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  1. 20 days later, and I am back, never to return again, until I feel like it.
  2. 8 days later, here I am. And here I go!
  3. Procrastinators unite! But not this week, I have too much going on...
  4. Do I detect the need for another anti-cartoon-pony war? It's my 7th or 8th sense...
  5. At the end of the day, everyone is in this respect. Even professionals have these same troubles determining what will and won't work, and they are the ones that are saying "it can't work because humans". It's such a huge dynamic variable conglomeration that there literally is no better way to put it, short of writing several hundred books worth of information that the vast majority of humans already inherently know due to being a living human. Why? It's not like typing out several hundred post's worth of info is going to actually going to change anything, or convince people of anything they already very vocally disagree with, especially on a subforum of a forum populated solely by fans of a youtube video series' creator. None of us have any hope of actually changing anything, though I will be trying in the next couple years. (running for US President in 2024, barring medical issues or a seriously good candidate being in the running)
  6. Just was looking through the Sierra games list and noticed this little game... Ross might actually want to try it since he's already made a Civil Protection video by the same name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil's_Well
  7. Yeah, because who needs food anyways? Megacorps can do all that for us! They aren't given those, they basically sell everything for several decades to pay off their leases, and then they still have to return that equipment. No on short of a megacorp is ever going to provide them to a farmer for free, and even they force terms akin to slavery. The amount of people in rural areas is high, but not high enough to warrant more than maybe 1 manufacturer, and they wouldn't be doing year-round production unless there were inbuilt features to prevent the vehicle from operating past a certain date. (planned obsolescence is the only way it could be profitable) Just because it's debatable, doesn't mean that those debating it are correct. I could debate that time always moves forward for humans, since I'm well versed in quantum physics, but that won't change that it does only move forward for humans who perceive time changing. It already isn't disposable for any but the richest people in the world, and it wouldn't just be going up a little, it'd go up by A LOT! My statement about it being in Ferrari pricing wasn't exaggeration, that was a finding by one of the companies that did studies about the feasibility of mass transit between Colorado Springs and Denver. I kinda do mind. This is easily searchable information on Google, so I won't insult you with a LMGTFY link. And they still do, but not nearly by enough to be able to replace the automotive transport systems. Versatility has a LOT to do with it. You get to chose where you want to go, and don't have to go 10 miles and 30 minutes out of your way to get there. You can also transport stuff like a 4x8 sheet of plywood without having to contract out for someone else to transport it. (which would be extremely expensive in comparison) That's because you don't use them for all that they are capable of. There's a LOT more to them than just moving a person from point A to point B eventually.
  8. Can't you handle a side note in the same paragraph without blowing it up into an argument?
  9. Far Cry New Dawn Wanted to get a feel for it again, since I might get a friend to play it in coop with me after we finish Far Cry 5 together.
  10. Nobody out there would be able to afford one if they were the only ones buying them. They'd essentially be Ferrari prices for 20 year old Honda Civics. Also, would have to get custom-made replacement parts since there would be no reason to mass produce them. Because it's not feasible in the world today. It would either cost WAY too much, or would be done so poorly as to be worse than not doing it.
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