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  1. Do you realize that it was used in the most correct way possible? I.e., to describe the actual medical condition?
  2. @ThatOneDraffan Here you go. I have no f*cking clue how long it takes for DHT to catch up so prepare to wait. rgd_thecrew.mkv.torrent
  3. Okay, four months have passed and NOW we actually DO have confirmed reinfection cases: https://bnonews.com/index.php/2020/08/covid-19-reinfection-tracker/ It still is in no way a reason to panic though, because: There are over thirty million confirmed infections at the time of this writing, and just a dozen of confirmed reinfections. Statistically this is literally nothing. The reason why these reinfections occurred is that there are three clades of COVID-19 ("Asian", "European" and "American"). The aforementioned dozen of people thought that they are "invincible" after surviving Covid, so they went traveling around the globe and contacted another clade (compared to what they had immunity from). So, unless you are traveling around the globe, your chances to get reinfected are even lower than 1 out of 3,000,000. All these reinfections proceeded in extremely light forms and in some cases were discovered by pure accident, because the reinfected people didn't even know that they are reinfected (and it makes sense, considering that the immunity acquired from the first infection didn't go anywhere). So, you can still rest easy on this front (so far).
  4. I know that microscopic creatures have all kinds of weird mechanical systems (even insects can have freaking gears in their legs). That's why I specifically mentioned "mammals".
  5. No need for that, I have the file. The only thing I need is an announce URL. The torrents you linked have no such URL; does that mean you just used DHT to seed them?
  6. Uh... I'm pretty sure no mammal on Earth has joints that allow things like this: out.mp4
  7. @Ross Scott this was one of (very few) videos I've ever seen that made me literally put it on pause to stop laughing. A couple times I laughed so hard that my diaphragm went into spasm and scared me that I won't be able to breathe. It doesn't matter how long these videos take to make if they will continue to shine decades later. Game: "Just barely good enough". Ross: [Nyet 3 scream]
  8. ...and they managed to achieve the polarly opposite effect, considering how uninterested Sonic is in her P.S. also I really like your screen name
  9. Now THIS is a Ross's fan. Welcome to the club, my autistic brother.
  10. You can often find interesting timestamps in YT comments. E.g. here is one a bit more risquée: 3:21:30
  11. Some highlights: 38:00 “I like the idea of living” 40:00 giant list of music bands 53:00 “Now I have a closet” 2:58:30 When Linux people say that something is a pain in the ass to do in Linux
  12. Ross unlists old chat videos to prevent them from cluttering the channel.
  13. 6/10 the YouTube preview is not psychotic enough, can't recommend
  14. They are literally called “monthly chats with FANS”. If you find them “boring”, then the question is, what are you doing on this website.
  15. If something is happening continuously, it by definition becomes the norm, and thus not worthy of being mentioned. Most people who form your fanbase have been operating on Ross Time for more than a decade.
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