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  1. Hellou friendos, sometimes I check Tyrion and Bip-Bop videos and thinking about playing something like this. But I can't find good arcades or arcanoid games. Can you help me out? Good games I played are Jets'n'guns, geometry wars from time to time I play surviv.io. Can you recommend something good to play?
  2. Russian Roulette 2 Closed Planets
  3. I never understood people complaining about it. It's not really that big of a deal. I mean yeah, they might have give 1 extinguisher at least but it's not that bad. But introducing a tank than no other tank at the same battle rating can shoot in face straight and it one shots you - yes, this is bad. Still, it's better than WOT.
  4. Hm, didn't know that SW fans like shit bullshit. Speaks for their taste: bad acting, stupid script, pretty shitty CG, cheap costumes. This movie is so bad, man.
  5. I didn't play a few years, I dropped the game right before Gaijins introduced navy and choppers, so I don't remember each p2w machine, but: - american tank T29 or T30 - don't remember exactly which one, purely p2w; - KV-220, I got it for some quest ingame, very strong vehicle; There were more, I just don't remember.
  6. No, he was definitely paid by disney and he promoted mandalorian crap.
  7. This movie is so bad, you should probably watch it if you a big fan of star wars crap or something. Or not, because it's literally garbage that parasites on the universe.
  8. I used to play for 5 year in WarThunder or so. This is a good game with some flaws which got worse during game development: crappy balance - at first it was just bad and almost no pay to win, but later definitely pay to win units appeared, progression was slow but ok, BUT devs keep adding new machines and even types like choppers, but don't boost exp points or even cut gain. But it's still good, I like the game mechanic way better than wot as for me.
  9. How did Ross make Black Mirror looks good? I tried to play it and I have 800x600 res only stretched so bad.
  10. Hello, I am a bit tired of watching Game Dungeon in circles, so, do you know if there are good channels about gaming or even movies? I am subscribed to this except Ross: MandaloreGaming, Joseph Anderson, Sseth Thentach and Charlatan Wonder but I don't really like his vids. Are there Movie Dungeon or good gaming channels about games to watch?
  11. Did you notice this? The rocket can destroy cubes as well: https://youtu.be/R-JAICJ0k4Q?t=1254
  12. Didn't play the game, but from the Game Dungeon I figured out that the killer was main hero's boyfriend. And Ross said that he will probably make review about the successor of Still Life. Still waiting...
  13. Why this game didn't shot? This is the best shooter in 2004 as for me, far, FAR better than ten thousand times over rated half-life2. It has cinematic story, the best graphics for the year which still looks good, voice acting is stellar, music that burns ears, crowd stealth, choice between how to play a level, melee fights, weapons than leaves holes in bodies, screaming like little girls guards when you operate a giant robot, mutants, betrayals and much more. Wtf? And the remake is so lame, I would not recommend to play it.
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