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  1. This is music for my ears. This is the EXACT content I would like to see as a filler whose purpose is to keep the channel alive while working on The Movie: Takes literally zero effort to produce, because no editing Is something Ross wanted/needed to do anyway Is something Ross enjoys. The cherry on top is that it's also 4. Original 5. Useful.
  2. Quote of the day - 50:00
  3. @Ross Scott Okay, I finally bit the bullet and watched the whole thing. This is what I have to say. 31:50 The reports of reinfection were caused by the fact that the majority of tests used pretty much everywhere (except in a couple of countries who have their own production lines) were counterfeit, and showed almost random results. No amount of statistical research will help if it is based on reading coffee grounds. 53:52 <physics_101> There are two ways to get rid of heat: phase change (melting/vaporization) and heat transfer. In case you don’t want to refill some sort of consumable, you are stuck with heat transfer. Heat transfer (in watts) is proportional to the temperature difference, area of the separation surface between two environments, and the properties of said separation surface. In case one or both environments are liquid or gaseous, another factor is the “refresh rate” of this liquid or gas. Heat transfer (in watts) is fixed (determined by your computer). Properties of the separation surface (i.e. radiator coating) are already as good as they get (it’s the manufacturer’s job). Ergo, in order to minimize the temperature difference (read: CPU temperature), AND/OR minimize the air “refresh rate” (read: fan speed), you have to maximize the area of the separation surface. </physics_101> It’s as simple as that. There are no miracles in life. The only reason why hydraulic cooling exists is purely mechanical impossibility to install huge radiators directly on the heat-emitting elements, which necessitates one or another way of transferring heat from said elements to said huge radiators. Therefore, this phrase is wrong. Not only can you completely get rid of fans by pumping water through huge enough radiator, but you can also achieve good passive cooling without even using water. In November 2016 I sent you a Scythe Ninja3 Rev В radiator, which was more than enough for me to cool my Haswell-E Core i7 CPU with fans staying completely still, i.e. in 100% passive mode. (Did you use it, by the way?). Alas, this is impossible for gaming, because (1) GPUs produce an order of magnitude more heat than CPUs, and (2) it’s mechanically impossible to install anything like the aforementioned Scythe on a GPU. Therefore, water cooling. 55:17 You don’t have to “trust” passive cooling. Nothing stops you from attaching fans to the aforementioned huge radiator, then setting your BIOS in such a way that these fans will be turned off as long as the CPU temperature is sane. Then for 99% of time you’ll get a 99% silent PC (1% of noise is for water pump), and once a year, when you’ll be doing exceptionally heavy rendering on an exceptionally hot summer day, the fans will turn on. 55:25 It’s the polar opposite. The absolute air humidity (water mass divided by air volume) is of no relevance to your well-being. What you (and mold) feel as “humidity” is relative humidity, which is the current absolute air humidity divided by maximum possible absolute air humidity at current temperature. Therefore, humidity goes down when your air heats up. Your computer is making your room drier. 1:21:20 I noticed that when Americans talk about socialism in any (even remotely positive) way, they always ignore that the ultimate goal of USSR was not to [distribute something goods something something natural resources blah blah], but nurturing a new type of human. The one which will spurn wordly blessings and reach for Gnosis. The one which will consider dedicated work for his brethern the culmination of his existence. The whole enormous apparatus of government propaganda was aimed at building an intensely anti-consumerist society, in which taking more than you need would be something disgusting and infinitely disgraceful, like coprophagia. And it almost worked. (The reasons why it didn’t are a topic for a whole separate discussion, but it definitely was in no way impossible). Point is, if you are looking at USSR trying to borrow something good from it, and first things that catch your eye are free medical care and education, free housing, controlled economy, protection of labour etc., then it’s like saying that a book is a great doorstop because it has proper size and weight. Also I must say that reading the chat was almost physically painful. The sheer porridge that people have in their heads made my hair stand on end. 1:30:32 Chinese is one of the easiest languages in the world. It is much easier to learn than English. there are no tenses there are no articles the alphabet is 100% phonetic it has 2 orders of magnitude less phonetic combinations than English words have way more intuitive etymology you can easily become fluent in Chinese without learning a single hieroglyph there are no compound words …and so on. In fact, out of all languages on Earth, English was one of the worst possible candidates for becoming lingua franca, but here we are. (It doesn’t mean I don’t like it, mind you. Also I consider my own language a bad candidate as well). 4:00:00 Cells don’t get “toughened up” as they get older. It’s just that damage to the cell nucleus manifests itself when the cell divides. Therefore, the faster cells divide in a tissue, the more vulnerable this tissue is to radiation. Cells start dividing slower as we grow up. Also, in different tissues the division rate is different, that’s why e.g. mucous membranes are more vulnerable to radiation than bones and nerves. 4:04:12 I have conscientiously listened to this part about a dozen times, but still failed to understand what you meant. This question bothers me too, for 5 or 6 years in fact. It wouldn’t be a problem if you were using a properly working mailbox – I could just patiently wait for an answer, like I usually do. But alas, you use Gmail, and Gmail is infamous for its brain-dead “spam” filtering that randomly and UTTERLY SILENTLY removes random e-mails that its obtuse algorithm doesn’t like. If I were to propose a solution, I’d advise you to make a boilerplate text saying “thank you for your e-mail, I’ve read it, but unfortunately I can’t answer you right now, stay put”, then sending this text as reply to every e-mail you’ve read, every single one, as soon as you read it. Such two-step replies have long since become standard anywhere there is no possibility to guarantee timely reply, from tech support to public authorities.
  4. Scribbles on the wall of a public lavatory are better than any youtube discussion...
  5. As far as I know YouTube accepts *.srt as well...
  6. The #1 problem with current human civilization is that the overwhelming majority of people have utterly unrealistic expectations of scientific and technological progress, almost like in the late XIXth century. The exact cause of this is debatable; in my opinion it’s the recently emerged “science fashion” (by which I mean the trend to subscribe to various “scientific” social network channels, repost poorly written articles from them, and feel above the “intellectual majority” because of that, sincerely believing that those actions increase your education in any way, shape or form). This is the root of all evil. Each and every attempt to raise awareness about one or another impending catastrophe smashes against mindless bleating that “science will solve that somehow”, because 95% of people do not know what the S-shaped curve is and thus completely fail at objectively perceiving the limits of what is realistically achievable. Clench your teeth, make a deep breath, and say out loud: “it is entirely possible that there is no physical possibility for humanity to reach other inhabitable planets”. I understand that after reading/watching/playing a sh*tload of wanky sci-fi where interstellar travel is as easy as “punching it” it’s pleasant to be off in a dream world, musing about the dishes that will be on the menu of the Big Fucking Rocket’s restaurant, but the reality is much more prosy, boring, and cruel. I’m losing the thread here. What are you even trying to say? First, few things are as foolish as trying to apply programming principles to actual real life. It just does not work that way. Second, even in the field of programming, you have to at least understand the actual meaning of the principle that you are trying to apply, which a lot of people fail at. For example, Knuth’s quote is nowadays almost universally perceived as “don’t even turn on your brain before starting to type the code, just write some unusable crap and then rewrite it from scratch, then do it again 10 times, it’s cool, it’s ‘extreme programming’, all the rage now”. Even though this is nothing to do whatsoever with what Knuth originally meant. Well, maybe the whole freaking point of humanity is that we are somewhat more complicated than a bunch of bacteria in a Petri dish, and don’t have to “hit the rock bottom” in order to start reacting? Because we have this thing called “intellect”, that (ostensibly) allows us to see problems coming and avoid them?..
  7. Choosing the tool used for making subtitles is the prerogative of the person who is making these subtitles. Personally, I find the YouTube interface atrocious. I have tried about a dozen of different subtitling programs, and in my opinion nothing even comes close to Aegisub in terms of sheer productivity. YMMV, obviously. So I would advise you to make the subtitles in whatever program you find most convenient, in whatever format you find most convenient, then convert them to *.srt and upload them here (and also to Youtube, just because why not).
  8. Not that I'm complaining, but just out of curiosity: do you not consider stuff like this hate speech? (Again, I'm just curious, nothing more)
  9. It does not cease to amaze me when economists, who are supposed to be good system analysts, often fail so miserably at determining the boundaries of the system. You “conveniently” forgot that the notional West started moving dirty manufacturing in so-called “third world”, including China, soon after WW2. Every microchip, solar cell, or other good that you deem a sign of technological progress and prosperity, came from kilotons of contaminated water and polluted air. It’s just that this crap was emitted in another country far away. All the while USSR did not have any such trash dump. It honestly took all the environmental consequences upon itself, having every dirty plant catering to its needs within its borders, and despite that still was comparable with the West in terms of providing its people with goods. In order for someone to be able to “make a billion-dollar company in his basement”, millions of people on the other end of the world have to bust their asses in sweatshops. And then those very billionaires have the audacity to look down on those sweatshops, which are what makes their “shiny cities on the hill” possible in the first place. Again – I just can’t fathom what one has to have in his head to think that it is possible to not have production of physical goods. I always can’t help but remember Oompa Loompas when I hear people talk about “efficiency” of capitalism and how “cheap” goods are. Looks like Western Europeans thought that their crops are grown and harvested by Oompa Loompas too, except whoops – now that COVID has closed the borders, they SUDDENLY discovered that those Oompa Loompas were actually coming from Eastern Europe, in order to strain themselves for starvation wages. And – surprise, surprise! – now Europe is facing hunger. All those wishful talks about the Invisible Hand of the Market magically making everything work never leave your wet dreams. In real life, in order for capitalism to bring someone prosperity and happiness, it always has to bring ten other people misery. With no exceptions. Everything containing the words “green” or “renewable” in the same sentence with “energy” has been the butt of engineering jokes for decades. For anyone having anything to do with actual real technology (not PowerPoint presentations or 3DSMax cartoons) hearing those words is an immediate sign that they are dealing with a yet another wide-eyed Greenpeace/Elon Musk victim. I really like that you brought up this topic, because then comes this gem: Because socialist governments don’t have to allay the environmental awareness in poorly-educated sheeple by dumping money in still-born projects?.. Again, this goes back to being unable to properly determine the boundaries of the system. Go read about the horrifying amount of toxic crap you have to produce to make one solar cell or lithium battery, then go read about the laughable energy density of said batteries and overall performance characteristics of electric vehicles. It’s as ignorant as to fap to SpaceX, as if it was any kind of a breakthrough which dumb commies could not figure out – while the reality is that the concept of reusable rockets was thoroughly studied both in USSR and China many decades ago, found doubtlessly dead-ended, then buried. I know that it’s an easy target, but I can't help using it. Right now, SARS-CoV-2 tests and FFP3 masks are scarce resources. I would like to hear your thoughts on how good a tool capitalism is in terms of distributing them, considering that Western countries are literally robbing each other, intercepting humanitarian aid shipments from China in front of each other’s nose. I have already wasted more time on this text wall than it’s worth, but this one idea so instantly jumped to my head that I’ll waste some more. Standardized glass bottles. There were but a handful of bottle sizes in USSR. All manufacturing, cleaning, and refilling equipment was identical across the whole gargantuan country. Every shop eagerly accepted empty bottles, giving a hefty discount for the full one in return. The result? Near zero glass waste. Now go talk to your acquainted waste processing specialist and ask him if anything like that is possible nowadays, then watch him wince as he imagines scores and scores of completely incompatible bottle, jar and can sizes, the only way to process whom is to shred them to dust.
  10. Turns out that this episode was already subtitled by another guy, "Dimedrol98", who created the subtitles directly through the Youtube interface (I don't even know if he has an account here). This is exactly what I was afraid of: duplication of work caused by lack of communication. I scrutinized his subtitles and decided to upload Rigel's version instead, because in my opinion it is objectively better. I made a backup copy of Dimedrol's version before overwriting it, just so that his work won't be lost: messiah_rus_Dimedrol98.sbv.zip
  11. I accidentally stumbled upon a dubbed (!) Russian version of the Messiah episode, made by some guy going by the nickname "Rigel". The voice and literary style are matters of anyone's preference, but the translation fidelity is pretty much impeccable. I decided to just type it out, although I did fix a couple of phrases. ross_s_game_dungeon_messiah_rus.srt
  12. I just checked the video on Youtube, and lo and behold, it is subtitled! Glad I didn't just start working on subs, only to find out many hours later that the job is already done. I did my best to find who the author is, but I don't seem to be able to do it. Please show thyself, our hero! Ross's Game Dungeon - Phantasmagoria 2-YTuB5Bgc4I0.en.vtt.zip
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