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  1. You think China cares what Mongolia calls their government?
  2. Command & Conquer, Red Alert, and Zero Hour.
  3. The Division 2 The new "season" stuff is actually kinda fun...
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provisioning_(telecommunications)
  5. Yeah, but then my modem glitched, and the provisioning file got corrupted to not allow access to any websites... Comcast support wasted an entire day trying to get my local IP address for no reason instead of just refreshing the provisioning file, all because their system said "nope, looks good from here". (they can do it manually, as I've had it done many times over the years) I had to do a really old trick to deliberately trigger my modem to wipe the provisioning file, and redownload it. Now I'm getting full speeds for the download, and almost 19Mbps for upload... So Comcast customer service is absolute shit, but once the network is working, it's decent.
  6. And now Comcast just did "scheduled maintenance" and my upload speeds are now in the 18Mbps range...
  7. That's not hard to do... We get that many from heart disease every few years in the USA...
  8. Neat! Too bad it wasn't finished... It could've been a big player.
  9. Some interesting takes on this, but the fact was that he interfered because it was a distress call, and those take precedence over the Prime Directive. Once the emergency had been taken care of, (the people from the ship retrieved) he had to do his best to put the genie back in the bottle. (not easy mind you) Sadly, in this case, that meant effectively dooming both planets, as he could not interfere to help either side, including not being able to tell the addicts that it wasn't plague related. If you pay close attention, he really wanted to help the addicts, but to do so would actually be a major infraction of the Prime Directive. Seems you may have started off with a false interpretation for your analysis. I'd still like to see more of this though.
  10. Ok, so I got the agreement from my parents to get paid by them to go up a tier... Now paying $10/mo more for 600/? internet, and getting ~700/~16 with spikes to 870/70. Worth it IMO.
  11. If the seed was a stored string, and event progression was also stored as a string, then it easily could have using less than a kilobyte of "permanently" stored data.
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