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  1. So now that I have completed the game all the way through I can give my full thoughts: 1. There are, unfortunately, some arcade skills required to play this. I won't say exactly what but they don't come in towards the end. 2. The main question that may make or break your decision to play this game is simple: Are you ok with basically playing a dark comic book/graphic novel. If yes, then the story is honestly on the better side. If no, then there's a lot of things that are going to bug you. This is a solid adventure game with some puzzles/mini games. The bullshit level on progression is pretty low, helped by the fact you can highlight all interactable items. For comic book characters the ones within are pretty good. It really hits on this unique feel of a seasoned professional being in over his head. However, this is a game where thugs will openly laugh at atrocities and people behave like they're in a cartoon rather than reality. So it isn't realistic, but if you can accept batman is beating up" bad guys" rather than what's probably the city's poor, resorting to crime then you'll be able to roll with this story. I give it a "Good/Great" rating.
  2. Been a few years but I finally got art of a citizen I could see being in Quarantine!
  3. This is an above average walking simulator with some pretty odd elements that would probably appeal to you if you like Ross's work, but don't expect much else.
  4. Just knowing it's from the Valley soundtrack let me find it right away, thanks Ross. To anyone else curious, the track was Vast Veridian by Professor Kliq:
  5. Great episode really enjoyed it, however something that's driving ME a little nuts is that the song for the credits wasn't included and i SWEAR i've heard it before. Anyone know what it is?
  6. well it's been awhile since i've been on this thread and i'm pleased to see not much has changed beyond the topics and more left leaning people.
  7. Also, just a quick look through the list, one entry i'm surprised isn't on there is killing floor 2 specifically because it has: A lot of zombies An evil carnival And to top it all off, heavy metal clown music here are the best tracks for that if you don't want to play the game yourself: https://youtu.be/V_eZAa0uETo https://youtu.be/bT3HKIXXfDg
  8. REVIEW OF RUINATION https://store.steampowered.com/app/1024670/Ruination/ So, this game is $0.99 (right now on sale for $0.89) and to me the question is "was this game worth 2 games of pinball" and honestly i gotta go with no. It's a very basic shooter platformer (so basic there's not even music). And the biggest thing that killed it for me is that the game doesn't work. And i don't mean on a gameplay level or it's not fun. There is fundamental functionality that isn't there. Specifically, you're supposed to be able to pick up weapons and use them. To do so you can press the S or the down arrow key. Neither one worked. I've posted something on the steam discussion for the game and will update this review if it gets fixed. But for now i can't get very far because i'm stuck with a whimpy little pistol From what i have played two things REALLY bug me (though this may just be me), but when you have a game this basic, one or two problems can make or break a game: 1. Intakill spikes. I loath instakill spikes, I don't think there's a reason they should exist in games anymore period. 2. Restarting This is a tough game, by design, so when you die it shouldn't take you long to have another shot. But a very slow (or at least it feels slow because this is a very fast paced game) "mission failed" screen pops up, before kicking you back to the menu. For a game like this there really isn't that much loading. Maybe Hotline Miami ruined me, but when you have a game this small and easy to load, one button press, then immediately back in the action is what I'd personally recommend. I don't even mind a second of black screentime to do the loading, just not what the game currently has. I get that maybe the developer didn't want to do that because you do choose your weapon at the beginning, and maybe you picked up a weapon, died, and wanna use it for this run. Well you can still hit escape to go back to the main menu instantly to do that. Idk, maybe that's just me though, but these two things plus the literally broken game made this more frustrating than challenging. So to use ross's rating: Hazy
  9. It seems to me, those who advocate guns will blame literally anything but the gun for the violence, over the past couple of months, I've heard, school layout, non-transparent backpacks, bullying, and unarmed teachers for school shootings, i haven't heard from the red side about how accessible guns are MAY have contributed to these shootings because it seems to me, once they aknowledge that guns MIGHT have something to do with all these shootings, they'll loose ground. This seems t be the overall Repub, strategy: never play defense, but with shootings it's really noticeable. never are the tools blamed, literally everything else that can be blamed from victims to architecture is blamed, while the GOP doesn't pay attention ( or doesn't care) that easy access to guns MIGHT play a role in the increased amount of shootings.
  10. Alright, a couple of things to unpack here before i make my overall point, i'm going to keep it brief and touch on only a few things, not because you're right, but because I want to get into some other stuff rather than getting bogged down in specifics (again) Ok, first, he rose from 32% to 40%, that's not great. Second, the bills themselves aren't influenced Trump's popularity. You may have not seen it, but down here, people were constantly calling their senators, hosting town hall meetings, and basically yelling/begging their GOP representatives to NOT vote for the "American Health Care Act" and their tax bill. I am not exaggerating when I say the vast majority of America did not like either of these bills. It was obvious that people DIDN'T WANT IT. GOP passed them anyways. Wonder why? It's because these bills massively benefited the rich. Pretty much everyone else gets the short end of the stick AND we're now seeing a huge rise in the deficit that I guarantee you next congress is gonna say "we need to cut MORE programs to fix" rather than taxing the people who already have a disgusting amount of wealth more. So basically the GOP ignored the wants and needs of the people they are supposed to represent in order to further enrich the people who already are exceptionally rich. I did not say that there would be "death squads" forming. You made that up. That concept alone is ridiculous, here's what's far more likely to happen: violence caused by normal people against demonized minorities that's ignored by law enforcement and isn't condemned. Then, because LGBT people, immigrants or "the other" as i said before, have no specific protections, the law can be selectively enforced. Hate crimes have a blind eye turned towards them, and the scariest part is murder and beatings would be perpetrated not by nazi skinheads, but ordinary people. You seem to not either understand or are misrepresenting my argument again. The point i was trying to make was in court, you have to prove someone COMMITTED a crime, you don't have to prove they are innocent of a crime. If it was there other way around, you could accuse literally anyone of say...tax fraud, and if they weren't on top of their taxes and couldn't prove that every single dollar they earned was taxed...well too bad buddy, you're going to jail. The point is that with the J20 trials, the prosecution isn't even TRYING to prove they did a crime, but rather make the argument that just being NEAR a crime is reason enough to arrest and jail you. That is dangerous, because it basically gives law enforcement any excuse to arrest anyone they don't like. Or hell, have a plainclothes police officer infiltrate a protest or group, break window, then that give riot cops reason to just arrest everyone there. The J20 trails shows that the government is willing to silence those they find inconvenient, which goes directly against my right, as an american, to free speech. And this isn't "a company fired me because they don't like what i was saying" psuedo-free speech violation. This is, "The government doesn't like what i'm saying and is using their official power to stop me from expressing my opinions" violation of free speech. If you can't see that...well I don't think we'd ever be able to see each other's world views. No....your hypothetical scenario doesn't at all fit what the protesters were trying to do. Like...at all. A university isn't where white supremacists and neo-nazis LIVE. The counter-protesters aren't saying "Nuremberg trail these assholes" or something. You example shows people with in intent of violence intruding onto residencies and trying to provoke a fight. Counter-protesters show up at specific events in an attempt to either deplatform the speaker OR show symbolically "your ideas aren't acceptable". And you're equating race (which can't be change, isn't chosen, and is immediately visible) to political ideology (which can be changed, is willfully chosen, and isn't immediately visible). It's a false equivalence. I'm honestly tempted to call this a bad-faith argument because it seems like you're making excuses for why someone should hate counter-protesters rather than trying to explain why counter-protesting in of itself is problematic. PLUS, I've have heard stories and seen footage of some counter-protesters PROTECTING neo-nazis from abuse because they don't want to start incidents. You seem to see counter-protesters as people who only want to start fights for no reason or out of spite for the other side. When the reality is much more like...people showing up to drown out the voices of white nationalists and to show that people do not like their ideas. Anyways, onto the idea I actually wanted to talk about. See, here's what I don't get, it seems to me that most people by now realize that it's very rich people who run the show. The mega-rich. Your Mercers and Koch's. What i don't understand is then why some of the same people who realize that there are powerful people controlling everything THEN go onto say it's "multiculturalism" or "cultural marxism" or "the jews" (dogwhistled as globalists of course). What struck me was whenever is ranting about how "the jews" want to control and weaken us and how there's a global conspiracy to weaken and degrade us. How right they would be if they replaced "jews" with "mega-rich". Because, there is just an overwhelming amount of evidence that those who are mega-rich, are not willing to give up ANY amount of wealth. They always want MORE and are absolutely willing to do anything to distract people from blaming them. I'm 95% sure this is why Robert Mercer funds Brietbart for example. Because Brietbart builds barely believable bullshit berating and bullying blacks. and of course "jews" "muslims" and anything else they think they can get away with that ISN'T rich people. Why does the alt-right seem to think there's this massive intricate global conspiracy that there's no evidence of, when the real answer is right in front of them: Wealthy and powerful people using their wealth and power to get more wealth and power at the expense of literally anyone else. There's this massive desire to change the way things are, because clearly people's lives aren't getting better OR are getting worse. But it seems like a large portion of people just picked up the wrong answer.
  11. Alright, broad strokes here because these posts are getting a bit long so apologies if some things get lost or not responded to So, first with Hillary. There were investigations, they've ended, I trust the professional law enforcement more than I trust YouTubers or heavily biased news sites. Plus, no punishment can be as bad as being the candidate who lost to Donald Trump. She's finished, politically. She couldn't win against one of the most repulsive people to come out of american politics in recent memory. Therefore, she's done. Whatever. I like Elizabeth Warren much more anyways. Moving on, I am very aware that there's a difference between liberals and progressives. Honestly, a big part of why i think left-leaning politics isn't as strong as it should be is because we're constantly bickering with ourselves where as the right tends to fall in line and follow the leader....even if the leader is totally unfit to be a leader. He's impulsive, he constantly makes major decisions without consulting anyone. He passed a MASSIVELY unpopular tax bill AND passed a MASSIVELY unpopular health "reform" act. Both of those instances shows right there that he does not give a shit about normal people. Plus, before he was even elected, he bragged, not "was discovered" or "got caught" BRAGGED about sexually assaulting women. THIS is what a leader should be like? Really? Any decent GOP voter should have held up their hands and went "ok, not this one". But they didn't, yet people are still behaving that Trump is the greatest president ever while his administration has multiple empty seats because people keep quitting, he's severely hurt the US's foreign interests, and even with majority control of the house and senate, he's having trouble doing anything. Oh, and Obama had the opposite problem: a majority house and senate that was opposed to him. Because here's the thing, and it ties into the right getting more leeway. I want you to imagine, just for a moment, a world where Obama was so morally bankrupt, that he payed a porn star to have unprotected sex with him. Just...imagine. That would have been Obama's legacy, no one would have been able to stop talking about it. Right-wing websites and commentators Yet here's Trump, still supported by the people who would have been calling for immediate impeachment of our previous president. Still supporting. Still chanting MAGA. Oh, and don't you dare tell me Trump's an LGBT ally, not when he tried to ban Transgendered people from serving AND picked friggen PENSE to be his VP. Pense is an enemy of LGBT people, and even allowing him into his administration shows he doesn't give a half-fried shit about LGBT people. Doesn't matter what he's said, his word is worthless More on showing the right more leeway, you've kinda revealed a pretty deep bias against left-wing demonstrators. Because, you said: Because in case you don't know, and because it's the same in Canada as well as the USA, our judicial system runs under "Innocent until proven guilty". I don't have to guarantee anything, someone has to PROVE that these people indeed committed a violent act. If there was video evidence or photos with positive IDs on the 60 people that are being put on trial, then it would be appropriate to make arrests. But that misses the bigger picture. See, the point of the j20 arrests WASN'T to bring guilty people into justice. It was to silence and discourage further protests. This article (which i implore you to read): https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/j20-one-year-later-what-happened-to-defendants-w515646 pretty much details how people's lives are being turned into a living hell for exercising their right to free speech. Protesting is a necessary and vital part of American (and Canadian) democracy. Arresting 60 people, for being near a window when it was broken during a protest, then when you prosecute, you straight up admit you don't care whether or not they did anything wrong, just that they were near something bad when it happened, is an attempt to silence free speech. As someone who lives in the US, that shit's pretty scary. Will "I" be arrested next for no crime other than daring to speak up against people who have not only helped the rich rob and disenfranchise normal people, but then also had the cast-iron balls to suggest that things aren't getting better because Americans are too lazy? Will my family have their house raided and their privacy violated because one of us tried to exercise our RIGHT to protest? I always see right-winger whining that their speech is being trampled on anytime someones says "use the pronouns I identify with" or that a TV host is fired for saying racist stuff. Yet here's the government, persecuting people for the crime of having differing ideas on how the country should be and all the free speech warriors are dead silent. That shows me that these guys don't care about free speech. They care about THEIR free speech. I bet you anything there are people who cheered that DCPD arrested 200 "commies" but also go on and go about how free speech is under attack "By leftists". I'll give credit where credit is due, you are right that Charlottesville wasn't beneficial to the right. However, the fact that literal Nazis showed up at a rally called "Unite The Right" should of in itself been damaging to the GOP or the right. Fox News should have been running story after story saying, "These people don't represent us" even without the murder. Trump should have gotten on stage and said, "Look, i don't like that these people love me? Ok? They're NOT good people." (or however he'd say it) It took an innocent woman being MURDERED, to make the Rally put a sour taste in people's mouths. Even then, news coverage was trying to equate one side that brought clubs, shields, guns, and killed someone to people who showed up in counter-protest. I guaran-damn-tee you that if Heather Heyer wasn't murdered (which, fun fact, the nazis tried to peddles some BS that she died of natural causes and called her a whore on their websites, so add disrespecting not some historical figure or long dead person, but a recent murder victim to the list of terrible shit they've done) the news and alt-right wouldn't have stopped attacking the people who showed up to counter-protest. Plus, the police asked for the help OF white nationalists to help identify the COUNTER PROTESTERS. That right there seems to spell out, "we have more tolerance of Nazis as long as they don't question our economic policies" to me. Plus, again, it seems to not occur to anyone on the right (including your precious Peterson) that hanging out or agreeing with Fascists, kinda makes people think you're a Fascist sympathizer. Oh, and he did, BTW he had a nice civil conversations with some white nationalists, took some photos, pretty clear he knew exactly what these people were, and hung out with them anyways. If he doesn't want people to think he isn't a white nationalist, maybe, just maybe, don't associate with them. Like i said before, there's a reason Progressives don't hang out or associate with Tankies, because we know those on the right are just itching to call us Commies (for proof see Selous's replies) so we don't hang out with them. Oh, and because their ideas are awful and bad, just like Nazis and White Supremacists. PS if you want to talk about search algorithms, I'd wonder why "yours" keeps directing you to far-right reactionary websites, youtubers, and news stories.
  12. Oh, and since he started the whole thing he got a total of $86,417.95. So like he said in his beg-a-thon video: not quite a millionaire
  13. No clue as to why i did this, but i spent the afternoon graphing out Ross's Earnings as per the donations page. Excluding October 2015 because he got so much that one month it messed with the graph.
  14. Ok, you tried to argue that the colleges you listed trying to get POC only spaces was indicative of a larger problem. I showed that it isn't happening...so I guess we're just going to ignore that huh? Alright. Also, college campuses have kinda always been progressive, like, when has this become news for you? It's like saying retirement homes are full of conservatives...yeah, ok. But i'm not the one claiming assisted living programs are GOP brainwashing institutions. "Cultural Marxism" is the modern re-imagining of a Nazi idea called "Kulturbolschewismus". Just like then, it isn't happening and is basically just used in order to justify some truly terrible beliefs. In other words it's Fascist Propaganda, plain and simple. I'm not saying you said it's happening, i'm saying what it is. And now you've gone from "POC are DEMANDING that colleges give them their own spaces" to "Willful segregation is bad". If i show you an article that explains that this isn't willful segregation, what's the next step down on the ladder? How much are you willing to backtrack and still try to look right? You clearly didn't read the words that I typed if you're claiming that I could only find one argument. And about laws and science. Yes, often they go hand in hand, but not always. Most laws, are in fact, socially constructed. That law that says you need to make sure there are sprinklers in a factory in case of a fire isn't scientifically based, it's socially based. And are you conflating science and statistics? Because those also aren't the same thing. And i'm not arguing against erasing history, erasing history would be burning books, suppressing knowledge, and trying to pretend it never happened. I'm talking about glorifying history. I WOULDN'T want to glorify Celtic slaves, I don't want to glorify the colonization of other nations by Briton, and as someone who's ancestrally German there is absolutely history i don't want to glorify. And I wouldn't want to forget those things happened either. Let me put it this way: I have no problem with people learning the Civil War happened, in fact everyone who lives in america should know about it, the problem is in glorifying the people who fought to keep slavery alive (and before you say state's rights, it was one very very specific state's right they were fighting for). Lastly, about whether the Right has more leeway when it comes to being punished. You seem to be purposefully not engaging with my point. It doesn't matter how they're treated by the media, i'm talking about official government action. Someone was murdered in Charlottesville yet we're not seeing 60 neo-nazis being put on trial for being near a murder when it occurred. But we are seeing 60 left-wing protesters being put on trial for being near a few windows when they were broken. No police officers threw tear gas into the nazi crowd, pepper sprayed them, then arrested 200 of them with no warning. That's what happened to the J20 protesters though. May i remind you that not even one person was even assaulted before the tear gas was deployed? And that's, again, not an exaggeration, the prosecution is trying to make being near a window when it's broken at a demonstration a crime. And you bet your bottom dollar it'll be selectively enforced against anyone who doesn't agree with capitalism. That sends a pretty clear message to me in terms of what the government thinks is acceptable: Nazis are ok, trying to change the economic system will get a boot in your face though. And finally (gonna make a whole section for this) ----------------------------------------------------- Let's talk about Mr. Trump To start with your points: First, there WAS investigations into Hillary's misdeeds, you can say they were over quick because of something something deep state, but in reality it's probably because they looked bad but weren't Illegal: https://www.politico.com/story/2017/11/14/hillary-clinton-uranium-one-deal-russia-explainer-244895 (basically it wasn't just Hillary, a whole bunch of people had to sign off on this) http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37811529 (shady, but not illegal, which isn't great but hey, that's why the investigation was dropped. "Officer! This guy painted a shaved Ren and Stimpy on his garage door!" "Ok, Shady and Sketchy, but not illegal") Basically, both of these boil down to "Looks bad, is shady, but that's about it" And now onto Trump's crimes. So, you do realize that the presidential election WASN'T Trump's first experience with the Russians right? Like, a huge part of selling his building was getting Russian Billionaires to buy units. Now that may just seem like "just business" but these guys basically run Russia. So, he already was well connected among the Russian Elite: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-history-of-donald-trumps-business-dealings-in-russia/2017/11/02/fb8eed22-ba9e-11e7-be94-fabb0f1e9ffb_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.cc1660046811 So, it's not like this Russia thing was pulled out of Comey's ass (who remember was originally in charge of the investigation). So! There's also evidence to suggest that key people within the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election met with Russian Elites during the presidential race. That's what really kicked off the investigation mind you. So, in order to determine if our President committed treason by allowing a foreign power to interfere with US election, a special investigation was started. Now, how long do you think crimes take to prosecute? A month? Two? Six?...well yeah six, for a misdemeanor. Felonies can take 1 and 1/2 to 2 years to prosecute fully, and that's a single person. To gather enough evidence to prove without a doubt that there was collusion in the Trump campaign, while people are trying to cover their tracks and do whatever it takes to not go to prison, is gonna take a bit longer. Now, you'll have to excuse me if i go off on a slight tangent here. Judge Rod J. Rosenstein who was appointed by Trump himself signed a warrant allowing for the FBI to raid the offices and hotel room of Michael Cohen because the FBI was able to present enough evidence of probable Bank Fraud for a warrant. Then, a team that was not part of Mueller's investigation, raided his office and subpoenaed several documents. So, already, this is not Mueller's doing. Mr. Cohen was already in trouble and the raid had nothing to do with the Russia Investigation. And, the FBI has not nor will not violate attorney-client privilege. You know why? Even if they get a recording of some guy saying to his lawyer: "I killed a person, the knife that i used to kill them with along with a lock of the victims hair is in a box hidden at this location. Boy I hope no one finds it because it's got my fingerprints and DNA all over it." Then the FBI finds that box, and the fingerprints + DNA match, but they had to violate attorney-client privilege to get it, guess what happens? Guy walks away scott-free. Any first year law student could tell you that. So, the FBI isn't going to do anything illegal in order to get the case built against Trump, which , btw wasn't even the point of the raid. Plus, how exactly did the FBI violate Attorney-Client privilege? I'll link you some articles explaining just what is and isn't privilege, read those, then tell me what the FBI did wrong: http://www.lawyersandliquor.com/2017/11/checking-your-privilege-part-1-what-is-a-privilege/ http://www.lawyersandliquor.com/2017/11/checking-your-privilege-part-2-attorneys-and-clients-can-sorta-talk-openly/ http://www.lawyersandliquor.com/2017/11/checking-your-privilege-part-3-marriage-means-you-cant-convict/ http://www.lawyersandliquor.com/2017/12/checking-your-privilege-part-4-forgive-me-father-for-i-have-testified/ I'm like, 100% sure the FBI prosecutors know more about Attorney-Client privilege than you, me, or the talking heads on the TV. As a side note, Trump firing the person who's in charge of investigating him for crimes, would actually be obstruction of justice...like, basically the definition. He'd be trying to obstruct justice from occurring. Nixon tried to pull that crap too and called his investigation a witch-hunt. Also, riddle me this: say you got elected president and had help from the russians to do it and now there's an investigation on exactly that. What would you do? Well, if it was me (and i had the morals of a cold-hearted businessman) I would cast doubt on the agency running the investigation, claim i'm innocent, get the voting base and news station that loves me constantly saying "there was no collusion", so that way i can stop the investigation before they find out exactly what I did. Also, i'm not even gonna touch your comments about the "24/7 Trump hate train" because Fox news ran a report that Obama wanted Dijon mustered on his hot dog (and of course spun it as anti-american). If Trump isn't playing golf (which he does a LOT) he's messing something up; most of the news I see is like, him doing actually really bad stuff, I'd list them out but we'd need a whole new thread and about a week's research. And in case you haven't noticed, the Trump administration is much much worse than the Obama administration in almost every measurable way. Just on a functional level, at least Obama was able to get Ambassadors into a South Korean Embassy. But let's talk PAST what Dirty Donald has done and focus much more on what he MEANS. What is his "raison d'être?" if you will? Why have so many people rallied around a washed-up businessman who represents everything wrong with wealth and power. Well, let's start with his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again". Now, i'm going to assume you're a straight, white, male, I hope you don't mind. But for basically everyone outside of that group, America was never great for you. Native Americans (to start) were routinely massacred, had their land taken away, forcibly relocated, and to this day face massive discrimination. Do i even NEED to explain why being black in america was always bad till like, maybe the 80's? I hope i don't. Women are TO THIS DAY not given things that have been done, shown to work, and are really beneficial to them (like paid maternity leave). And as for LGBT people, well Reagan purposefully didn't put any resources or research into AIDS because he was convinced all gay men would just die of it and that's another problem solved for him. He didn't even commit ANY research until straight people started to get AIDS. So, to "Make America Great Again" is to go backwards, towards white supremacy. Oh, and you don't need to wave swastikas or black suns to be white supremacist. You just gotta think black people belong in the ghetto because they're dangerous, hispanics should be in the fields and learn to speak English because this is AMERICA, complain that people calling a football team "Redskins" racist is just people being to sensative and whine about how PC culture is going overboard whenever a kid's movie with a black main character is brought out. You just gotta "support gay people, but not their right to marry". White supremacy, doesn't mean "genocides and hate crimes", it means keeping white people at the top, and everyone else at the bottom. In other words, the status quo that has existed for a very long time in the US So, his entire slogan was basically saying, "All this progress over our history? Yeah, just get rid of it, we don't want it, who's with me?" So, that's his first "appeal". The second is he's rich. In the USA, that means you're good. If you're rich, that means you were a Randian Superman, pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, didn't take any handouts....except for the money Trump's Daddy (who was part of the KKK may i remind you), gave him. So, this one point is wrong in two senses, the stupid stupid stupid idea of Randian economics being anything more than a pipe dream where those with wealth and power are willing to give up their wealth and power if someone truly better comes along. It's a stupid ideology that ignores very real systemic problems. AND he didn't even meet Randian standards, because he INHERITED all of his wealth. Next is his whole, "Anti-PC Language" thing. And i'm just gonna say this, which SPECIFIC political correctness does he not adhere to? Is he saying that the american flag would be better used as a torch baton? That would be anti-PC. What about that Ned Kelly was a hero and shoulda been born in America, that would be anti-PC. Or what about that you can only get an abortion if you could use the fetus for a paddle-ball? That would be Anti-PC...or wait, does he only make fun of/not care about what black people, LGBT, disabled, hispanic, native american, or women consider "PC"? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well anyways, Trump also ran as "Anti-establishment", which is hilarious if you ask me. Sure, he's not establishment, he's not a politician, he's just part of the demographic (mega-rich people) that bribe and own the politicians, see? Anti-establishment! It would be establishment to even pretend that the rich don't own this country's body, people, and soul. So in short, Trump's not just a person, he's a symbol for everything wrong with America. But, because people are so fed up with the system (or were already GOP voters who were refreshed by a candidate who didn't try to hide all the racism and homophobia) people voted for him. AND, people hated Hillary so much, because she's basically a symbol OF the establishment and people are sick of it, that he won. Now that he can't do anything right and people are rightfully calling him out on it, his base are in conniption fits because this is the guy they put all their hopes and dreams into! He was the symbol, he was the guy who was gonna drain the swap and make america great again! But, turned out when so many people were saying "this is not the right man for the job", his base didn't listen. Because they didn't want to see Trump the man, they wanted to see Trump the symbol. And every single american (except for the extremely wealth of course) is gonna pay for it. You know, I've heard the accusation that I'm happy Trump's doing so poorly, that i get to say "i told you so" and be RIGHT! Here's the thing: I'm not happy. I got to say "I told you so" the first two months of his presidency, now i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of Trump's and the GOP's shit. This. Isn't. Normal. And it sure as shit isn't because things are getting better.
  15. Alright, it feels like we're getting bogged down in specifics again. But I wouldn't trust was Sargon says, he's been caught, multiple times, not even reading the sources he quotes. So, whatever sources he quotes could very possibly say something different and he embellishes or doesn't understand what he's talking about. But, here is something to consider, why do the words of a few professors make "Universities" as a concept a left-wing indoctrination facility? When i went to high school i had 2 teachers that were vocally against gay marriage but I don't see high school as some sort of anti-gay mill that brainwashes people through "cultural capitalism" or something. Which, btw, the idea that universities use cultural Marxism to indoctrinate people, is a theory that some people actually believe. Anyways, about POC-only spaces. IF it was happening...that would be bad, but surprise surprise....it isn't. Oberlan: Basically the guy in question said some pretty anti-semetic things on facebook and students didn't like it so they filed complaints, oh, and i couldn't find anything about tenure being moved around https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/04/12/oberlin-professors-condemn-colleagues-controversial-remarks-others-defend-them Cal state had housing that did only contain POC, but it wasn't because they didn't WANT any white people on there, it was just no white people asked to be a part of that housing group: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/08/us/california-today-colleges-segregated-housing.html I can't find anything for that "NYC university", but i'm gonna assume it's a similar situation to Cal state because....my college has something similar, a housing group that focuses on POC issues and is made up only of POC, but it's not that they don't like white people or ask to be exclusively POC, it's that no white student asks to be part of it. It seems that this is overblown hysteria in order to paint colleges as super-pc and white-discriminating in order to push an agenda. Not trying to be overly harsh but, this isn't the first time something like this has come up, i do literally 5 minutes of research and it all comes crashing down. Look, please diversify your sources. I'm reading this Canada Free Press article and....well it's not just heavily weighted towards conservative ideas, they are making some really bad arguments. Like, the first one they give is "it's not scientific"...yeah but, laws against saying racial slurs at the workplace aren't scientific either, they're social. And i would argue that purposefully misgendering someone is like saying a racial slur. Because the intent is the same, it's to say "You are less than me because of who you are as a human being". And that isn't right. No, "in my opinion", it just straight up isn't right to say "You are less of a human because of who you are". Not what they have done, not the choices they make, but because of who they are as a human. Look, if your ancestors weren't slaves, i don't think we can really understand to know what it's like to have statues of people who would want you in chains or beaten if they were alive today. So, I'm gonna say that if POC want those statues down, well, take them down. I wouldn't want to glorify a darker chapter of our history unless there's a damn good reason. You're right, feminism is complex, there are many aspects to it, and not everyone agrees. Refer to my "feminism isn't a monolith" statement. Look, cable is getting it's ass kicked by YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming services, right now. Because it's just a better system. We had that with porn too. The internet made porn watching more private, more affordable, and didn't result in awkward billings. Moving on Look, what is considered "PC culture" is just different groups requesting different things. You used to use the word "colored person" and it was 100% PC. Call native americans, "Indians" or "Redskins", 100% PC. There's a scene where James Bond rapes a woman and it was considered PC. What is and isn't acceptable changes over time. And when it comes to sexualization or foul language, well there are people on the left and right spectrum. Heck, one of the biggest divides is "sex positive" vs. "sex negative" feminism. People are sensitive to sex and language, and for different reasons. But to pin all of the blame on POC and minorities is a different kind of "PC". Because, honestly, people are always behaving like it's censorship, but it isn't, it's criticism. Criticism =/= censorship. And hey, if you can't be funny without being racist or homophobic, maybe you're not that great of a comedian. --------------------------------------------------------- Now that the rebuttal is out of the way, here's an interesting idea: Does the Right have more "benefit of the doubt" when it comes to their actions. To give an example: There were arrests made in Charlottesville, but those arrested did things like murder people, shoot weapons at people, and beat people. Windows were broken, people were hurt, and it's obvious reading through the report of Charlottesville that the neo-nazis were there to fight, they didn't WANT it to go well. So what happened? Well, police gave the order to disperse, declared it an unlawful gathering, and in general gave the white nationalists warning and opportunity to leave. Now, people march down streets of DC, it was scheduled, and it was peaceful save a few broken windows. Then, without warning, without orders to disperse (which is police policy at the time), started throwing tear gas, pepper spraying, and arresting people. A few hours later, a limo was set on fire. 200 people were not only arrested, but had charges pressed against them. 60 are still facing charges. Were 200 windows broken? Is there video evidence of 60 people breaking windows? NOPE! Prosecution said that merely being in the march and being part of the crowd that broke windows, means you're guilty of their crimes, and should be punished. So let me be clear here, a march that had minor property damage is being punished as a group more than the neo-nazis who wave flags with coded symbols and literally killed someone. Is there some sort of free-pass for people on the right? Are their crimes just tolerated more than people on the left? Like, another example: Hillary's goddamn emails, where she used a private server to conduct government business. Fox News and Breitbart to this day won't shut up about it. So, we're all in agreement that government officials using private email servers to conduct government business is a bad thing right? Guess what Trump got caught doing while in the white house? Using a private email server. Not just one, but multiple ones throughout the Trump Administration. I'm not seeing a ton of people outraged over this, partly because Trump is so terrible that he can't go a week without doing something inane. But also because, well, it seems from my perspective that people on the right are under far less scrutiny than those one the left.
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