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  1. It would, as long as there's no impact on what and how Ross plays. The only difference would be to launch OBS before launching the game.
  2. It's a pity that you didn't stream the games that you played during your vacation. I know that it sounds weird and I might be a minority, but I enjoy your streams about as much as your other content.
  3. I look at the screenshot and I instantly understand why Ross got interested.
  4. Файл в UTF-8. Судя по кракозябрам, плеер пытается читать его как WIN-1251. Подобные косяки были позором ещё лет 15 назад. Пора мигрировать на нормальный плеер.
  5. Oh God, it's like the response to the GaaS video all over again.
  6. This video is a perfect example of why I'm in Ross's fanbase. I don't care whatsoever about the topic itself, but watching Ross's eyes burning with passion just energizes me in a certain way. Seeing someone so zealous - no matter about what - kinda awakens me from slumber and motivates me to pull my own shit together. I'm sure there is a specific term in psychology for that. (It's also exactly the reason why I'm not crazy about FM. It just doesn't have that... vibe I was talking about).
  7. It’s not even about mental health. Over the past years Ross fell victim to the common misconception that you should work harder to accomplish more, which is incorrect. It’s counter-intuitive, but having a proper rest at regular intervals increases your overall productivity (averaged over long period of time), because the skyrocketed performance overcompensates the time spent on vacations. I’m extremely glad Ross finally decided to refresh himself and I’m sure that it will have nothing but positive effect on his content. If following Ross for 13 years taught me something about him, it’s that he will never, ever abandon his plans. The movie might be delayed for as long as needed, but it will be done.
  8. I'm kinda lost here, I thought he wanted to make an ark?..
  9. Oh my God is this a masterpiece. Although I'm ashamed to admit that I don't recognize the guy in a ball cap standing in front of the entrance.
  10. I can confirm. Due to certain circumstances, the TMNT comics were the first (and for many years the only) introduction to this franchise that I ever had. And because back then my parents weren't fully understanding what comic books are, they just thought all comics are for kids (the cover is colorful, has some bipedal animals, so it's obvious, right) and it's OK to buy some of them for ~8 years old me without even checking what's inside. Needless to say, the rather hardcore violence and body horror left some scars on my psyche. I guess I should thank the TMNT comics for partially making me who I am, the same way Ross is thankful to Spiderbot.
  11. Well, the game series was itself aborted and incomplete, so I think reviewing it this way was fitting I remember getting this game on the same pirate DVD with Half-Life 2: Episode One. Since I never played the original SiN, it looked kinda drab to me and I stopped playing after maybe an hour. (It didn't help that I played it right after finishing HL2EP1, so my subconscious mind kept telling me that I'm playing a mediocre HL2 mod). But you know what? I liked the menu theme so much that I ripped it into my MP3 player (and because back in 2006 I had no idea how to hack the resource files, I connected the line output of my MB to its own line input and recorded it that way, just because I loved it that much). And now I find out that this song - literally the only thing that stuck with me out of this whole game - was almost removed by the managers.
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