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  1. The only thing you need to be weary of, is that most downloads aren't verified. I'm talking about viruses but more so the game itself. I've gotten .isos of there where the dude also copied his save over. One game was modded. One was in Russian. Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes those downloads suck.
  2. I second LGR and Red Letter Media. Both amazing channels for their own reasons. I have a channel CD-ROM Fossil but I'm basically the Dollar Tree version of LGR lol If you like watching full playthroughs then Vinesauce Joel and Vinny are two great guys to watch. They stream on Twitch then release the full things on YouTube If you like the idea of video essays, highly recommend Noah Caldwell-Gervais. He has some long long videos with him over analyzing games. Another movie channel that's decent is Elvis The Alien. I'll throuh Fanboy Flicks in the mix too. YouTube tells me I watch 14hrs a day so....if you want me to fire off more I can....cause I watch an ungodly amount lol. But there are some I just tolerate because they cover stuff no one else does, so they might not be as appealing. An example is Stop Skeletons From Fighting or Matt Muscles
  3. Oh yeah? It just continues to show that Deus Ex gets all the attention for something other titles have done. Still an amazing game! I just wish we didn't give it all the credit lol
  4. So I see this all the time and I think people are too focused on the blanket statements of Deus Ex. Deus Ex's story is written with history in mind. The events that happen in the game are relatively surface. Like if you look at historical trends it is easy to predict the future in the same way Deus Ex does. Plagues happen all the time. Advancement of technology means more ways to track and restrict citizens. Deus Ex is not a unique prophet, just one that got popular. Through the years of collection retro PC games, there are a plethora of dystopia future games that "predict" the state we are in. Saying that we have the biggest protest or plague is not something Deus Ex got out of thin air. As population increases...anything becomes "the biggest in history." I think the only real "predictions" Deus Ex made that no one saw coming is the corporation take over. Monopolies exist and they continue to grow. The top 1% has majority of the money. Medicine (at least in the US) is only for those who can afford it. Who knew that Disney was our Orwellian overlords? I'm not saying Deus Ex is wrong or it isn't making predictions. I'm just sick of everyone acting like they saw the unseen. Like they saw into the future. Even the game itself recites facts that were gathered in the 90s when the game was being developed. History repeats itself is a saying for a reason. If you look at history you can kinda guess the future. The developers were great at taking contemporary evidence, conspiracy and creating a giant empty referent. The devs were smart. But like George Orwell, it's all very surface and open to interpretation.
  5. I know the original Black Ops had Mac support but that's probably it in terms of recency. However there are some classic games that had Mac releases. The Dig, Stubbs the Zombie, Age of Empires II, The Movies and a few more. But these days I haven't kept up with Mac gaming. Only reason I know those games is because they are in my collection. Physical Mac games are few and far in-between so I collect them if them are cheap.
  6. I have three that come to mind. 1: This is ganna sound kinda lame but SWAT 3. The voice acting and sound alone makes it one of my favorite games of all time. However, the missions is what makes it cool. It's all believable stuff (for the most part) and avoids the doomsday type scenarios like Tom Clancy games. A memorable mission is responding to a home invasion where you rescue children. Before each mission you get a briefing that sounds like a real life law enforcement briefing. I love this game so much. Coolest shooter for sure. 2. Wing Commander 3. The best FMV acting and amazing flight. Super rewarding game. It's hard to put into words why this game is the coolest flight game out there. If it wasn't for the FMV...I'd put Elite plus here. Both are some of the coolest space combat games out there. 3. Sim Ant...a crazy idea that's crazy fun. Man I miss the old days of Maxis. But anyway this wins coolest idea that actually turned out well. I honestly could get going but those are my top 3 or so. Coolest games I've ever played.
  7. So, I have a YouTube channel and website. Both are my username. That's not really super the point but...explains why I am here. I got Surface Tension from my mom. She finds me interesting games to add to my collection. I have a few thousand physical computer games. After I get back home from my folks' place, I Google the game...and nothing. A Gamespot review, a Moby Games page but nothing really concrete. Also, no gameplay videos on YouTube besides a really compressed trailer. Thankfully the WayBackMachine archived the publisher's website so we got some info like original retail price. During my research I was brought here. I see the poster only has 1 post and hasn't visited the site since then but, if you come back I am here to say that there is finally gameplay on YouTube! I don't like advertising my own content on another creator's website so...this is mainly a celebration that another game has escaped the void. The...never to be seen again void. Even though I'm small, I am still glad the video is there so if someone for some reason searches the game up they'll find some content...no matter how amateurish the content lol. Anyway that being said I low key wouldn't mind if Ross covered it...for one reason...he is a trooper. When I don't like a game I can not finish it. If I don't enjoy it, I'm going to stop. However, Ross has beaten some horrible games. Since I am a wimpy crybaby (lol) I didn't even get past level 1. My boy Ross? He may get a little further! We may even see the end which I think only a handful of people have actually seen! Anyway sorry for resurrecting an old post. I read the forum rules because I made an account because of this one post (I hope to stick around and talk more). I didn't see anything about bumping old posts. If I broke a rule, moderators I apologize! Alright, I'm off to go cover more obscure games...or maybe popular ones...who knows!
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