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  1. Zabeus


    Thanks Ross for the game list and for continuing to discuss improvements with the fans. Many producers with an audience as big as yours just don't bother. I know there are so many comments that you can't always reply, especially on YouTube, but at least you try. (you even took time to explain things to that troll which I certainly wouldn't have had the patience for)
  2. Zabeus


    @daniraldo How did you get out of the jail cell? Do you have to get closer to the door or do you just keep clicking it until something happens? What did you think of the second jail visit, where you have to grab a pin from the door hinge? Is there a hint anywhere in the game text that you have to click it nine times?
  3. Zabeus

    RIP TotalBiscuit

    YouTuber and gaming critic TotalBiscuit (John Bain) died today at 33. (Source: ) For those who don't know, Ross appeared on TB's co-optional podcast in 2016. Here's the video. c-pHlZ1cINo Wasn't sure if this should go here (cause it's a video with Ross) or in Free-For-All, please move if this is the wrong place. Thanks.
  4. Zabeus

    Ross's Earning

    Ah I thought maybe he mentioned his donation page in a recent video or something.
  5. Zabeus

    Ross's Earning

    What happened on September 2017?
  6. In the last few minutes of the April live chat I asked if Freeman is going to say anything about those weird green boxes he keeps running across (the health packs). I've watched all the episodes but don't remember if he's said anything yet. Ross said "OK, Somebody is asking about the health packs in Freeman's Mind 2. You can ask fans in the comments, whatever, I've mentioned my attitude about the health packs many times for Freeman's Mind." Can someone be so kind as to explain it again? I've watched every live chat and don't remember what he said. I do recall something about health packs making no logical sense, and that he's not going to be using them. That part is understandable. Freeman has a bullet-proof HEV suit for protection. I want to know if he plans to make up some alternate explanation for what they are. (or has already done so) Otherwise why not just mod them out of the game?
  7. Zabeus


    I believe that's intentional to point out how confusing it all is. The next two screens have mixed up titles too. It could be an ironic mistake though.
  8. Zabeus

    Ross and Bitcoins

    Noticing that bitcoins are above $10,000 now, I remembered that Ross has a bitcoin donation option. Did he ever get any bitcoins? If so it would be wonderful for him if he's still holding them or was able to sell high. Lifetime supply of beans right there. I'm no financial expert (otherwise I would have bought bitcoins...) but it looks like they are dropping in value so he may want to sell if he hasn't already.
  9. Zabeus

    Sick Leave

    These kind of "Rossisms" are how I know it's really you posting this. Get well soon.

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