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  1. Nice. I hadn't heard about this, and the MT-32 is amazing in Silpheed, so I'm going to start using this for my DOS emulation too.
  2. I agree, but free to play games that have stuff in those "lootboxes" that are completely within the means of obtaining without any money spent, and don't require obscene amounts of gameplay to obtain, are an exception I'm willing to make.
  3. He wouldn't need a new currency, but traditionally independent countries use their own currency, and USD would trade differently in the new country.
  4. And kitchen from the looks of it...
  5. Testing out my new Soundcore Q30's with the album. Quite good.
  6. I must point out a spelling error... It's a "Let's Play" not "Let Play".
  7. Valheim was enough to get me back in touch with a friend from back when I was in Job Corps... (I pronounce it "job corpse" for a good reason) Bought him a copy, now I'm also doing a few other games with him, and even a D&D campaign soon. I co-GMed with him for a Shadowrun group in J.C. so he knows I know how it works, which takes a load off his shoulders as a DM. (I will make him regret it though, as I can do some "fun" stuff well within the rules)
  8. No Man's Sky Not too bad, but it keeps either starting me on a hell planet, or crashing before a save. I've taken to using a trainer to survive long enough to get off-planet in singleplayer games now.
  9. Colorado here... I've seen several that are still fully functioning from the mid-70's, despite not being very good quality constructions.
  10. They're also the only two states that could actually survive outside of the Union. California can't legally secede, but Texas can.
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