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  1. But Ross isn't some random internet person. He's our best friend and Father.
  2. Agreed, one of my favorite games is Alpha Centauri and it wouldn't be the same if you had to build up to zerg rush your opponents base instead of methodically planning out your empire. You could even play SMAC by email. In an ideal golden age of video games there would be a game for everyone, including those of us that like slow turn-based strategy.
  3. All they need to do is remove the calls to SecuRom. It's been done by many Steam publishers. In fact they could just upload one of the cracked executables floating around and call it a day. (not that they would, but either way it's not much work)
  4. There's definitely no way to tell without trying. It's OK nobody expects you to be an early adopter. It will be there when you're ready. (Just don't try one of those cheapo phone holders and think that's VR. Although it would demonstrate that the screen distance to eyes is irrelevant, it wouldn't give you the full experience.)
  5. @RaTcHeT302FYI Your post is completely misrepresentative of the state of VR technology, the cause of simulator sickness, and how it affects people. A lot of research has gone into ways to minimize/remove it, but some of it just naturally goes away. Some people used to get sick from FPS's on 2D monitors.
  6. It was wonderful exploring the world of Obduction in VR, but I'm not sure I'd have much reason to play beyond that. The backtracking is even worse in VR if you limit yourself to moving at natural speeds.
  7. The long awaited sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky.
  8. Heh, upon seeing the title of your post and having no idea what your possible "cure" might be, I clicked on the post with the intention of writing "CyberTruck is the cure." You beat me to it. Seriously though, I don't think these are the same markets. Coal rollers are a very small niche of truck drivers.
  9. Part of it is just tolerance and what you're used to. When I first got the Rift I used to get motion sick quite easily, a few times even having to lie down on the floor for a while, and avoiding VR for days. After playing those sickness-triggering games more and more (starting slowly and working up to longer play times) - I no longer get sick and can play most anything. I also started walking in place which helped. That won't apply to everyone of course, but my hunch based on anecdotal evidence is that most people are in that camp. The extremes are people like you that don't ever get motion sickness, and those who will always experience motion sickness without some technology crutch.
  10. There doesn't seem to be a thread on Ross's playthrough of Lecarde Chronicles, so I thought I'd start one. (please move to appropriate forum if necessary) I started rewatching from the beginning since he's been doing it more regularly. It's pretty funny to see how he'll figure something out and then in a later video is asking the same question again. Understandable since some of sessions were months apart. For example he never uses magic so every session just finding the Aura button is an adventure. That should change though since he just found the healing magic. Would anyone be interested in an abridged version of the whole run when he's finished? I'm thinking of editing one together in Game Dungeon style. Say 30 minutes to an hour of his best highlights. (and maybe a blooper reel at the end) By the way just got to part 5 and am wondering how he just blindly stumbled into the Castle of Eternal Night. There was nothing there when he walked by that room before. Is something special needed to reveal it?
  11. You might not like it, but this is the first time I've heard that sentiment. I have to assume you're not thinking of another game since you mentioned Frictional's Amnesia in the same sentence. In fact checking Wikipedia it looks like it was reviewed fairly well and sold more than Amnesia. (they are very different games though) I just finished SOMA the other day thanks to the free Epic promotion and it was quite good. Not perfect by any stretch. The problems it had seemed like they were a result of budget. The story is nothing special if you're already familiar with digital immortality and AI. No idea if Ross would like it. Might be too boring / tedious in parts. I'm a big fan of stealth games and still felt the hiding and waiting was pretty annoying in this one.
  12. Thanks Ross for the game list and for continuing to discuss improvements with the fans. Many producers with an audience as big as yours just don't bother. I know there are so many comments that you can't always reply, especially on YouTube, but at least you try. (you even took time to explain things to that troll which I certainly wouldn't have had the patience for)
  13. @daniraldo How did you get out of the jail cell? Do you have to get closer to the door or do you just keep clicking it until something happens? What did you think of the second jail visit, where you have to grab a pin from the door hinge? Is there a hint anywhere in the game text that you have to click it nine times?
  14. YouTuber and gaming critic TotalBiscuit (John Bain) died today at 33. (Source: ) For those who don't know, Ross appeared on TB's co-optional podcast in 2016. Here's the video. c-pHlZ1cINo Wasn't sure if this should go here (cause it's a video with Ross) or in Free-For-All, please move if this is the wrong place. Thanks.
  15. Ah I thought maybe he mentioned his donation page in a recent video or something.
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