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  1. This is a video I made that I felt was related to the general topics of this forum. I went through scientific studies on VR motion sickness and listed out ways players and developers can/have been able to mitigate the effects of it. I strongly believe that even though I myself don't experience motion sickness in VR, I feel it is the biggest hurdle the technology has to overcome for VR to take off and before VR support will be implemented into future games. Let me know what you guys think or if I missed anything.
  2. And for those that suffer from VR motion sickness there are exercises you can do to severally reduce the symptoms https://academic.oup.com/ptj/article/79/10/949/2842442 as one example
  3. I have heard that people who get motion sickness playing VR slowly get used to it until it’s no longer an issue. I was lucky enough that VR didn’t cause any motion sickness for me but for the people that did experience it, has it lessened over time? I’m doing research for a video and think that based on other motion sickness adaptations (cars, boats, ect) the body should get used to VR within a few weeks to months. Has anyone’s experience confirmed this?
  4. While not graphics. The GTA series has recently had older games patched to remove music because Rockstar's music liscences expired. This is a clear case where the newer version is worse. Interesting because the console versions can't have the music patched out. I wonder how this works legally.
  5. Has Ross heard about the theory that Apple updates their previous iPhones to be SLOWER after they release a new one?
  6. Update. Apparently you can play Quake 1 in VR with motion controls. https://github.com/Fishbiter/Quakespasm-OpenVR I just got done playing a few levels and it is great, possibly my favorite vr experience of the list if you are a fan of the first Quake.
  7. I can't accept playing an FPS on a controller. Not because I am snobby but I just can't get used to it. I was lucky enough to see that my old friend had a copy of it that he let me borrow.
  8. Here are some more I fund No One Lives Forever 2 https://github.com/LukeRoss00/nolf2-real-mod/releases Metroid Prime trilogy through Dolphin VR (and nearly every other Nintendo classic through it) Half life 1 also got a new VR mod for oculus Quest https://www.lambda1vr.com/
  9. I can no longer find anywhere that sells the original Prey. It's really strange. You think they gain nothing by not having it up to purchase.
  10. We need a Star Control Game Dungeon. I know it's not super obscure but it obscure enough and original enough to deserve a review.
  11. Metal Slug in my opinion has the best pixel art of any game.
  12. I bought Ion Fury and I am loving it so far. Considering ops purchases I recommend he try it as well.
  13. Thank you. Subnautica and Overload are great games in their own right as well so the VR makes them just plays.
  14. I actually did hear about this before (I think you may have introduced it to me even in one of your videos) and have bought it yesterday. I haven't had the chance to mess around with it yet though. Hoping for the best. I feel very lucky that so far I haven't felt sick playing any of these converted VR games yet. I even played DOOM 1 and didn't feel too bad despite running at Doomguy speed. The sad part is is that with valve openly being against the idea of VR games that move the player "traditionally" (as in with the thumb stick) I think it will be some time before a decent number of mainstream companies decide to make VR remakes like we saw with Fallout and Serious Sam. I find this sad because playing Half-life 1 again but in VR was a far more amazing reintroduction to the game than any graphically updated remake could ever do. Remaking a game in VR is likely far easier than giving it a full graphical overhaul too. Hopefully one day official VR-emakes will become main stream, but until then scraping the internet to find whatever mods I can and configuring Vorpx settings are the best we can get.
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