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  1. In the game, you press the button at 10:20, then jump on the glider through the opened hatch using some logs which you can see at 10:26 as a ramp (which Freeman would never ever do), then drive straight to the pier at 15:50 and walk into the airlock. The door in the chain link fence at 10:40, as well as everything between it and the aforementioned pier, does not exist.
  2. You can't be serious. The history of this quote is literally the first web search result: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=rent+free+in+your+mind
  3. I'm in the camp that couldn't care less about Freeman's Mind, but I must admit I'm astonished by the sheer amount of work that goes into each episode. Here's what the map looks like in the game (image courtesy Niels L @ YT): It almost looks like by the time Ross finishes FM2, the total amount of content in the game will increase by 20-30%.
  4. Also, 23:50 I’m not a GoT fan, but I’m pretty sure it’s called The Martin’s Principle: “the more likeable the character is, the more they should suffer”.
  5. Some highlights 15:50 good drama in fiction 43:30 favorite X Files episode 54:30 how Ross’s brain works 02:02:50 how Ross’s brain works (cont.) 02:23:35 what Ross’s mother’s like 02:27:05 opinion on Uwe Boll and the Postal movie 02:37:20 Ross’s favorite weapons And of course, 21:35
  6. This is not even a wake-up call, this is a wake-up train horn. Think alcorehab, dude.
  7. It would, as long as there's no impact on what and how Ross plays. The only difference would be to launch OBS before launching the game.
  8. It's a pity that you didn't stream the games that you played during your vacation. I know that it sounds weird and I might be a minority, but I enjoy your streams about as much as your other content.
  9. I look at the screenshot and I instantly understand why Ross got interested.
  10. Файл в UTF-8. Судя по кракозябрам, плеер пытается читать его как WIN-1251. Подобные косяки были позором ещё лет 15 назад. Пора мигрировать на нормальный плеер.
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