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  1. You're right... The 100 was moronic in so many ways, it's amazing it got more than 1 season.
  2. UHF It's one of the most amazing movies of all time.
  3. Back 4 Blood (well worth the Deluxe price IMO) Dungeon of the Endless I don't know if I got more or not, still hyping for Back 4 Blood.
  4. Back 4 Blood Makes me feel the same as I did when I first played Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2. Very fun. Even more fun when you have a full squad of 4 people, and are all using voice comms.
  5. I get the feeling that a lot of you think that the UI you want would need less explaining, but would actually need WAY more.
  6. Dungeon of the Endless Multiplayer mode.
  7. Yes, I seasonally play whatever I feel like playing. Sometime next week I'll play Back 4 Blood again.
  8. For Honor The block/attack mechanics suck.
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