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  1. It's a walking simulator. Most puzzles involve just finding the one thing you need to interact with, but there are a few trickier ones. The harder puzzles involve environmental awareness and deduction. No real brain twisters like in Portal or SpaceChem. It's less of a puzzle game and more of a 3D adventure game. The environments are extremely detailed and beautiful and the game world has a lot of backstory and lore if you're into that sort of thing. I found the actual gameplay too boring for me. Don't try to finish it in one session. It's very very long and may take you 20-40 hours to complete, depending on how much exploration you're willing to do.
  2. This is a good one, imagine something like Euro Truck Simulator but made into a brutal racer. You must race against the clock and against competitors when completing jobs, you have police that shoot at you if you don't stop after being caught speeding, you have Mafia that you can bribe to shoot down your rivals. Really fun. Took me about ~7 hours to complete (i.e. achieve monopoly status). Also: The screenshots on the linked site don't do the game world enough justice. It's diverse and feels almost like a real country.
  3. An annoying clickbaiting twat with a patreon account. ValveTime.net is superior in every way. Too bad they don't release video updates with the regularity they once used to.
  4. The Walking Dead Season 2: link Some Half Life 2 mod I forgot the name of: link
  5. You can use YTD Video Downloader to download entire Youtube playlists at once. Just paste into the program and it'll ask you if you want to download all other videos. Say yes, and now you have all FM episodes at the highest available Youtube quality.
  6. Why does everything need a fucking subreddit? This sort of internet aggregation is what's killing off smaller communities and websites. Just think of all the Web 1.0 sites and forums that dwindled down to nothing because their fanbase moved to bigger sites. This bullshit makes internet culture less diverse and worsens its quality, since the more people get together the stupider the lower common denominator becomes. Things are best when each fandom has its own separate website and can develop its own unique culture and memes. Sites like reddit are standardizing the internet. I still regularly lurk on ValveTime, Facepunch, SA, Paradox Forums and many tiny sites for stuff I enjoy (mostly indie games and movies), or several sites in my native language. I refuse to go to the reddit versions of these communities out of principal.
  7. This is probably as obscure as they get... A 10 year old indie game about a space janitor named Dan who goes from spacestation to spacestation, cleaning toilets and avoiding deadly robots. The top result of it on Youtube is some German video with ~350 views
  8. I don't think you should focus too hard on making game dungeons concise. I can't speak for everyone, but one of the things I like most about these videos is how it's just some guy rambling about a years-old obscure and forgotten game. And the more rambling = more fun!
  9. To be honest that was probably the worst Freeman's Mind episode so far. Even though you managed to disguise the real-life elements, the episode itself felt short and not very funny.
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