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  1. Great to see you back at it, Ross. I loved the soda can bit!
  2. In my opinion, I had a great hair day today.
  3. Ian


    I'm confused as to what you mean by grammar. If legibility is an issue, I think you may be referring to orthography, which is the way we spell words. But I don't believe there have been any changes to grammar in Standard American English online.
  4. Ian


    I'm not trying to insult anyone when I say this, but when the intent of a speaker is understood despite the usage, anyone correcting is simply being pedantic. Take for example the three words there, their, and they're. Do not let orthography blind you! When you say these words, they are always pronounced /ðɛɚ/. Thus it's easy to understand why someone might confuse these when writing because they never make the distinction in spoken language.
  5. Ian


    Hey, I am a student of linguistics at my university, and I can guarantee you that the way people type in informal situations such as forums, comment sections, and text messages is in no way representative of their literacy. Kids these days can distinguish between formal situations, such as writing a paper, and informal situations, like telling your mom for the sixth time that you're at Sheetz with your friends. If you're skeptical, don't take it just from me. Here are some folks with authority in the field who can put this peeve to ease.
  6. Ian


    There's a lot going on in the world, some of which is awful, disappointing, and so on. Let's just not forget the humanity who makes terrible decisions is the same one who makes the world a better place.
  7. Futhark, here are the subtitle packs for Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection/Other videos.
  8. Total War: Rome II O, the initial disappointment! But it's getting better with the patches.
  9. Ian


    Nah, man. Mean world syndrome.
  10. Ian


    What else do you expect from the sacks of shit in the YouTube comments? Something intelligent? No, but goddamn, man. I put too much faith in humanity. I'd suggest taking a psychology, if you want to gain a different perspective. It really teaches some humility. Really, I can only feel bad that there are people who think and feel this way, because were some things about them different (physically or environmentally), they'd exhibit normal behaviors. This whole "faith in humanity" is a really odd thing people like to say on the Internet. Judging mankind by individual members is blatant generalization. There are good things in life, and there are bad, but in the end, there are just as many bad things as good. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, etc.
  11. Ian


    Sweet, of course, but I also love bitter.
  12. Playing the cRPG module for Mount & Blade: Warband.
  13. Yeah, it doesn't sound like anything serious, but... this is a safe way to go. If you are concerned, please consult a doctor. That is the best advice anyone can give you on this forum.
  14. I was listening to Elton John's greatest hits last night. Tiny Dancer, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Bitter Fingers, Candle in the Wind, etc. In case Luis sees this, I know what you're thinking.
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