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  1. Yeah, when I saw the AGS website front page, I knew the engine wasn't at fault for the art. Tried to swerve at the end of the post, but didn't do a good job of it. I was just surprised games made by different people could have a similar look to them.
  2. Having seen all of Yahtzee Croshaw's games made in the same engine this one was, makes me realize that all games made with this engine have a similar look to them. Pretty sure that Garfield game Brutalmoose made a video one was made in the same engine, and even it kinda has a similar look to this one. Maybe it's whatever art program that comes with the engine or the resolution the engine requires. And to clarify, I'm talking about the Adventure Game Studio engine, or AGS. https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/ It could also just be that all the examples I've seen are at a similar level of artistic skill so that's just the end result when you pair that with the engine. P.S. Considering the bad ending to the game, maybe the message is "Do all of Santa's work for him, or else he'll be pissed off and screw you over as retribution."
  3. I originally was thinking about making this part of my potential post on the Sonic Heroes forum, but I think I'll do this here because it's really only relevant here. So since Ross Scott was comparing the Sonic Generations Classic Sonic remix of Crisis City's song to the original (1:27:12 - 1:28:58), I thought I'd share a fun fact: the person who did the remixes of Crisis City in Generations including Classic Sonic's, was the same person who composed the original Crisis City song. And this is from 06's Soundtrack: Here are the links to the web pages on these albums: 06 (referred to as plain "Sonic the Hedgehog"): https://vgmdb.net/album/4227 Generations: https://vgmdb.net/album/29979 ....Yeah, there's no way this doesn't feel like an attempted "Gotcha!", huh? *sigh* Well, all the better to do it here and never mention it again.
  4. The song from Sonic Adventure Ross was humming during the question about a song where he liked a saxaphone is Blue Star from the Casinopolis stage. It plays during the Slots Pinball part of the stage. I think he talked about it around the 2:40:00, 2:50:00 mark. It's probably a really bad sign that I can recognize the song from strangled half-remembered humming, but I already know I'm kinda nuts, so *shrug*. I'm only like 95% sure anyway. So, never would I have ever really guess SADX on Game Dungeon would actually happen. I mean, I acknowledged it as possible, but I love that game so much that my thought process was "no way I could ever be that lucky." One other thing: Ross mentioned how he was working on getting some people to collect the YouTube comments of game developers who responded to his Game Dungeon videos since YouTube comments is currently like the Necronomicon. ...Well, I actually already started collecting them, for the express purpose of making a forum post to show Ross Scott and a lot of other people who also don't venture into the YouTube comments. The only problem is that project is currently stalled and I am really busy with something else right as I type this (that's also SADX related, funnily enough). I went through all the videos in release order and got as far as Realms of the Haunting before starting the hiatus. I also didn't focus so much on collecting the entire threads from the comments so much as getting the actual things that the devs said and other comments I found interesting in and out of the thread, so maybe it isn't as complete as Ross may want. But, since I am busy ATM and if it can't wait, I could share what I already gathered with the people Ross is commissioning for that. I also grabbed screenshots which contain even more comments just for proof that yes, these comments exist, so there's the potential for even more stuff.
  5. The music at around 34:30 sounds similar to Pennywise's theme from the 90s It miniseries to me. SPOILER The scene where Stan committed suicide has a good quick example of it:
  6. Adding to that, you know how Ross wanted anyone inclined to do a remix of the opening credits song? Well, that kinda happened. Yeah, David Murray aka The 8-Bit Guy did a cover of the track when demonstrating a multi-track recorder. The construction of the song starts around the 3 minute mark, and the full mix starts at the 6 minute mark. It's incomplete, very rough, probably not what Ross had in mind, and it's a slowed down version to boot, but hey, what a coincidence right? More interestingly, he still has the AdLib JukeBox floppy disk that contains the original song, that reveals that the song is called "Marvel-T" and it was on version 1.5 of the program... except when he showed the disk running it said version 1.6 on boot-up. No image of the disk online, as far as I know, has that song, and they're version 1.6 or greater. Apparently other versions of the JukeBox had classical music remixes as well, which does raise the question on how much work Stephen Goth really did, but his version of Funeral March of a Marionette sounds different at least if this page is anything to go by, so who knows. Maybe if anyone's inclined, they can ask Murray for a disk image of that floppy and release it, since it doesn't seem to exist elsewhere.
  7. After I finished watching the Game Dungeon episode on Phantasmagoria 2 and it won the award "Coolest Game I've Played", a thought that keeps cropping up in my head even long afterward is: What IS the coolest game I've played? And what would others say is their coolest game? I know it isn't Phantasmagoria 2. I can completely see why others would see it as cool, but it doesn't do it for me. So what is the Coolest Game to me? When I tried to identify what is the Coolest Game I've Played, the problem I ran into is I think that most of the games that I really enjoy are cool and/or awesome in some way. Sonic, Sam & Max, Doom, Psychonauts, Resident Evil 2 (1998), Devil May Cry, Pac-Man: Adventure in Time, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Spy Fox, Mischief Makers, Viewtiful Joe... it's hard to narrow it down. I was initially going to go back to my childhood in what I considered really cool, which was going to be either Sonic Adventure or Psychonauts. But today, while my love for those games burns ever brighter, I wouldn't say they're the "coolest games" to me today. They're still cool, but I think I can go even cooler. And so, with some thought, I think I've decided the Coolest Game I've Ever Played is Shenmue 1. I'm not quite sure why, but I think it's simply due to the game basically fulfilling my ultimate fantasy: being a badass teenaged martial artist wandering around Japan on a epic quest. And all of its fine, insane level of details, while perhaps not making it the most perfect simulation of the real world in 2020, draw me into its world like nothing else and fully immerses me in the role of Ryo Hazuki. It's a life simulator where you play the role of a martial artist, but it's even better than real life, because every location has a music theme, there's colorful characters wherever you go, and there's wrong alleys and shops to go into filled with excitement, ruffians, and sailors. My town doesn't have those things, it just has Walgreens. And this game has bar fights, martial arts, having to tangle with the seedy underbelly, Chinese mafia, Space Harrier, magical mirrors, all sorts of Japanese and Chinese culture and folklore, cats, soda, and having to unravel the dark secrets of your family as the situation grows far beyond a simple drive for revenge. So I guess I am just be a massive weeaboo after all. Just a shame my copy of Shenmue 1 had a damaged 3rd disc while appearing fine on the outside, always freezes sometime into the game, and the replacement disc I bought on eBay ended up being cracked in shipment. Anyway, if anyone would like to share their Coolest Game They've Played, I'd be interested in what you choose. You'll probably make it a lot briefer than I did. I think this would just be a fun topic, so please share.
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