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So I happen to find this topic on r/Mechwarrior which lead me to the Site with the same name as the title. 

I'm aware that Ross is interested in Game Preservation so I thought it would be nice to share with the community here and also (since I'm a layman on topics like this) to see if anyone would pick something suspicious/malicious about the website. I've just downloaded my first game (mechwarrior 4) and I didn't had any real problems with it aside from having to use (though it's not exclusivly thoughMEGA (formely Megaupload) to get the zip files and  compability which I needed to set to windows 7 which is also instructed in the website.

That said, I hope this website provide some good nostalgia and you guys can enjoy it! 

Direct link to the website

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Looks ok to me. Site itself just have some tracking (google) and could potentially deny access (if cloudflare doesn't like you).
In general I don't expect malware in abandonware, not worth the hassle for the few people who will download an obscure/old game. I still do scan them but I didn't find any yet.

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The only thing you need to be weary of, is that most downloads aren't verified.


I'm talking about viruses but more so the game itself. I've gotten .isos of there where the dude also copied his save over. One game was modded. One was in Russian.


Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes those downloads suck.

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