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  1. can you reduce the difficulty setting?
  2. Then the answer is "Physics"
  3. https://armorgames.com/cursed-travels-flame-of-the-banshee-game/19123?fp=ng
  4. Which one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pidgeon
  5. An art detective trying to find a picture of a bunny Beyond White Space
  6. This is Anton, he thinks you're a wonderful person: Please prove Anton right.
  7. And yet it is advocated so much harder than any other gambling game out there. My mind is just boggled about how people completely miss or completely don't care about this. It's like the majority of gamers are saying "We want to become addicted to gambling, please make more things with completely random chance"
  8. oh, ok, then discuss ahead, it's already been a week, I have no idea what i wanted to say about piracy
  9. and as a counter you have Honduras - which freedom to openly carry any firearm in the open resulted in it becoming the murder capital of the world (with up to 20 murders a day). once a crack down on firearms started along with "progressive" (surrender basically) gangster integration into academic programs (I know, doesn't make much sense, they were so desperate they pulled on the rope at both ends at the same time to see what will work better) (although I might be confusing the gangster integration program with another central american country like el salvador) only then did the homicide rates started to drop.
  10. That is some robust Walter White logic
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