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  1. That's a different thing, I'm talking about a no man sky equivalent that also tracks and saves everything you've done on every planet and space station in every galaxy AND allows other players to randomly visit it and view the changes you had made to it. So what you are saying is that the title should have been "Boppin' Developer Tried to Make Equivalent of 'Elite' (1984) on Amiga"
  2. Nope. It would have been a giant flop. There's no way the amiga would have been able to support an infinite amount of stars the way no man sky promised (and remember the position of each one of them, so you in theory could go back and even have other players visit them).
  3. So you were able to get your max download but not your max upload, and now you don't get the max of both? That's a bitch! Machinima? Shouldn't he run then?
  4. I guess there aren't a lot of programing shops in your vicinity then ( because they need a high upload bandwidth for synching the code files all the time)
  5. Ouch, yeah... Wait, 300/15? it's ADSL? why have they gone back to using that instead of normal DSL?
  6. moving where? will you have internet connection there too eventually?
  7. Th butthole of the US (not my words)
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