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  1. I'm very happy that The Game Dungeon is continuing, though I'm slightly apprehensive about your wish to make it "more concise", as you say. While it will obviously be different for each game, I'm very fond of them running a bit on the longer side (such things are in somewhat short supply when it comes to game-related videos) and I'd be sad to see too much of it taken away. I admire your ambition to make it more than a conventional "review" and I love how the series occasionally becomes more of a video-essay which uses a game as reference point, rather than simply being about a particular game. I can't speak for anyone but myself, obviously, but I highly enjoy the somewhat "digressive" parts of the series. I love when you talk about copy-protection and "legal grab-ass" in the Test Drive video, for example; or how you get into midi-music and post-apocalyptic musings in the video for Strife. I also enjoy the almost "archeological" bent of the series, how you explore and think about the games' environments and worlds in interesting ways, and also the more technical aspects of digging into the game files and exploring the weirdness which comes of trying to run older software. I think you should take every excuse the game gives you to talk about things which you find interesting, even if it's not strictly related to the game in question. Being "fun to watch" (as you say) doesn't have to mean making the videos "more funny" (although that's not a bad thing) and you shouldn't dismiss your "preachyness" (as you call it). There are many "funny" videos about games, but not as many which discuss them in the way you do, and I hate to see those aspects disappear. You will obviously make the videos in whichever way you want (and I'll watch them either way) but since you asked for feedback I thought it wouldn't do any harm to tell you what I like about the videos. Thanks for doing what you do!
  2. There is always opentryian: https://code.google.com/p/opentyrian/ Runs on modern computers and has some graphics enhancements as well (Though I haven't played the original so I'm not sure how different it looks). They even have an android version apparently, but I have no idea how that works.
  3. No but if someone asked you to name a fruit certain things would probably come to mind before others which would make them more prototypical of the category fruit. I would think of "apple" way before "tomato" ever entered my mind if you see what I mean.
  4. I need to conduct a small linguistic survey and was hoping some people here would be willing to help me, it shouldn't take long at all. The basic idea is that I give you a list of words and you rank them on how well they fit into the category "Fruit"; they should all be independently ranked on a scale of 1-7 where 1 is the greatest example of "Fruit" and 7 is the least fitting. This has nothing to do with the technical definition of fruit, only about your sense of the category so just rank them as you feel is right. Here's the list: Orange Lemon Lime Grape fruit Apple Peach Pear Melon Banana Raspberry Apricot Pineapple Fig Grape Pumpkin Tomato Plum Olive Just quote it and put your chosen number next to each item, I'd really appreciate the help!
  5. Hi, I noticed that the Swedish subforum is not particularly active and since I speak Swedish I thought I'd take it upon myself to translate the videos. The problem is that I all the download links in the forum for the English transcriptions seem to be broken which makes it rather difficult for me to get started. Does anyone have the relevant files or knows where I can find them?
  6. The processes in your brain all shut down and you simply cease to exist, it isn't "like" anything since there won't be anything there to experience it. Pretty much just like before you were born.
  7. I personally enjoy Steve Reich's music immensely (especially the longer pieces) and I'm really fond of the idea of sound for the sake of sound. Music doesn't have to be overtly emotional to be interesting, I think John Cage says it best in the following interview: "I don't want a sound to pretend that it's a bucket" I'm not saying that more emotionally driven or "climatic" music is without merit, but there's definitely something of value in music that doesn't try to be anything more than a sequence of sounds. And speaking of "going like a train": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYnAQ-lK74A
  8. I was always very fond of the levels in Painkiller, especially the military base and Venice.
  9. Notch has said he was inspired by Dwarf Fortress when making Minecraft. That and something called "Infiniminer"
  10. Doesn't matter if no one reads it, as long as companies include such clauses no one can be persecuted for streaming their games. Considering how streaming is no where near actually playing the game (unlike moivies and TV-show where streaming takes away incentives to pay for them/watch them on TV) most companies would probably put it in just for the potential free advertisements that let's plays and such are.
  11. But how many videogame companies will actually go after people who do that? Take this site for example, does anyone believe Valve would want to take down videos like Freemans Mind and Civil Protection? I have a feeling this wouldn't make much difference since watching a game is nothing like playing it which means you won't lose any sales due to streamed content. The creator of minecraft just said that if this passes they'll just add a clause to the Terms of Service that allows anyone to stream it. I'd imagine this will be largely ignored for video games.
  12. Sounds like Anarcho-Communism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-communism Or Anarcho-Collectivism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-collectivism Or possibly Anarcho-Syndicalism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-syndicalism
  13. Except you don't have it from the start of the main game, he'll get it again towards the end.
  14. The HD pack for the original can be downloaded from steam, If you want it for source there is a fan made recreation of it somewhere that was quite good. Personally I go back and forth on it, the character models are better, but I prefer some of the original weapons to the HD-versions.
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