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  1. We'll get through this together. no-bane.mp4
  2. I'm pretty sure Ross will (eventually) find time to actually play this game, and that's definitely a better way to experience its OST for the first time. Besides, the official OST release is lacking at best. Not only do most of the tracks consist of multiple layers combined on-the-fly, which gives at least half a dozen starkly different versions for each track - out of which the OST affords only one; but it ALSO just plain OMITS a lot of great tracks, some of which are my favorites. So my advice to anyone who still haven't played this jewel of a game is to just go an play it.
  3. Considering that Ross is alive I'd say good. Borreliosis is not fun...
  4. @Ross Scott I thought you might be interested in that despite knowing almost nothing about NFTs you still were 100% right about them: Over $30B of NFT Trading Volume on Ethereum Is Wash Trading I guess that goes to show just what a ridiculously obvious scam it is?
  5. I rather get Postal Dude vibes from him, except more chill
  6. Just a friendly PSA that Ross W. Scott celebrates his 40th anniversary today.
  7. @Ross Scott If I have just one criticism, it's that you didn't add mistletoe to the video's preview. That would've been perfect.
  8. Wow. I like most Game Dungeons, but this one is truly a gem. I'm pretty sure I'll be rewatching it for years to come. Thanks a lot, Ross. You saved so many Christmases by this time, I think you deserve some kind of award.
  9. https://fee.org/articles/un-deletes-article-titled-the-benefits-of-world-hunger-was-it-real-or-satire/
  10. Oh, it's just Ross's face, I see now. Phew.
  11. I have questions I'm not sure I want answers to
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