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  1. So what? Then issue your personal attack on me, then go back to the topic at hand? I'm not some kind of wimp who can't handle some personal attacks. The Britain, I DO NOT CARE THAT ANYONE HERE PERSONALLY ATTACKS ME. Stop issuing people warnings for this nonsense, and let the conversation continue. If the posts devolve into JUST personal attacks without so much as addressing a meta topic about the information in some way, then maybe do some quality control, but i think issuing penalties because ostensibly someone's fee fees were hurt will destroy these forums. I got penalized on some site for using a VPN and multiple accounts and nowhere on the site did it say that wasn't allowed. Then they added it to the rules and kept all the penalties in place. I stopped using the site that instant and have never so much as visited it for viewing purposes again. And when I told my friend circle, who also used the site, that they were actively monitoring IP addresses and people's account identities they dropped it like a hot potato as well. That site had hardly any users/posts as it was and after losing us they must have really taken a hit as we were posting a good portion of the site's most popular content. I have not even heard the website's name mentioned online since then, and that was about 1.5 years ago. I hope it's dead. And I'll wish death upon this website too if you keep punishing people for petty "offenses".
  2. You're supposed to address why one should or shouldn't read what you're putting in front of them. I'm reminded of these fake laws passed extrajudicially when the plandemic started (do not repond by talking about the plandemic - i do not care and it's off topic). Everyone I knew was searching online for "what the law was related to the plandemic", and they were directed to the state website that arbitrarily instituted something that was phrased like a law, and only meant to deceive the public, including law enforcement, into thinking that somehow a law has been passed in mere WEEKS/DAYS, and if you did not do as commanded on the website you'd be fined and arrested. No. It was never a law, and only useful idiots (political term, The britain, so don't go issuing your tyrannical warnings/bans over that) parroted these ideas and everyone who hadn't read it went on with their lives never obeying the rules and nothing happened except for the occasional group of pse udointellectuals of the peasant class who would have a go at someone in hopes that they'd get social benefits for having done so. In conclusion, just because something is written on the internet doesn't make it true - not even if it's on a university website by godly Scientists™, a government website, the WHO website, the CDC website, your friends blog who's a diversity-hire at a wealthy company, or any other source. And yes, ad hominem attacks CAN BE valid attacks. For example, if a peasant whose ability to do math is that of a 2nd grader and can't think through a checkers parrots some lines from the MSM about a complex and technical topic that you don't have information on or know to be inaccurate, it's worth not giving them the benefit of the doubt or outright telling others that they are unqualified to draw such conclusions. Though they could by sheer chance be correct, the ad hominem attack is going to work out in one's favor almost every time, and the amount you'll be wrong by not trusting the peasant is worth the negligible penalty. The world is not discretely black and white as some people conveniently and selectively believe. Though there are specific reasons to use it, Ad hominem attacks can be valid debate tactics.
  3. This sounds like psychological projection. NONE of these thoughts even occurred to me. "incentive to care" what is this? You using my words to answer my inquiry to make it seem like your response is valid? no no, you haven't said anything related to what I was thinking, and so your post counts as a tally towards another bag of trash getting thrown in the park. pettiness* more psychological projection, i.e. YOU think your religion, that is atheism, makes you moral and wise. I guess I have some background here (which indirectly and somewhat answers my inquiry), though through no conscious effort of your own. You atheists think you're inherently moral and wise and therefore because you think it, everyone else must believe that too. Try to understand that you making a completely unfounded assertion as to my thoughts outs you in a way that completely exposed aspects of your thinking process that are difficult for anyone to even imagine that you're thinking. No wonder you people are at odds with the world; your thoughts are so bizzare, and you believe them with such self-righteous convictions (not to mention that strange unstated assumption that because you thought a thought that it's instantly transferred into every other person's consciousness). I'm still waiting for an answer as to why childless athiests reeeee the hardest about climate when they have the least incentive to care. If you can't understand or lack the mental capacity to address the whole topic, then break it down by attacking a piece of it, rather than your ad hominem attack on me (I know your path of least resistance thinking here is going to reeeee about me saying non-positive things about you and merely trying to feed back my argument to me, as opposed to thinking out an actual argument, so I'll just end this before it stats by saying that ad hominem attacks can be valid arguments to invalidate one's presented argument, but your ad hominem attack is not valid, and my "ad hominem" attack is not so much as a refutation of your ostensibly existential assertions (though they do not apply to me), let alone an ad hominem attack (granted you probably don't feel good about being shown you've mentally faux pas'd based on your smug unstated assumption that you value wisdom and intelligence as well as your implication that you possess said attributes)). Why is it always childless atheists that reeeee the hardest about climate change when they have the least incentive to care?
  4. wow. you're so intelligent. your cohort already admits on a regular basis that they're uninformed by not having shown surface level knowledge of easily researched topics. I'm not searching for your topic because it doesn't matter. It's like when these idiots in my area starting googling the "new rules" for the plandemic, and they started to believe that extrajudicial laws can be created out of thin air and are equal to laws that have gone through the proper judiciary process - no. just because you search for something on the internet and the first search result is a government website telling you to do something or you'll get a fine or go to jail does not mean it's a law or legal. It's a blog post. nothing more, nothing less. and likewise for pseudoscience and wikipedia articles. wikipedia is a completely invalid source for anything that is a "hot topic" in american politics. just because something is on the internet on a "popular" or "official" website does not mean that you should seek it out, believe it, listen to it, read it, or do anything whatsoever with it. I already know you're going to respond with "my argument is now the same as yours. i win now." nah, you have to demonstrate understanding of what I said here rather than give a "no u" response and walk away with the smug attitude you have shown here.
  5. I choose to post on these forums in order to have something off the beaten path to do. and support a smaller forum, not to fucking have some pissant mod try and implement facebook and twitter rules on me. I DO NOT care about your feelings one bit, and you should leave this forum (or ANY forum) if your feefees are getting hurt so easily. There are MANY people who do not care about your feelings, and you should stop coming to the table with such arguments anywhere, ever. Here's the post where the butt hurt is happening right now The mod " The Britain " got pissed because I wasn't taking the inflammatory trolling and I said I'd dump a bag of trash in the park for every non-answer to my inquiry I got. That still stands by the way, and I already dumped the trash in the park for the non-answers I got in that post. There will never be any serious discussion of topics in these forums as long as these pseudointellectual mods are able to enforce their arbitrary LIBERAL feelings that are rife with cognitive dissonance; I cannot express in words how little I care about the FEELINGS of someone who's invalid. You should be locked up in a mental institution where no one ever has to hear your fantasies about climate change, the plandemic, your fake ass science about topics I won't even dignify by mentioning them here. If this post gets banned or I get a point against my account I will dump my used motor oil into the river in the city downstream from mine. You WILL pay for your arbitrary "justice", jannies! Ross, you'd better get in here and set your mods straight or I will stop using this site, I'll withdraw my monthly donation and I will stop recommending your channel to friends who I've had significant success with as far as getting you new viewers.
  6. Why, why then I'd better stop roasting these <adjective> atheists.... Nah. The answer dodging in this post is proving something to the world that isn't in the open. Nah. You're psychologically projecting. And your thought process in an individualist americanism. COmment discarded.
  7. Therefore this single example (that I will not be researching nor clicking your link) turns everything on its head!! Ahhh the fallacies of a pseudointellectual atheist who wishes to become kind tyrant one day and force his new religion onto the masses. You still haven't explained why childless atheists reeeee the hardest about climate change. They have the least incentive to care. For every inflammatory post that does not answer this question directly I will dump a garbage bag of trash into my local park.
  8. Please don't post angry comments here. You know who you are. Looks like the childless atheists have been defeated here. Global warming isn't anything i can't handle either. Maybe you're on to something. Atheists are just pussies who can't handle global warming. Maybe they should do like Disturbed and FUCK OFF AND DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Explanation as to why childless atheists who have the least incentive of any demographic in the world to care reeeeee harder than people with children about global warming or shut your pseudointellectual mouth!!!!!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I-aULnlVTM warning, there's some vulgarity in the video
  10. I'm on W7 still for my main computer, and I never connect my W10 computers to the internet or plug my main storage drives into them. I just realized that if I ever plugged my main storage drives into the W10 computers they could delete all my cracks and other memory editing programs because W10 won't let me permanently turn off the windows defender scanner. Does anyone here have a solution to this?
  11. Wow, this was posted all the way back in 2013? That's pretty dang insightful. I think most would agree that USA has gotten further down the path of communism than any country in world history.
  12. Why is it always childless atheists that reeeee the hardest about climate change? Of all people they have the least incentive to care, and no one should listen to them? Why do they reeeee the hardest?
  13. Lack of the petro dollar is why a Mars colony is impossible.
  14. GOG link for the GOG master race https://www.gog.com/game/the_hand_of_merlin https://store.steampowered.com/app/600610/The_Hand_of_Merlin/?curator_clanid=33025992&curator_listid=36354 Croteam is on a freakin' ROLL!! it's an RPG too. Not sure how close it is to being out of early access, but they have Serious Sam Tormental in early access, and it's top 2 for the best top down roguelites in the world (surprised that genre is so under developed).
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