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  1. Well, I'm done with this thread seeing as how this is either new age "trolling" or complete stupidity that can't seem to complete an internet search.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mirror_(2017_video_game) Kinda of a neat thing since it might be a bit different from the original game. From the little bit I read in the wiki article it sounds like it's supposed to be the Game Dungeon version but updated. I read the main character's name as David Gordom, and I recall the other game's main character as "Samuel Gordon". I didn't read much because if this really is a remaster and they changed it a bit, I might get to experience something similar to the Game Dungeon episode without spoilers. Keep kickin' ass on those Game Dungeons, Ross! The last few did feel like playthroughs more than anything else. I'm still on board though!
  3. You know, both of you claim to have studied computer science, but y'all seem to be unaware of well known technologies to make this work. Again, not going to say anything here until I see some substance related to what I'm talking about, as I only wanted people who knew about this to respond or for the unwitting to reveal their absence of knowledge. I too, am a computer science major, but I think I'm a little more obsessed with it than most, but I don't think what I'm getting at here is obscure. Who knows though, I'm not knockin' you guys for that since not everyone walks the same path. Do some research, and we can talk more.
  4. What @Im_IRS said after your post about sums up my response; i.e. you're off base. Why did you comment if you don't know the topic I'm discussing? I can tell you didn't even try to look it up because no one anywhere is talking about microchips being used for mind control. That's science fiction, not real life.
  5. Speaking of scale/logistics, if you respond to my PM from a long time ago, I think I've got a situation I'd like to ask someone who understands scale/logistics. Anyways, I'm not sure what you think I'm saying, but if you're saying to implant each person in America with one of Bill Gates' patented personal ID chips - that is definitely NOT too big a scale, and I'd love to hear how you think it is given that the world can produce several CPUs/GPUs per person for each electronic device they own. I personally have 5 laptops, 3 of them equipped with high end hardware, 2 tablets, 7 smartphones, 2 dumbphones, 110TB of data storage, 2 extra monitors, a server, 2 routers, 8 security cameras with 2 hubs. Are you telling me that there isn't enough capacity at these chip manufacturing plants to supply an entire nation with small chips that cost almost nothing in short order - and certainly long order? I disagree if that's what you're saying. There could be a chip for every human produced faster than they could be administered. And if you want to talk logistics, the propaganda is clearly sophisticated enough to trick the entire globe into fearing the damn flu - so getting the requires 80% compliance to force the remaining 20% into doing ANYTHNG they want to do to them is already known to be possible, especially in an era with an absence of religion and people are easily fed a fantasy of a Science™ God (this BULLSHIT where people are worshiping science is beyond fucking retarded, and saying one worships Science™ does NOT make them intellectual. We very clearly live in an age of flagrant pseudo-intellectualism and suppression of science...fuckin' bar whores thinking they're intellectuals because they hate on men and declare love for the government while drunk after getting their welfare checks..., but I digress). They're already priming people to think they need a damn vaccine to travel... and you *will* be asked "Papers, please?" to verify you purchase Billionaire Bill's vaccine product - this is communist chinese nonsense. Vaccines were *always* meant to protect *you* from the wild - not stop you from spreading a disease (nothing would ever work this way, and I have no idea how the entire western world got hoodwinked before I even saw what happened - we explicitly learned how vaccines worked in the 90s and 00s, well before it was politicized and billionaires lobbied to have the government require everyone to buy their product). People WILL take that motherfucking vaccine, especially the more of a cuck one is. I encourage the sheep to jump first into that line so we may thin out the bad genetics. I didn't read this bit before I posted what I said above. This sentence clearly demonstrates you have no information about the topic you're commenting on. Do research and come back. I understand what you're saying, and it makes sense - just not in this context. What you're saying is something that actually calls for tin foil to disrupt a signal. Trying to be too literal, perhaps? Again, I well understand the entire concept of the whole "something is too big to be a secret" idea. That isn't what's happening with the microchipping topic. Do research, come back, then comment.
  6. Wow. You speak with such authority, and you clearly haven't been paying attention. There are mainstream uses of these microchips. Again, it's not a secret, it's not a conspiracy (that is to say a "hidden agenda" as opposed to the erroneous popular usage of the word meaning "false story"), it's already been used for a long time in the medical field first and foremost. >crackpot I purposely didn't cite sources to tease out just how uninformed responses would be. You don't count anymore since I said all this, but let's see what others have to say. >will generate so much entropy it will be impossible to hide it. That's so deep.
  7. On the vaccine topic, it's been possible to implant very small chips inside people, power them using biochemical energy and read the data their gathering with a wireless signal, like wifi, since at least 2012, and this is not a secret, or at least, it isn't meant to be hidden information. There was a wifi chip already in use that someone could swallow, and it would send back information about the user's health. And there is no reason a company, from a game theory standpoint, isn't going to capture any extra data they can get, and put it to use milking people for their life energies in one way or another. In addition to this, Bill Gates has taken center stage as spokesman for the plandemic and has managed to completely dodge all questioning about his numerous visits to Israeli pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island where the largest and most intense child sex trafficking ring in the history of the world was centered, all while pushing for microchipping humans with a PATENTED tattoo style system. This is not a secret, this is not a conspiracy, and it's already underway. The propaganda machine has already started the narrative that people will be completely disqualified and all other narratives to soften up people, as these corporations, that are one with the state, have used many times before. And if anyone here knows about software development roll outs, it's the exact same system used to test new software - except the programming being done here is on the human mind, and this is nothing new. Part of the reason these 1984 style attacks on the American public by the state/corps is because of deglobalization and the CIA coming home with nothing else to do. So the CIA is applying their thinking, in hopes to keep their jobs, to the American public. It's the reason behind the corruption of the word "terrorist" to mean "any violent act"; they're playing on the political activist commoners' wishes to destroy their enemies in hopes the government will start drone striking their enemies' houses. That's not going to happen, but it doesn't stop frothing-at-the-mouth political activists from hoping for it. The mask wearing is a compliance test and nothing more. Studies, before the politicization of illness, clearly indicate that masks are ineffective against preventing contraction and spreading of diseases, and it even says on the box that the mask does not mitigate covid 19 whatsoever (I'm not interested in responses trying to convince me otherwise, I even went to my local hospital and asked them to inject me with the virus so i could prove to everyone i know that it wasn't deadly - and i don't know anyone who knows anyone who's gotten this virus (inb4 cvoid is cunspearacy_)) Everyone seems to love it when there's an Asian source for information on a topic and that alone persuades them, so here's that. The Japs even say they don't believe it prevents disease contraction or spreading, rather, it's to do what everyone else is doing, which is definitely something women are more susceptible to than men, i.e. social conformity, and this observation can plainly be seen in USA. In my personal experience women were trying to say they were doing it because of how Smart™ they were to understand Science™ and also the !!!LAW!!! said they had to, rather than social conformity, but human behavioral trends going back thousands of years across every single human habitat on earth is where my stance lies, even if I'm wrong. Let's use some common sense here: We clearly did not see swaths of deaths in the groups of people burning, looting and murdering in the Minneapolis retail outlet deglobalization insurance scam riots - hell, there wasn't even a rise in sicknesses, and there was nothing in the news about rioters being out of commission or hospitals flooded with ill rioters.... so no, the prolific aspect of the plandemic's virus is not happening and never was and will not with covid-19 (more like novid-19). The national guard was told to stand down or protect the riots from outside influence (if they were going to do anything). There is quite a bit of knowledge to extract from this example, so I'll skip other examples. But we also all played games about spreading diseases, like Plague Inc (I think that was the name of the flash game that did the exact same thing), and, in general, what the news has been claiming simply is not how diseases spread or work. Lastly, the black plague did not even wipe out all of humanity and that was allowed to freely spread without a single human on earth knowing what it was or how it was happening in any capacity - the very worst case scenario, and humans are still alive. The CDC even reported on their own website at the height of the panic that there were not many deaths and what deaths were there are people who were very old and/or very weakened already, and this has been, still is and always will be in play and therefore it is a negligible detail. I have not taken a single precaution against this strain of an already existing virus, and I definitely haven't worn that SILLY ASS MASK, and I haven't been sick at all (although I *would* let myself be injected with it to prove to everyone it's just a normal sickness - but youtube would censor my videos, as they've done with everything that didn't go with the state/corp propaganda). This entire thing is an obvious cover for deglobalization. Nothing more. Nothing less. The more people cooperate with these nonsense rules the less freedoms you'll have. You're not making the world a better place. You're not a hero. You're not "saving the day". You're not saving lives. You're not going to be president of the USA for being a reeeeeing political activist - you're not going to change the world. Go back to your life, and start tending to things within your sphere of influence.
  8. Your response was so invalid and nonsensical that I decided to ignore you, and my response is my way of ignoring you. And that picture you posted in response? Miss me with that gay shit lmao back to reeeeeeeeddit with you
  9. tHEY DON'T WHAT? ....WHAT? REEEEEED BETTER. For which thing are you saying I'm a hypocrite? The second commandment? Literally, do you even? You go on to talk about murder? Is this the atheist cognitive dissonance strat? aRe YoU BeAmInG cRaZy RaYs At Me?
  10. Toilet humor aside, the story telling in these 2 games is excellent, the characters are excellent, the jokes are excellent, the game play is excellent, you are excellent for playing these games. Seriously though, I think both of these games are 10/10 games. The first one caught me completely by surprise so I want to somehow give it a slightly higher rating than the second. Do the Ross thing and go in blind if you like South Park. If you need a little more info, look at the genre of the game, if you need more still maybe read the snippet of the game description. And that's all I really want to say. I laughed my buns off playing these too gamez n i cant weight fore the neckst wun
  11. This is a return to the natural order in the world. I, for one, will be relieved that the delusions of the masses right now will see the rubber hit the road and their delusions smash apart upon contact. I am tired of the social order we see today - it's just nonsense. Also, the people I know that claim to be nationalists are definitely not nationalists by any known definition of the term. I have no idea why they're using the word "nationalist" to describe themselves. My only guess is an attempt to confuse proper usage and ideology of the term due to some sort of phobia. Europhobia is pretty rampant nowadays, maybe that has something to do with it; it's always hard to tell when the issues are that of neurosis.
  12. As an update, I don't have a justified reason as to why childless atheists reeeee the hardest about climate change when they have the least to lose in comparison to everyone else. I can't think of a demographic that has less of a reason to care.
  13. I think what you mean to say is that God exists whether one chooses to believe in him or not, and not believing doesn't absolve you from consequences for obeying or disobeying him. The rest of your comment seems like garbled contemporary political propaganda, and I don't know how to respond to that.
  14. Typical atheist thinking where you attempt to feedback the rules so I self-defeat. You used the term "bible thumping" then said "see you in hell". Not that you'd have fooled me otherwise, but you clearly don't mean what you say or suffer from a obvious case of cognitive dissonance by implying you're not a christian while simultaneously saying you believe in hell; two mutually exclusive things. You've outed yourself as a typical atheist, spewing the same old fallacies, so I'm pretty much done with you at this point, as I probably have heard everything you'd have to say. Let's have some fun though and hear you do your worst to Muslims or Jews. C'mon... I DARE you to criticize those people and their faith. If you don't want to, please explain.
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