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  1. So I happen to find this topic on r/Mechwarrior which lead me to the Site with the same name as the title. I'm aware that Ross is interested in Game Preservation so I thought it would be nice to share with the community here and also (since I'm a layman on topics like this) to see if anyone would pick something suspicious/malicious about the website. I've just downloaded my first game (mechwarrior 4) and I didn't had any real problems with it aside from having to use (though it's not exclusivly though) MEGA (formely Megaupload) to get the zip files and compability which I needed to set to windows 7 which is also instructed in the website. That said, I hope this website provide some good nostalgia and you guys can enjoy it! Direct link to the website
  2. Yeah you're right..I guess I looked too much into certain details rather then overall design of certain mechs and also compared from battletech instead of Robotechs,big mistake on my part.
  3. Considering the legal issues HBS and Piranha games had with Harmony Gold it's not surprising to me they didn't touched those IPs, don't know much about these titles tbh but from the images that I've seen, Earthsige alone would be easily sued by them if they ever tried to bring those mechs back. In positive news, there is a game called M.A.S.S. Builder which is pretty fun to play as well, it's not a Armored Core or Battletech by any means (more gundam then anything really) but it's really well made and the developers are VERY professional with their work giving consistent updates and even responding to most questions in their Discord Server, totally recommend even in it's Early Access state, if it's not known I'll post in the other thread (Games you bought recently) with a little bit more detail.
  4. Playing Battletech (HBS), a bit of Mechwarrior online and waiting on support at GoG to see if I can bring Underrail there to buy their expansion and continue my RPG Marathon. I really take my time with RPGs since I'm trying to do complete playthroughs without having to replay in the future as I bought a bunch over the years but they end up gathering dust in my Libraries (Only finished Pillars of eternity 4/5 years after buying it on release). Also, after rediscovering my love for the mech/mecha genre I feel a bit frustrated on how few mech games (at least high profile ones) are avaible in the market, Armored Core and Battletech being the only ones I can think of in recent years (a stretch with AC given how silent it is since 2013 I know). I did played Daemon X Machina when it came out too...scratches the nostalgia a bit but still disappointing for lack of content. Mechwarrior 5 is a no go to me until they release Mod support on Microsoft Store.
  5. Hello folks, new member here (joined last night). By the time of this post, I have reached 250 games on my library...I've spent 10 years of my life in the platform buying games supporting creators and sharing alot of gaming expiriences with other people, I think if it wasn't for Valve it would've be more limited or worse access to the games I enjoy(ed) and probably half of them wouldn't even exist or simply be unknown/unreachable to me. With that in mind, it got me thinking: What the hell will happen if this store shuts down someday or gets sold out or worse, just decide to take some or all of my games from my library for some reason? What if I'm really supporting the wrong people from the start (Valve)? I even decided to ask their support on what measures they have for my concerns and...well...I guess some of you guys already know how well that went (attached image below). Side Note: My english is not really good, so bear with me if I made that question too poorly for them to give me a real awnser... I know some of these questions are done to death but I feel I never gave enough thought on the matter...and given past events and some discussions I had here and there I can't help but to bring this topic again and hope to get a better perspective, both from costumers and indie developers alike (if there is any in these Forums) on the realities of having to deal with Steam/Valve and what can that be said to the future of PC gaming? I'm trying to do some research, but without any good directions aside from finding Ross videos and these forums (Jim Sterling too maybe?) I don't know any other sourcers I could follow in a pratical matter I guess, at least not when it comes to Valve/Steam specificly. I hope the post is clear enough to start a good discussion, feel free to post text walls I got alot of time for that (given current circunstances). In case people may want more info on my experiences with the industry, here is a small list just in case: - I've been using GoG and Microsoft Store XGP. GoG mostly for old games but i've been slowly starting to purchase newer games there as well (Outward, Surviving Mars i.e) but combined they are still like 0.1% of my digital collection. - I'm more or less aware of the issues regarding shovelware and asset flips that came from Steam Greenlight and Steam Direct, but I'd still appriciate thoughts on the matter regardless. - I don't understand DRM as much as I should, to my understanding, it's a ''moderate'' way to prevent piracy but it also validates the very concerns I have right now and I believe to this community as well, Ross video makes excelent points but still, your opinions are still welcomed. -I still hold the stance that, dispite it's issues, steam is/was a good platform at the time I started broading my gaming experience (back then I would go the traditional route of buying physical copies which, in my experience, was very limited as a PC player and my country (Brazil) is known for outlandish prices for both hardware and console game prices (99 bucks vs 200 back in early 20's, not anymore because economy) but as mentioned earlier I feel I may be losing perception of the true realities of the platform now. TL;DR - Spent too much in a store for too long and I think I need a reality check, please send help.
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