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  1. Is this free to play? I think you need the original quake to run it on?
  2. Couldn't find a gif, so here's the whole thing
  3. Fatality http://ccmixter.org/files/tigoolio/45377
  4. Please add "Trader of Stories - Chapter 2" http://www.rudowscy.com/tos2/ Definitely a gem of a point and click game by an indie studio with very thoughtful story and puzzles, with unusually long gameplay for an indie free to play title. Including Custom artwork of high quality (imho). The story line is linear, but the choices you make can change some of the puzzles you have to solve in order to progress, and they are also skippable.
  5. Just finished the game yesterday. It's a point and click adventure from a Chinese studio, so the English translation is understandable, but very clunky. Story wise, it's a nice story with the usual saviour hero elements mixed with a bit of (in retrospect) chinese folklore elements. This for me is a major factor in a point and click. The inventory management is very annoying, the puzzles are mostly disjunctive, and the music is mostly repetitive. The puzzles are built in a manner that will make you mostly call the helpline of that era to pay for hints. Luckily today we have walkthroughs. I would have given it good/great except it ends on two very annoying puzzles which make me downgrade it to Doubt/Love&Hate/Hazy. The first is a sliding puzzle of an image of the map game with 36 squares, and I HATE slider puzzles. After that, nearly immediately, there is a spinning maze riddle; attached is an image, see for yourself: These two just feel like some kind of artificial time wasters that have nothing to do with the game
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    I thought the spelling was different
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    this https://www.youtube.com/user/lindybeige guy's baby?
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