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Is this game worth a buy, or should I just pirate it first to find out?


Well, it's $5 and I think it's a pretty good deal. It's almost like a 90's game: it's got challenge areas and a gold counter so you can try to collect it all. Several classes and lots of eqiuipment. Overall, I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal.

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Is it possible to switch to first person?


Yeah, but it's kind of floaty. Not sure what the key is... c?

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I got that game from one of old PC magazines back in 2004 i think... And It suck me for good few weeks, and I got back to it few times, and still it was enjoyable.


Its not complicated game and RPG elements arent that big, but overall quality of fighting and level design is really atmospheric.

Gameplay it self is typical "go there kill everyone, push the button" but to be honest as far as game have this good atmosphere such gameplay is really good.

Its one of this game that look simple but because of it design and characters you can finish every level in different way, and even if aged a loot, I really dont see any flaws in it.



If anyone played Rune Game should love this one(and vice versa if you like this game you should try Rune)

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It was a good bargain bin hack and slash game. I got it on the xbox,because it was either that or morrowind. in fact i also had morrowind, because the xbox was just disappointing when it came to rpgs. 

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