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  1. But he always gets foiled by penny...
  2. Oh, to be the cat of Dr. Evil, what magnificent tales one could tell...
  3. kerdios

    'No' Thread

    Ok Sure, What else not?
  4. kerdios

    'No' Thread

    what's velty posting?
  5. I will next time. Maybe pinning it to the ground at the start of every visit is the way for it to recognize its lack of dominance?
  6. 3693 - I guess IRS is dyslexic and I was just going with the flow
  7. On the subject of pets , I was visiting my sister to help her with something and I was sitting on a chair, when I got up her dog lunged at me and bit me on the arm near the wrist, luckily it didn't sink its teeth - so I only got scratched. But I'll probably get a scab.
  8. rice cauliflower (minced) with peas and carrots and chicken
  9. 3681 - ok, fine, what're the extrema of f(x)=(a^x)-a*x?
  10. god given status is a bit of a stretch
  11. yeah it looks like the anime artist went overboard with the eye distance even more than usual (example of usual)
  12. I don't think I have a favorite episode of a tv series
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