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  1. I haven't posted on AF in a while.
  2. One thing I recommend doing is learning some basic Japanese grammar if you like to watch a lot of anime. I'm not great with Japanese but I can definitely listen to a conversation in an anime and understand the basics. Pretty much the only time I need subs is to confirm/figure out a word (verbs, adjectives, and nouns are very extensive in any language so it's impossible to learn them all). I found that this has helped even more with understanding what is going on (subs are often wrong and can even change the entire context of a sentence in some cases). Basic grammar is not that hard honestly. If you've studied foreign languages before it isn't too much of a shock. I wouldn't recommend learning to read Japanese though unless you are planning on moving there (it is extremely complex and a major shock).
  3. It's spelled Bleu Cheese. What, we don't have any Frenchmen here to sort us out on our cheeses?
  4. Spoony might be out, but he does still have his own website. http://spoonyexperiment.com/ It's not that big of a deal, the bulk of his fans will flock to his website, that's all. Still sad that the anniversaries are going to be without him. Still, he must have been a dick to work with considering this is too random to get him kicked out when it was obviously a joke. This was probably the last straw in a long line of straws.
  5. Thanks for the feedback man.
  6. Need criticism, feel free to leave it on my Soundcloud or here.
  7. My language is boring and overbloated. ボクワエンジョイデス。ボクワオタクデス。
  8. It works okay in western languages, it's just Eastern languages that it gets really messed up on. Japanese (in particular) is very sentence specific so it can mess up really bad.
  9. Language thread, eh. I guess I will use this to test my Japanese. こんいちわございます。ひとげんきですか。
  10. It's a work in progress so this is technically just a sample of what's to come basically. That would explain the shortness.
  11. http://soundcloud.com/zakalak/synthetic-river-dance-wip I need some criticism. I want to see what people think is bad and needs to be fixed.
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