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  1. Thank God for cygwin/WSL
  2. Pretty sure it's because Youtube privated all unlisted videos from before 2017.
  3. Moved this to the machinima subforum (that's what I'm assuming this relates to).
  4. I'm going to have to say System Shock 2, hands down (though System Shock's not too far off, I haven't completed it yet). The way the game handles the cyberpunk aesthetic is amazing, and so is the soundtrack (and I needn't mention the sound design[!]). Though at its core, it's a survival horror game, there's a good progression in that you get to be just that more imposing by the end. Sure, the game does get pretty tough, especially in Engineering, but that just makes it that much more worthwhile. Being an immersive sim, there are also lots of gameplay systems that all come together to form a great game. I guess the “nah” in the ending is kind of a mismatch, but I like it for what it really is — giving SHODAN the middle finger.
  5. Not a game, a machinima: It's pretty good.
  6. Gabe Newell famously said piracy is a service problem, and I think that applies to traditional media all the same. If the product is only available physically and has aggressive copy-protection, it's no wonder that piracy is the preferred option for many. Those kinds of restrictions only serve to restrict the potential audience. The only solution, then, is to provide a more valuable service, as Steam has been doing very successfully.
  7. Election results at the time of posting (via The Wall Street Journal): Biden now has over 70 million votes, as shown on the image above.
  8. …yeah, I'm not exactly seeing how he “lost his passion”. I think of all the episodes, Black Future ’88 and the Halloween sampler packs are my least favourite since there wasn’t much material for Ross to play off. The main thing I like about the videos is how smoothly he is able to go onto tangents, saying things no-one else has about the game he’s covering. I don’t think that has changed any. I guess his style has changed—just compare how much less energy he has in the oldest episodes—but not necessarily for the worse.
  9. Best to probably send him an email about that: accursedfarms.com/contact
  10. The website isn't exactly the best design-wise, I admit. I'd actually like to see it be open sourced, too. As you said, some contingency plan is definitely needed, such as publishing archives of their database (I'll ask them about that and if it could be open sourced). Anyway, all of your criticism is valid, but I do have hope in the project being improved on.
  11. That's great news! When I posted that, I was actually considering creating something like youtubexternalcc, but real life got in the way. I'm glad people have put in the effort for supporting community contributions, and I'll definitely be spreading the word.
  12. Nobody's going to be missing Zenimax, but consolidation still sucks.
  13. They're both trackerless torrents (DHT with PEX), yeah.
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