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  1. Adding to the "secret genius" list. I skimmed through a letsplay, and apparently when you find the stolen morphine, the baddies (portrayed as if they were junkies seeking a fix) are rummaging through the crate frustratedly muttering "where the hell are the antivirals?!". Wow.
  2. ...getting back to the topic of NFTs
  3. Is there any update on this? The last uploaded subtitle (not counting your own) was more than 9 months ago.
  4. Agree on the former, disagree on the latter. Viruses don't, in fact, evolve to become more deadly; but they do evolve to become more contagious, and simple math shows that a virus twice as contagious will lead to massively more deaths than a virus twice as deadly. Not in relative percentages, but in absolute numbers. And this is exactly where SARS-CoV-2 is moving, Omicron and all.
  5. На это Рождество Росса активировали. ross_s_game_dungeon_the_division_rus.srt
  6. Just a random picture that I stumbled upon. Stay strong, Ross.
  7. Happy 39th birthday, Ross. It's a bummer you didn't do a birthday stream today, I still remember how good the Supreme Commander stream was.
  8. LOL, I've only just noticed the mistletoe on the thumbnail. Yeah, merry Christmas.
  9. One good thing about this game is that 99% of its value is the environment, and I don't think it's locked at the server side. So that one day someone would make the game work with only the local files, and this crippled version without enemies/progression/plot/etc will still be 99% as enjoyable as the original game.
  10. Well hello there, Mario Nelson. It's been a long time, glad you're holding up well.
  11. Rub it in, would you. A LOT of people (including me) were begging Ross to do an episode on VtMB, and at one point he said he probably will. Then came VtMB2 hype, and this idea was dropped - probably because the episode would drown in other WoD-related videos. Then a few more years passed, VtMB2 turned out to be vaporware, everyone has already forgotten it, and we are still left without a RGD on the first part.
  12. Росс накушался Марса, пока у него рот не перестал закрываться. ross_s_game_dungeon_martian_gothic_unification_rus.srt
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