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  1. Seems like Ross doesn't like to read in-game text aloud, so streaming Disco Elysium would be 99% dead air.
  2. @Ross Scott It's old news, but I thought you might like this one: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7950263/Woman-dressed-Minnie-Mouse-caught-cellphone-footage-viciously-beating-security-guard.html
  3. I don't care about Freedom™, I just want a properly functioning OS. For example, Sailfish OS (that I have been using for the past 8 years) is closed source, so it's "not at all what Stallman envisioned" either. But it has root and SSH out of the box, it's completely native (no Java or other managed code crap) so it's an order of magnitude faster and more energy effective, it has 100% multitasking support, etc. This is what proper Linux looks like.
  4. I find it hilarious that you mentioned Android, because it's a perfect example of what I said. It's not Linux, it's its withered husk serving Google.
  5. I fully agree. There is a reason why universities require you to pass an exam to enter them, and this reason is called "signal to noise ratio". For every open source project that tried to become more "user-oriented" (which is a euphemism for "dumbed down"), it was the beginning of an end.
  6. I like how in this video both you and Freeman had problems with an engine. Haha... ha... Excuse me while I go kill myself in a corner
  7. Do you happen to have a degree in literature?
  8. I second this, please bring awards back Ross.
  9. I'm missing the reference... Usually I check the credits as a hint, but this time Ross did not include the timestamps there
  10. As I said before, Ross is a human quote generator.
  11. So many people pointed that out that Ross even had to talk about that in the next videochat
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