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  1. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    Nice to meet you The Law, I'm A Pirate Lord. (yes, I replied to the last post of the last page, no I don't care)
  2. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

    That's what you think, but that's just what I want you to believe...
  3. BTGBullseye

    Games You've Finished Recently

  4. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

  5. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I'm tired.
  6. BTGBullseye


    Those barrels must be filled with helium, or hydrogen, or some exotic anti-gravity stuff from Xen.... That's the only explanation for why they didn't get a grunt out of Freeman. (the barrels usually weigh about 60lbs IRL)
  7. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

  8. BTGBullseye

    Instructions to play Warcraft 3

    Ross, you are influential enough that Blizzard is scared of your bad reviews... This is a good thing!
  9. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

  10. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    The full list of compatible vehicles is in the product description. (the most commonly required response to questions about "will this work for my car" on Amazon, and the least used)
  11. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

  12. BTGBullseye

    What are you listening to?

  13. BTGBullseye

    Random thread


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