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  1. I think an easy way to do the "questions" chat may be to make a Steam group or something.
  2. I was unable to see the chat. The panel where it would usually be stated that the chat was disabled for this session (or something to that effect). Did anyone else have this problem?
  3. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego indeed.
  4. Pdan4


    Yeah, but it's kind of floaty. Not sure what the key is... c?
  5. Pdan4


    Well, it's $5 and I think it's a pretty good deal. It's almost like a 90's game: it's got challenge areas and a gold counter so you can try to collect it all. Several classes and lots of eqiuipment. Overall, I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal.
  6. So I bought "Enclave" on Steam and I thought it was a pretty cool game. it looks like it's really old, but it's from 2002. It's got all of the RPG elements, and I thought that it would make a pretty cool Game Dungeon Episode. http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/253980/
  7. I feel like this would be a very good idea. After Ross finishes the movie. However, perhaps this animator would like to help with the movie. Though Ross said he's not looking for animators just yet, I suppose that this is a good opportunity.
  8. Hey Ross, it looks like you posted the link to 62! Here's 65, for your convenience:
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