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  1. From china or from the rest of the world? What is bothering me is that we don't see pictures of recovered people. We don't see them smiling, or talking, or going home. Granted, this might be to protect them from a panicked public, but at the same time it's also concerning. In an era where the media makes tons of money off of gloom and doom, they are suspiciously silent about this. It's the silence that bothers me the most.
  2. Indeed, this will be the topic of white papers and research case studies for decades.
  3. Everything about this is screwy. If this was the only thing going on, it would be bad enough, but it's not. the disruption is now killing off livestock due to loss of feed. This is on top of other food disruptions due to year of the rat plague year. So when everything is resolved, food prices will go up due to demand caused by the famine. How severe that famine will be, depends on how long this goes on and how many people die. Now the kicker: had the chinese been honest from the get go, planning and forecasting could have been done to minimize loss of life and disruption. At some point they will have to lift the quarantine just so that they can make medicine and food. The damage is very severe. Smart people will never trust this regime ever again, and probably start moving business away. So if/when they make a full recovery, things will not be the same. Considering that this is not the first time this has happened, and each time keeps getting worse, there is no other alternative but to move business and manufacturing elsewhere until they sort themselves out.
  4. What concerns me, is that the number dead, is the same as the number of reported infected from two weeks ago. 1.22.2020: 651 confirmed infected, 25 dead. 2.6.2020: 31,214 confirmed infected, and 639 confirmed dead. Note that the communist numbers may be doctored. also, we have not seen any images of recovered people in china. This is something that strikes me odd and is concerning.
  5. As i observe the situation, i suspect that another big issue is sympathetic infection. In the rush to get everyone a hospital bed, they have cut corners and let the sanitation discipline go lax. Now sympathetic infections are dangerous in normal, top of the line state of the art hospitals, but in an epidemic? nightmare fuel. We maybe at a point, where it may be safer to stay home and stay hydrated, then it is to go to the doctor.
  6. My suspicion is that this has been aggravated by the horrific pollution going on in the country. Also remember that the older Chinese were malnourished from famine in their youth, hence why all the boomer teachers used to yell at you about starving kids in china if you wasted food at lunch. So far it appears that the people dying outside of china were Chinese expats living abroad, but there are not enough sources for me to verify that. So i suspect that the smog allowed easier transmission for the virus, which did happen with either sars or bird flu if i recall correctly. Combine that with chain smoking and dirty conditions and you have a powder keg waiting to go off. We had warnings: sars, swine flu, and bird flu all coming out of china over the last 20 years, yet nothing was done to prevent future outbreaks. Now we have an exceptionally dangerous one. Then there is the other craziness occurring simultaneous to the coronavirus: they have a bird flu outbreak, an African swine flu outbreak, and invasive armyworms decimating crops. "Biblical disasters" is an appropriate thing to say in this situation. So what will the fallout be? how much of the global supply chain will be affected? what happens when the doctors start getting sick and dying? What happens if this virus can survive a few weeks in the smog? Can the virus be transmitted via the yellow sand pollution? if so then that will hit the west coast of the US and the rest of the pacific? This might be the big thing to spur environmental regulations and reforms across the globe.
  7. the incubation period is what concerns me. a one to to two week transmission period? followed by being ooc for a week with pneumonia? that is going to cause some disruptions. I wonder what the fallout will be? Will it spark some reform? It's an interesting thing to watch.
  8. It causes pneumonia, and THAT's what makes it dangerous. Bernie Mac died of pneumonia, and what shocked me was that lancet article about the kid that had no symptoms, but when they did a chest xray she had walking pneumonia. Pneumonia is not a joke, while it most likely won't kill healthy people, it will incapacitate them. So we have a highly contagious disease that incapacitates people and is harsher than the flu, and takes about two weeks before symptoms start to show.
  9. I am not sure how good of a source this is. while it appears to be scholarly, it has not been peer reviewed and it has the r0 value as very high. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3525558 But if that r0 is correct, then this is a very nasty disease...
  10. Man, i loved deadlock 2, and was disappointed that the big ending that it promised if you won all the campaigns was non existent. I also loved cyberstorm 2, but only played the demo. That whole "recycle the clones" and combat drugs aspect was crazy, and it's a shame no one has copied that in a newer game.
  11. It was a good bargain bin hack and slash game. I got it on the xbox,because it was either that or morrowind. in fact i also had morrowind, because the xbox was just disappointing when it came to rpgs.
  12. I would like to see zeno clash 3, but i am not going to hold my breath...
  13. That would tie into the pig epidemic, the bird flu, and other illnesses: they have a dire need for stringent food safety regulations. Upton Sinclair's the jungle seems to be relevant again, after 100 years.
  14. Right now, the cornovirus is in the news. What concerns me, is that in the past the media would go nuts over a disease, with none stop hype and doom with all sorts of fear mongering to increase views. Not this time, this time it strikes me as the bare minimum. The absence of the fear mongering is why i am concerned. But how did we get here? It's a rather interesting story, and it starts with pigs. So the Chinese eat pork, lots of pork. Correct me if i am wrong, but the kanji for meat is the kanji for pork, and all other forms of meat use the pork kanji as a base. They are very dependent on pork. It is a cultural dependence on pork. So as their economy has been growing, so too has the demand for pork. So they increased production very haphazardly. As a result, African swine flu eventually decimated their pork production. this caused the prices to skyrocket, and when demand is unmet another product has to fill in that demand. Enter the bat soup. Not just bat soup, but all sorts of other exotic meat. Bats carry cornovirus, and until recently it did not affect people. So what appears to have happened, is thanks to people eating things they should not which in this case would be bats, cornoviurs jumped from bats to people. This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last. Ebola came from bats(if i understand things correctly), and aids came from eating bush meat. Now, if the Peoples republic is competent, which they are not, this would usher in a new era of food safety laws. I doubt this will happen, so be prepared for their increased food demand to cause food prices to sky rocket across the world.
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