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  1. I'm counting on those "half a dozen people in the future where it won't be about AI", and hope that "this is just kind of winding down after the last talk".
  2. I, for one, find this a great idea. For as long as Ross's channel existed, an ongoing problem was to fill the gaps between "main" videos (as you probably know, this is exactly how Freeman's Mind came to existence). I always thought that gaming streams would be a nice solution, but Ross was concerned that they don't have enough long-lasting value. So, now we might actually get a source of videos which both (a) don't take much effort to produce and (b) have long-lasting value. Besides, Ross is a really good interviewer, as long as he is genuinely interested in the topic being discussed, and he has just enough subscribers for his channel to be a lucrative platform for serious™ guests.
  3. The content of this chart is fine, but the layout is... really weak, to put it mildly. First two trees ("risks right now" and "possible") grow from top downward, as they should, while the third one ("fantasy") grows from the bottom upwards. Some lines represent causative connection, others just consolidate a bunch of single-rank entries. A weird double-arrowed line at the top suggests time flow. "Superintelligence" is visually located in "possible risks", whereas (as far as I understand the message) its place is obviously in "fantasy". All in all, it took me way more time to decipher this than it should have. Seems like someone is ought to read some Tufte.
  4. I really like how à propos today's FreeFall strip is:
  5. Oh f***. Looks like Ross dropped the ball with doing his homework.
  6. As a friend of mine once said, "If dwarves in a game is a bad race, then the GAME is wrong."
  7. That fits perfectly with the daemon summoning theory about the Lambda complex. "What's that Arthur C. Clarke quote? Well, that doesn't rule out magic."
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