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  1. As I said before, Ross is a human quote generator.
  2. So many people pointed that out that Ross even had to talk about that in the next videochat
  3. > worrying about social etiquette at reddit
  4. Sometimes Ross glances over the questions ahead of time to prepare, but usually he is too busy for that and instead reads them for the first time during the stream
  5. I'm amazed that Ross played (and loved) this game, while Ori and the Blind Forest (as well as Ori and the Will of the Wisps, for that matter) aren't even on the list. I played Ori first, and Hollow Knight felt painfully mediocre in comparison.
  6. @Ross Scott Oh, I almost forgot. I seem to be one of quite many people who think that RGD awards were an important part of the show, and also that the fact that they (sometimes) repeat is perfectly fine - it slowly builds a "metalanguage" of the show, allowing you to quickly convey your thoughts in a concise and poignant way.
  7. 2:15:30 For someone with a degree in psychology, Ross’s faith in humanity is almost cute. For the vast majority of people, things like slow Internet connection in their apartment are infinitely more important than some catastrophe in the other end of the country. People would choose to rather repair the potholes in their roads than to replace lead pipes in another community without batting an eyelid, and would feel utterly righteous about that too. “Are you saying we should pay for those [insert pejorative here] who can’t take care of themselves, you dirty communist?”.
  8. Most important quote of the stream: not-enough.mp4
  9. Every time Ross describes his dreams I get jealous, most of the time I sleep without any at all.
  10. In the game, you press the button at 10:20, then jump on the glider through the opened hatch using some logs which you can see at 10:26 as a ramp (which Freeman would never ever do), then drive straight to the pier at 15:50 and walk into the airlock. The door in the chain link fence at 10:40, as well as everything between it and the aforementioned pier, does not exist.
  11. You can't be serious. The history of this quote is literally the first web search result: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=rent+free+in+your+mind
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