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  1. May I point you towards the original Elite from 1984? It had procedural generation based on a single seed (simple method for having it generate the same thing every time), which made it possible to explore 8 galaxies with 256 planets each (originally they intended to have 2^48 galaxies, but that would have become repetitive). Granted, that was for 8-bit computers, and so pretty limited, but every planet and star system was indeed unique.
  2. @kerdios Alright, then my guess of it being influenced by the layout engine (Gecko for Firefox) is true; I only tested it on Chromium's engine (via qutebrowser, if anyone cares). I'll do some troubleshooting later to hopefully resolve that issue. EDIT: I was indeed able to reproduce that issue on the latest Firefox running on Linux as well, forgot to mention that.
  3. I guess we won't be seeing an end to Freeman's screaming any time soon. I hope you're not harming your throat any.
  4. No, thanks for informing me. I currently wasn't able to trigger it (copied the last image from this page and pasted it with CTRL-V). Could you give me some steps for reproducing that issue (and also the browser you're on, since that may affect it, though that's unlikely)?
  5. I've recently implemented lots of stuff, mostly behind the scenes to make the codebase less ugly. Main changes: more consistent typography; nicer layout and navigation on mobile, much less of an afterthought; improvements for readability.
  6. You can very well do that, see accursedfarms.com/donations.
  7. Alright, good. The more the merrier.
  8. The “Encryption mode” option is set to “Prefer encryption” (default setting). I did however troubleshoot the port forwarding and resolved an issue there. Let me know if it works for you now (currently not getting any peers, though I verified that it was working with a client on another network). Thanks for the idea, but I think I'll just stick with the “torrent” kind of seeding. I don't think we have bluejays here either (am in Europe, not America). Not like I have a porch either.
  9. I'm releasing a torrent of downloads for all of Ross's machinima videos* previously available from this site. The videos are all unmodified from the legacy downloads and in original quality (especially noticeable for the early Civil Protection episodes, the quality of which is absolutely butchered on YouTube). I figure that having a torrent would be the best stop-gap solution until something better can be figured out for this website (open to options on that front if you have any good ideas). Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:208a2aba4c7f133cc4d993ad48b0f6b696a8fccc&dn=accursed_farms_machinima (or in shorter form, if you prefer: v.gd/AFvids) Torrent file: accursed_farms_machinima.torrent Size: 1.53 GiB Format: MKV (H.264 with MP3 audio) Includes the following videos: I strongly recommend you seed this if you're interested at all, as I am only seeding this off my PC and wouldn't want the torrent to die out either. You can get the subtitles for all videos from the Official Accursed Farms Subtitles Compendium by @danielsangeo in SRT format. I currently use qBittorrent as my torrent client of choice, though Deluge and Transmission are also good choices (all are cross-platform and free software). Just make sure to enable the DHT and PEX protocols if they aren't already. * Excluding episodes of Freeman's Mind 2 because the downloads haven't been released yet, and Freeman's Mind because it already has an active torrent; including those videos here would be redundant. I would recommend people to seed that torrent as well! cc: @BTGBullseye, @QuakeIV, @noli, @Mode 7
  10. @thou: see this forum post for Freeman's Mind 1 downloads. There aren't any downloads for FM2 episodes available yet, that should get implemented in the future. EDIT: just to temper your expectations, the downloads aren't being actively worked on, but are something I would like to see added to the website at some point in time. I will however set up a torrent of legacy video DLs soon.
  11. I don't think that’s a good retort, even though I don't agree with his argument entirely either. A series that is good for binging doesn't necessarily have to have that aspect be the only thing of merit.
  12. The edit time restriction has been lifted! Now you should be able to edit your posts, no matter their publishing date. Along with that, we've added a feature to see the edit history of a post (doesn't apply retroactively). If there's something you don't want people to see in the edit history, you can contact us and we'll sort it out. There is also now a staff directory in the forum index header which should be useful for anyone looking to contact, you guessed it, the staff.
  13. @blunthappiness: Please ask that in the Reddit thread. I've locked this thread to prevent further confusion — I'll be sure to get Ross to do that next time he posts one of these.
  14. ekket


    It working is news to me, since last time I checked, it seemed to be entirely gone — it couldn't even return the file listing. I feel I'm still obligated to release the other machinimas (machinimae?) in torrent form, but I'll do that next decade. EDIT: I have released a torrent of the machinima videos, see Accursed Farms Machinima Torrrent.
  15. You can press on the "Search" button with the default year range — that accomplishes the same thing you want.
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