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  1. BTGBullseye

    General American Politics Thread

    Considering just how much more annoying an even smaller percentage of LGBT people can get, I don't think you have room for argument on this one.
  2. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Yup. It's a good stepping stone to my goal of an RTX 2080ti... Only costs $240 right now for a decent new one. Could get a 64 for $300, but I definitely don't want the blower style. (too noisy)
  3. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    FYI, the reason the sticks are shown as 2133 is because that's exactly what they are... That 3000 is what they are rated to overclock to, but they are natively a 2133 stick. (my 3200 sticks are native 2133 as well) Your system isn't that far off from mine for performance, apart from you having a dedicated GPU already. (I'm having to save up for a Vega 56 for mine)
  4. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    The newer Asrock stuff seems to be of remarkably good quality. Asrock used to be just the shitty versions of the ASUS boards, now they're beating out much of the ASUS stuff, and at a lower price.
  5. BTGBullseye

    What are you listening to?

    Yup, that's it. There's some surprisingly good stuff in the CODEX installers. That second one is pretty cool too.
  6. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Yup. I used my 500GB laptop drives for storage all the time... Surprisingly useful. FYI, mini ITX is usually about triple the price for a motherboard than any other form factor. Micro ATX is usually the cheapest, and is the next smallest. I'd suggest a thin case for a Micro ATX board personally. (they're usually not very expensive, and not that much bigger than mini ITX)
  7. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Nice! I'll put up some pictures of my system later today after I get the new case fans, that way you can be jealous. [EDIT] Or not, because the shipping method the seller used sucks. (they've had it in my town for 2 days, but haven't delivered it yet, and it was due today)
  8. BTGBullseye

    Last Game You Played

    Fallout 4 My mod list has somehow negated some of the ultra HD textures... I'm gonna have to look into that.
  9. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I'm gonna be super random, and not post this.
  10. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Take a picture, we want to see it!
  11. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Another update... Officially the #1 iGPU in the world. (current OC is 1650MHz @ 1.275v) And it doesn't even go above 85°c. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/17286868
  12. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    That pun really didn't blow me away...
  13. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    Fans are both loud and quiet at the exact same time.
  14. BTGBullseye

    No longer following Ross

    Wait, are you suggesting that your allergies are the only kind, and also the worst possible that can ever be? Are you also equating that your work completely encompasses everything that Ross has to do for videos, including the mandatory clear-voiced yelling? Wait, a better question... Do you really think that trying to blackmail with a whopping "I'll unsub" is going to get you anything?
  15. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I gotta pee...

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