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  1. ScumCoder


    Happy birthday, Ross. It's a pity you couldn't do a stream today :-(
  2. ScumCoder

    Videochat December 2018

    And the funniest thing is, almost all Ross's chats have these spooky thumbnails, like he is trying to steal my soul
  3. ScumCoder

    Videochat September 2018

    Speaking of which, Presence, why did you remove your avatar? I thought it was kinda cute
  4. ScumCoder

    Videochat September 2018

    What?.. Where did that even come from?
  5. ScumCoder


    Wow. I was just refreshing the AF website man page as usual, and saw this post without the comments link at the end, because Ross didn't have time to make a corresponding forum post yet. I don't think I have ever been this early to a new video upload. Given how much of this episode did you have to redo, this is probably the most pained and laboured episode so far. Let's check: Recorded video footage, had to scrap it and record once again; lost about two days of work Recorded voiceover audio, had to scrap it and record once again; lost God knows how much time (at least several days) Had to do all this being cooped up in a cramped room surrounded by wet clothes hanging around Mildew infestation And to top it off, the game is freaking painful. People often compare you to Jesus, and for a good reason. You suffer so that others won't have to. On a side note, I can't help but find this game very reminiscent of The Chosen. Ah, the romantic appeal of Slavclunk...
  6. ScumCoder

    Audio Recording Crisis

    Man, between this and this is probably the most rage-inducing episode so far. I don't know about you, but re-doing something I have already done is THE worst possible thing for me. If I were you I think I would have become utterly depressed and just ditched everything, went on to work on something else.
  7. ScumCoder

    Audio Recording Crisis

    I had exactly the same problem with my sound amplifier, and it turned out to be the volume regulator. I ended up disassembling the amplifier, and just f*cking soldering the regulator contacts together to short-circuit them, and then just using the software volume slider to regulate volume.
  8. ScumCoder


    Thank you so much man.
  9. ScumCoder

    Videochat July 2018

    Oh COME on Ross! A lot of people (including me) were telling you this for YEARS!
  10. ScumCoder

    The Crew Extra Videos

    Whoa, that seems like a HUGE downgrade. I'm not sure if fixing any and all disadvantages of the current website (which I fail to see, but that's just me) are worth losing such a crucial function.
  11. ScumCoder

    The Crew Extra Videos

    Wow, that was an awesome analysis. Kudos dude.
  12. ScumCoder


    Lack of critique is only bad when it leads to star sickness, which is not your case (so far). In programming they say "do not fix what is not broken", and the same applies to criticizing creators. Your worldview happens to coincide with mine on 99%, so *I* want you to continue doing things exactly in the same way as you did during last 11 years. This is just my opinion as a fan, one of many thousands. But here is the thing: there are so many content creators today, that if you don't quite like someone, you should just go watch someone else instead of trying to cram this certain creator into the Procrustean bed of your own tastes.
  13. ScumCoder


    You are talking to a person who considers himself a "game critic", despite not having played one of the most famous and praised games in gaming history, AND also considers normal to utter his views ex cathedra about a game he never even played. Turning my armchair psychologist mode on, I'd say it's not a case of trolling, but a simple delusion of grandeur. Gotta respect the Hanlon's razor.
  14. ScumCoder


    That's... kind of bullshit, sorry. Ross explicitly said that neither flamboyant clothing, nor anime undertones are "bad". They just do not belong to a Deus Ex prequel. Hell, he even dedicated one of the show's awards to the fact that this game is actually really good, if it is considered outside the context of the Deus Ex universe. As for the politics, they didn't "align" badly with someone's taste. They were just objectively poorly done.

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