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  1. Don't you touch that movie, it was awesome.
  2. I wish you were aware from what stray matter Springs poetry to prosper without shame, Like dandelions which the children scatter, Or pigweed of the lowly name.
  3. I dunno, so far the airboat section seems about twice as slow as in the actual game. My guess is that Freeman is just a cautious driver. So I figure we'll see him driving the buggy like a defensive grandma as well.
  4. 1:26:20 LOL. Ross managed to stumble upon a furry convent in Poland
  5. TFW I pretty much didn't go out of my house anyway, even before this whole pandemic started. Being a perpetual recluse comes in handy.
  6. I have typed out the text for the Veil of Darkness episode. I will now try to find some software for making *.srt subtitles and learn how to use it. If anyone decides to not wait for me and do it by himself, or maybe start typing out one of the other two episodes, please drop me a message so that we won't do the same job twice. I have marked the problematic parts in the file. Those should probably be listened to, and discerned, by an anglophone. Most severe are: 15:41: Let’s make like a tree (???), and get out of here... 30:04: We also got a tip about a witch (hut|down???) at the crossroads... 30:39: ...except she is having a fude (???) with the dead guy... 51:40: ...this becomes quite awkward, because the deck ants (???) keep on working... veil.zip
  7. I would be happy to try and make the subtitles, if only I had confidence that my work will be at least utilized (if not appreciated). In the past I have already responded to such request (made by Ross himself) - back then he asked to make timestamps for his chats. It took me... quite some time to do this, and in the end my work was not used in any way whatsoever. Ross didn't even acknowledge that someone has fulfilled his own request, let alone utilize it (the original idea was that it will allow him to avoid answering the "Y U in Poland?" questions for gazillionth time). Your forum signature has a link to a Google drive with hundreds of subtitles. My estimate is that more than half of them are still not added to the corresponding Youtube videos, despite having been made years ago. Please understand that treating people's work like this is somewhat of a morale killer.
  8. Personally, I think starting FM2 was one of the worst Ross's decisions connected to creation of Youtube content. He endured a six-years-long slog, then he did a completely excruciating nine-months-long marathon, and that was it! He finally got rid of that yoke! He was finally free to focus on the videos he was yearning to do all this time! And instead, he had put this burden back on his shoulders, for the sake of a crowd of people who couldn't care less about him and don't even know about this very website. (I am willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of people who make PayPal donations are not crazy about FM2 at all).
  9. It's painfully obvious that Freeman's Mind is Ross's red-headed stepchild. He had said on several occasions that he only does it because he considers himself obliged to. To me, even the freaking Lecarde streams were head and shoulders more enjoyable to watch, because Ross's genuine interest and investment in them were apparent.
  10. This is absolutely awesome. Watching Ross play Serious Sam will be the best New Year present, forget free games. P.S. Ross's original plan was to beat the last level of SS:SE with one life, period. The "on serious difficulty" part actually came from me, when I misunderstood him and started to unwillingly spread misinformation among the other fans (a-la "Ross only covers old DOS games" from CarnEvil episode)
  11. As a rightful consumer of your content interested in its long-term continuous inflow, I hereby strongly encourage you to stop working and take a well-earned rest until you are fully healed. Few things are as foolish as continuing to grind yourself down when you are sick.
  12. I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee I as well used to think that ASRock is a great combination of low price, good peripheral functionality and feature-rich BIOS, but their motherboards fail me so reliably that it crosses any and all boundaries of statistical uncertainty. I had to deal with five (all different models), and not a single one of them worked for more than a couple years. Last two of them failed one month after the warranty ran out. I swear, there are some engineering geniuses working at ASRock's Planned Obsolescence Department.
  13. Okay, I admit that I do agree with you here. (Also I like how this instantly reminded me of your previous pearl about post-2004 games).
  14. Superiority complex is when someone considers himself superior. This does not apply to me in any way, shape or form. Au contraire, I consider myself a painfully plain and average person in pretty much every aspect. This is the very reason why I find all those "LInux is for geeks" bullshit ridiculous.
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