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  1. Personally, I think starting FM2 was one of the worst Ross's decisions connected to creation of Youtube content. He endured a six-years-long slog, then he did a completely excruciating nine-months-long marathon, and that was it! He finally got rid of that yoke! He was finally free to focus on the videos he was yearning to do all this time! And instead, he had put this burden back on his shoulders, for the sake of a crowd of people who couldn't care less about him and don't even know about this very website. (I am willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of people who make PayPal donations are not crazy about FM2 at all).
  2. It's painfully obvious that Freeman's Mind is Ross's red-headed stepchild. He had said on several occasions that he only does it because he considers himself obliged to. To me, even the freaking Lecarde streams were head and shoulders more enjoyable to watch, because Ross's genuine interest and investment in them were apparent.
  3. This is absolutely awesome. Watching Ross play Serious Sam will be the best New Year present, forget free games. P.S. Ross's original plan was to beat the last level of SS:SE with one life, period. The "on serious difficulty" part actually came from me, when I misunderstood him and started to unwillingly spread misinformation among the other fans (a-la "Ross only covers old DOS games" from CarnEvil episode)
  4. As a rightful consumer of your content interested in its long-term continuous inflow, I hereby strongly encourage you to stop working and take a well-earned rest until you are fully healed. Few things are as foolish as continuing to grind yourself down when you are sick.
  5. I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee I as well used to think that ASRock is a great combination of low price, good peripheral functionality and feature-rich BIOS, but their motherboards fail me so reliably that it crosses any and all boundaries of statistical uncertainty. I had to deal with five (all different models), and not a single one of them worked for more than a couple years. Last two of them failed one month after the warranty ran out. I swear, there are some engineering geniuses working at ASRock's Planned Obsolescence Department.
  6. Okay, I admit that I do agree with you here. (Also I like how this instantly reminded me of your previous pearl about post-2004 games).
  7. Superiority complex is when someone considers himself superior. This does not apply to me in any way, shape or form. Au contraire, I consider myself a painfully plain and average person in pretty much every aspect. This is the very reason why I find all those "LInux is for geeks" bullshit ridiculous.
  8. All my elder relatives use Linux only. They actually find it way more friendly than Windows, for exactly the same reason why the 13-years-old boy that I mentioned: they have a fresh pair of eyes and can judge objectively. (Before you ask: for certain reasons my grandparents got into Internet only around 2010 and they pretty much had no experience whatsoever with computers before that).
  9. Another opinion from mid-2000s. There is exactly one thing for which Windows is suited better: games. That's all. Everything except gaming is better done in Linux. I found out about Linux (almost by accident) in 2008, and by 2010 I wasn't even booting my PC into Windows anymore, aside from gaming. Since I don't play many games, I guess I could just remove the goddamn thing from my HDD to free up some space.
  10. You look like you've been in a time capsule for about a decade or so. Modern Linux distributions are easier to install AND use than Apple, forget Windows. You absolutely can use nothing but Linux without even seeing the console for months. I have an elder friend who didn't show Windows to his son, until he turned 13 or 14 years and was forced to use Windows in school. Instead, the first OS this boy saw was Linux. And when he finally had to learn Windows, he was shocked by just how ugly and illogical it is compared to Linux. This is a small example that shows that all those talks about how Linux is “user unfriendly” and “hard to understand” are caused by the fact that people already have their brains raped by Windows. In psychology this is known as “Baby duck syndrome”.
  11. I know, right?! After giving it some thought, I came to a conclusion that people like you and me might just be kinda jaded, and *normal* people just have a lower "intensity bar".
  12. I think I am going to overdose on Ross tonight...
  13. Not sure if trolling, or just stupid. If the Goebbels-style lies on the posted screenshot - so audacious it borders on Chutzpah - does not disgust you and you still find it justifiable in any way, shape or form, then you are incurable.
  14. Ross's bar of "hardcore" and "intense" is really low (remember that he even separated the rather tame "Still Life" episode into an age-restricted two-parter), so I think the range of possible games is so huge that there's no point to even try guessing.
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