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  1. As every year, 1st place went to Super Mario Bros 2.
  2. NaPoVoInterCo is an interstate agreement between about a dozen states to ignore the vote of their citizens and instead have its electors vote based on the national total vote results. Since this is a state decision and not a federal decision, it is completely constitutional. This alternative vote will only happen when enough states to secure the 271 electors required will sign the compact.
  3. Galactic Civ 3 now free on EpicStore
  4. 3608-it still did to the boards what video did to radio
  5. 3605 - discord killed the UB board
  6. Change is inevitable, only thing that you can hope for as a citizen, is that the change will set you on a path of more economical security and personal freedoms and will do so for everyone and not just a select minority. And if you want to affect the direction of the change you need to be active politically. Also, as far as I know, russia was the one who hollowed out the other countries in the soviet block and not the west. (Also the axis powers in WW2, but that's not during a revolution).
  7. Title: Putin's palace. History of world's largest bribe
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