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  1. Yes, you can disable Bloom completely or you can leave it on and change the intensity. Whatever one prefers.
  2. Strife: Veteran Edition just got an Update. They added: The original DOS Version A Beta development snapshot from 1995 You can choose between those two and the Veteran Edition while starting the game on Steam. Quite nice to see that the game gets updates like that.
  3. Review of Quarantine / Quarantine II by Grim Beard Nice little review of Quarantine and Quarantine II with a shoutout to Ross at about 1:58 in the video. Quarantine II somehow looks worse with its change to comic cutscenes and higher resolution during the actual gameplay.
  4. While browsing a worldofgothic thread I stumbled over a link: https://delistedgames.com/ It's an archive site with a growing database of games (currently 743) that you can't play anymore (most of the time because they can't be purchased anymore in any form). There is a list of extinct games that are not available for most people anymore since they only were available digitally. A watch list of games that are going to be delisted from sales platforms soon and so on. Quite an interesting read.
  5. I don't know why, but the game really struck a cord with me. Not that it is relatable in any way to my life, but the atmosphere of the game sucked me in right away. I bought it almost immediately on gog after watching your video. By now I have played through it twice with different control schemes and different playstyles. The first playthrough was mostly blind, with the original control scheme and a focus just getting through the game. For that one I only used a walkthrough, when I got completely stuck, like the part with the Hall of mirrors. That one was really a drag. The story was quite confusing when I read just some of the documents (the low resolution and the strange viewport for the documents makes my eyes hurt). Although it was quite clear due to your video and the ingame hints that it really is just a generic out-of-balance, the apocalypse is coming story. The original control scheme sucks plainly said, I don't know how I managed to play the entire game with it after I had switched to a sane control scheme on the second playthrough. On my second playthrough I switched to a hybrid fps/original control scheme. The original part being, that a and d were for turning instead of strafing. The enemies are so dumb that strafing ist mostly not necessary. The game is much more fun with that control scheme, since you do not have to switch positions on the keyboard all of time. I even tried to read all the documents and tried to listen to all the extra dialogue in the menu. That revealed a lot of details that had escaped me in the first playthrough, didn't make the story any better though, just more trackable. So if anyone wants to play the game, I really recommend switching to a sane control scheme and reading all the documents/listening to all the extra dialogue. While the story isn't that good, the game has a really great amosphere most of the time. For me it was quite fun and I think I will do a third playthrough some time in the future.
  6. Since I saw Ross's latest Game Dungeon I thought a bit about the topic of games dying and if there are any other people who advocate for preserving games. One other person came to my mind, because of a video of a speech that I had seen a few months ago. Jason Scott, owner of textfiles.com, employed by the Internet Archive and his Emularity Project. vTSztNT4hys Maybe some people here have already heard of him and his work, his speeches are quite good and often hilarious, like the speech when he got sued for 2 Billion Dollars. https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games MS-DOS Games Library Do you know of any other people that started similar projects that aim to preserve the history of videogames?
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