just senses, seeing shadows out of the corners of my eyes, hearing people talking when there is no one there, things have moved in front of me before, nothing really scary has happened, but yes I believe in ghosts, seeing as I have encountered them.
  9. He did some bad shit, he just wasn't ready for this world yet, well, at least he gave Peter back his surfing bird album, and now, let us get back on to topic.
  10. As far as I'm concerned, we're all sinners in some way. I consider sex out of love much less of a sin than sex out of lust. And clearly, having sex with the one you love, no matter the gender, is much better than having sex with children, like some catholic priests do. You need more rep.
  11. I endorse that philosophy. Now if others would, that would be one problem to scratch off of the list.
  12. I'm in Canada, and I never get a good ping on any UK server.
  13. Mine is anything I can find, usually chocolate.
  14. Not unless you give them a complicated math question. Then they are all fucked.
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