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  1. Hey @Ross Scott did you see this yet? I wouldn't normally ping you but this is probably of importance to you, and I don't use twitter. https://nichegamer.com/ken-akamatsu-task-force-classic-games/ He's got my vote. Apologies to the mods if this should have gone in the Video Game Preservation thread.
  2. Honestly, it seems like things are beginning to make sense. More later.
  3. @Im_CIA It seems we've come across an alien spacecraft.
  4. @ajhhc Game Dungeon: The Division.
  5. Found the answer. In the February chat near the beginning he said it was claimed because of the clip he used from the Survivors TV series with the guard and the prisoner.
  6. Why is The Division being claimed by the BBC? It sounded like a topic everyone else knew about and I'm out of the loop. Don't remember that being mentioned before.
  7. In 2019 someone finally did a Let's Play of this and we get to see the ending: https://youtu.be/_i6w0oDUpTc?t=1222 So slight correction to the video (if you haven't already mentioned this in a follow-up), it's not clear that the "dead" guy at the end is wearing skis and he might not be dead. He could be dead though. Probably just passed out. Not going to ping Ross because I assume he gets these if he wants to.
  8. But Ross isn't some random internet person. He's our best friend and Father.
  9. Agreed, one of my favorite games is Alpha Centauri and it wouldn't be the same if you had to build up to zerg rush your opponents base instead of methodically planning out your empire. You could even play SMAC by email. In an ideal golden age of video games there would be a game for everyone, including those of us that like slow turn-based strategy.
  10. All they need to do is remove the calls to SecuRom. It's been done by many Steam publishers. In fact they could just upload one of the cracked executables floating around and call it a day. (not that they would, but either way it's not much work)
  11. There's definitely no way to tell without trying. It's OK nobody expects you to be an early adopter. It will be there when you're ready. (Just don't try one of those cheapo phone holders and think that's VR. Although it would demonstrate that the screen distance to eyes is irrelevant, it wouldn't give you the full experience.)
  12. @RaTcHeT302FYI Your post is completely misrepresentative of the state of VR technology, the cause of simulator sickness, and how it affects people. A lot of research has gone into ways to minimize/remove it, but some of it just naturally goes away. Some people used to get sick from FPS's on 2D monitors.
  13. It was wonderful exploring the world of Obduction in VR, but I'm not sure I'd have much reason to play beyond that. The backtracking is even worse in VR if you limit yourself to moving at natural speeds.
  14. The long awaited sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky.
  15. Heh, upon seeing the title of your post and having no idea what your possible "cure" might be, I clicked on the post with the intention of writing "CyberTruck is the cure." You beat me to it. Seriously though, I don't think these are the same markets. Coal rollers are a very small niche of truck drivers.
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