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  1. It depends entirely on how you intend for it to read. If you intend for a slight delay, usually for emphasis in that situation, then it is appropriate to include a comma in that location. Considering however that you don't capitalize or use other punctuation, there seems very little point in including that in the first place.
  2. 3122 - Since other people keep duplicating numbers.
  3. Why did you include a single narrow boob in your post?
  4. And this is the first post made by me this day.
  5. 3107 - Time catches up finally.
  6. Unless it can leave orbit completely under its own power, it's not a space ship.
  7. Sort of. They're starting slow, and making people more amenable to the idea of a Linux-based OS. They already use one for their phones, so now they're showing that maybe they should be looking at something new for the PC as well. Install an aftermarket security suite. Avast has very comprehensive security capabilities, and literally spent several years effectively patching XP's security using their free antivirus software. (both before and after Microsoft dropped all extended support) For me, it's throwing away several thousand dollars worth of games and other software that doesn't run in any Linux distro, including in WINE and other emulation layers. This is very accurate. Yup. Can do it all for free as well. +1
  8. Happy to help with the translation from techie to normal people speak.
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