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  1. It is beans... They're just small and flat... Lentils and rice is an ancient staple from just about everywhere that had both, and it tastes remarkably good even now.
  2. Why does that have you attacking twice?
  3. Never too late. We actually had someone introduce themself after more than a year of active foruming.
  4. *doesn't tap anyone on the shoulder* Hello.
  5. What about Heavies and chainguns? Eat food, sleep, play games, maybe visit my sister's house if she can be bothered to not throw me out of the house just because I won't accept her treating me like a 4 year old... Same old, same old... How about you?
  6. Not true. If you ask if the soldier uses a rocket launcher, I will answer truthfully "sometimes". Only because I find the series boring and unintuitive, and therefore have no knowledge of the subject. You could try asking something that will cause physical damage to my computer or internet connection just by my reading it, or attempting to answer... Maybe, but I doubt it. I've known many people named Chris whose last names I never learned... Who is this Chris Chan you're asking about?
  7. One game is not enough, it has to be a pervasive thing. Facts of life dude.
  8. That's because there are more games that get broken DRM systems, and WAY more people playing games now. This is the largest adult population that plays video games yet, which is going to start pushing the market in ways never before seen, and likely not entirely predictable ones either.
  9. Who hasn't seen Who? (the classic show at least)
  10. It's a TV show... It's been around almost as long as I have. (first aired in 1988, still ongoing) My day was mediocre. Why do you ask?
  11. Pausable real-time is good too.
  12. I don't think it's appropriate for me to say what kind of milk mine is. Why did you not get the extremely obvious Red Dwarf reference that I made with my last 2 questions?
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