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  1. I need confirmation from Ross that he is this stupid.
  2. Hey Ross, I want to thank you. You change my view about video games and even some life directions. Before I was hype eating retard and considered old games as outdated garbage. But now I bought some on GOG, played through and really enjoyed them, even thou some of these games didn't have widescreen support, required some extra patches and stuff. I also begun reading manuals and looking for interesting stuff in games. Like in your track mania episode, where you stupid brain looked for purpose for those racing matches. Also at first I was very angry when you asshole didn't release a single game grot episode in 5 month, but in this time I discovered tons of other cool youtube channels like GrimBeard (this guy also mentions you). And you said that next game chamber episodes will be better - hope so. So, thank you Ross. Keep up the good work you ass.
  3. What politician does Ross support? If you say that he supports orange degenerate, I immediately unsubscribe from this retard.
  4. Valve is the most anti-consumer gaming company, not EA. Fuck fat greedy asshole.
  5. Because I am very passionate about video games - they are my life. And I don't like when some rich ass company overhype a mediocre game with absurd ideas like it's a freaking what you wanted ever thing. And other companies watch some dumb game success, that was successful only because a company spent 9/10 game budget on marketing and take every shit mecanics from there and repeat it their scrapy game referring to this game. List of the most overhyped but mediocre games: Half-Life 2 - ok game, but I heard a lot of dummies saying this game is a shoter defining crap despite having one of the worst shooting mechanics lol. Portal, actually the majority of valve games. Witcher 2, 3 (didn't play cyberpunk thou). Shit Souls. Bioshock. Etc.
  6. Why the hell he looks for questions on Reddit and ignores his fans in his very own web site? What a disrespect towards his fan base. What a fucking asshole!
  7. Am I alone, who wants to lock Ross in a room, not a fancy one, but like they use in guantanamo prison - square 2x2 space with a toilet and a computer. Provide the cheapest and unhealthiest food in his cell, like burgers but with all vegetables removed and candies, and sugar high cola for thirst. And give him a message that he will be released only when he play through the game 5 times, complete all the achievements and do that withing 7 days, or count will be reset. And then after he complete the task I want to look in his eyes from behind bulletproof glass.
  8. What do you mean? I perfectly fine. Not really actually.
  9. What's wrong with the best way to spend your time?
  10. I urge you to stop donating to this stupid motherfucker. 4 monthes since the last game dungeon. 4 MONTHS! The quality of his videos also dropped. Check his early videos, Ross was poor but full of talent, he was mando tough guy. But since you dummyes donated him - he has a wife, money and comfy life he has turned to mando weeny material. What an asshole! I want Ross to live in a tent, eat food scraps from dumpsters and use a laptop he would've found in the trash to make videos.
  11. I agree. All purchases in shteam or other bullshit platforms must be called what they are - "digital rent".
  12. Why did you kill that pidgeon?
  13. Ok, I am tired of these Ross's bootlickers. And here is my opinion: - first of all, Ross looks like a creep. Just look at this dude: receding hairline with long hairs - wtf? However I liked his photo from security card. He has body hair up his neck, deformed skull and overall that dude from horror movie look. And his facial hair is ridiculous. - I didn't like that pizza ad from Enertum episode. I wonder how much did they pay you, a free pizza for a month or something? If it wasn't paid ad, it better should have been. Episode is quite good with the exception of that ad, every time I thing about that episode I thing about FUCKING PIZZA CAP! - I also think that black future 88 is a paid episode and overall it's one of the worst episodes from the game cave. - Ross is a hypocrite, at least he admits it. Ok, that's all. For now.
  14. You got tired from waiting for a new game dungeon or awesome surprise videos like star track episode review? And the next video out beloved hairy demon announced was a fucking pop from a fat degenerate valvess? I got you covered. I dug deep into youtube gutter to find more game review / show channels, and here is the best I've found: - Grim Beard. This channel is a gold mine. This guy reviews old games, point and click adventures, sometimes new obscure games. Some of his old videos are ok, and the brand new Arx Fatalis review is kind of meh, but overall his shows are AWESOME. I like his "bitter compromise" section, where he reads reviews from fat and greedy trader store, gog, metacritic and other places and answers to them. One of the best gaming channels out there. Watched all his video three or four times already. Totally recommend. - The Act Man. Narration and script in his channel are one of the best I've seen in my life. Videos are frequent and entertaining. The only downside of this awesome channel is NOT ads, but this fucking guy: he is a casual, corporate boot licking mother fuc***r. His videos are pure fun, but 90% of his videos are reviews of the brand new Call of FUKING DUTY or what EA shits out. I think he's paid by these corps also, what an asshole!
  15. My mistake, just boring, mindless, stupid, ugly looking 5 HOUR game, that has less changes from predicessor than a fucking mod for a scrappy game.
  16. I think that the whole series about a mind of a shitty written char from one of the most overhyped games in gaming history is a fucking dumpster fire. When Ross will release the last series from this mediocre shooter I will celebrate this day. If you didn't understand I talk about HALF-FUCKING-LIFE 2. Also Portal 1 and 2 - the most overrated games in history. It's a fucking 5 year long puzzle. Fucking valve cultists. Dummies. Ass!
  17. Ross, please review Soulbringer. It's an old and obscure game AND there are no reviews for about it!
  18. Sin is a solid episode, reminded me of Messiah and Apocalyptica. Not a good one or a masterpiece. And I was as surprised as you when Ross didn't make a joke about potty pigeon while controling a pigeon. Also I don't get why Ross became telling the story about some turtles in the middle of the episode.
  19. One of the worst game dungeon series, thanks for a lump of coal Ross. And thank you for turning game dungeon to shit.
  20. What's Ross opinion about Biden winning the elections?
  21. Here post all interesting things from GD you've found. Here is what i dug up: - Phantasmagoria 2 episode is full of interesting moments and hidden jokes, like "still have to kill time" in the story about murdering, and "call youself" before you know it's a real Curtis. But here is something: in the half of the last second of Game Dungeon splash intro appears "ETERNAM" name. I am not sure why is it here thou. - this one blew me away, in the Bip Bop II episode, exactly at 6 minute of the episode Ross said that this is not the last time we see possessed teddy bear in this show. And almost a year after in Boppin' episode he showed those possessed teddy bears again! So Ross knew he was going to make an episode about Boppin' or he did it back there and kept it hidden before release.
  22. Ok, Ross almost redeemed himself with Daemonica episode - it's a solid one. Except he might have used that voice he used in Veil of Darkness when he voiced over talking tree or bartender - I love this part. Every time I watch Veil of Darkness I playback several times over those lines, especially when Chuck burns the tree. And wow three episodes almost one hour length in a row - I like that!
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