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  1. TIL I'm Romanian, despite having absolutely no ancestry that have ever been in that country. (except maybe to plunder it, they were Vikings)
  2. The thing is that there's nothing wrong with eating those other meats. The meat doesn't have any illnesses inside it if cooked properly, (and they do in fact cook it properly) but the slaughter and packaging process is what is really lacking, as are the food handling policies in the kitchen. That's where the viruses make their way to kumans, from the handling of the raw without any precautions to prevent it from getting into the finished food.
  3. If only they could find a way to easily run Windows-only/DOS-only programs and games on it without performance loss...
  4. Did you know that skipping sleep for a log time can make you really tired?
  5. Well, I am getting 2 seeders connected, and I was able to get the whole torrent, so it's all good. Now seeding for the foreseeable future. (and this time I've got everything backed up across multiple drives)
  6. Am waiting to download. (am not getting any seeds) If you have encrypted connections disabled, then I can't get anything from you. (my ISP throttles unencrypted torrent traffic, so I have my Tixati client set to encrypted only)
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