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  1. BTGBullseye

    Guess something about the person below you.

    Incorrect again. I am exclusively a PC guy. (with the exception of N64 and earlier consoles) TPBM will type or paste something in response to this thread/comment.
  2. BTGBullseye

    Am I weird for...

    No. Am I weird for wanting nothing more than a nice small living space, food, electricity, heating/cooling, decent internet, and a good gaming computer?
  3. BTGBullseye

    Word Association

  4. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

    ...except with your eyes instead of your mouth.
  5. EA buys developers specifically for the IP, not for the devs. They hate the devs. They can't legally murder them, so they push absurd deadlines and game destroying features just to have reason to fire them. (this is a paraphrase of what an ex-EA dev told me a while back, just before he went to work for Blizzard) Honestly, I couldn't give two shits about BioWare as a group anymore. The devs just need to leave, and do something outside of EA. New IP is better than letting EA destroy them as humans, and milk the fanbase for every last penny. Just like Westwood... Who cares? They went and made Petroglyph when EA killed them. (Star Wars: Empire At War, 8-Bit Armies/Hordes, Forged Battalion, etc.)
  6. BTGBullseye

    Storytelling! :D

    As another WoW story that I forgot until recently... I once convinced a PvP super raid (two coordinated 40-man raid groups) to skip the normal PvP target of Orgrimmar and instead go after all the boats and airships in Azeroth. We completely took over all of the Horde transportation systems, and gave away 1g to each passenger for over an hour. This was back in the Burning Crusade days, so giving out gold on that scale was no small thing, especially considering the time and effort it took to mail all that gold with Horde alts. Since this was after I had already made a name for myself on that server, when some of the group complained that they weren't doing what was planned, I got blamed, and they retracted their complaint. (if I was the one suggesting it, it must've been a good idea) Now, I can't even get a full dungeon group together.
  7. BTGBullseye

    Word Association

  8. BTGBullseye

    Am I weird for...

    Yes. Am I weird for thinking that consoles are redundant when you already have a PC?
  9. BTGBullseye

    Guess something about the person below you.

    Incorrect at this time... I have fish. Lots of fish. TPBM will comment about my comment, and possibly about me.
  10. BTGBullseye

    Rate the Avatar above you

  11. BTGBullseye

    What do you like about the user above you?

    I like that he'll probably never come close to knocking me off my comfortable lead in post count.
  12. BTGBullseye

    Give the person above a title

    "That guy"
  13. BTGBullseye

    Horrible Pickup Lines: The Half-Baked Thread Game

    *sniffing* Smells like smoke... Oh, hey, that's just you. *The Mask voice* Smokin'!

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