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  1. uh, sounds like you are looking for... wikipedia. And yes, im serious. Granted, it focuses on bigger releases, but compared to most lists ive seen, its most comprehensive when it comes to having both old AND new games. Drawback is that tables between years dont have same info
  2. few updates: One Punch man: honestly, positive suprise and amusing to watch... And while i want 2nd season, at moment i feel like thats maximum i honestly would care about this show. See, its fun, but it relies bit too much on novelty value of it. Sword Art Online. This is one of animes i've been considering to watch for a while now, however not really getting into until, well, now. I can easily see how this is a show that you either hate or love, i myself fall in "love" category. So first, downsides: rough and disjointed first episodes, plus some disturbing elements after game switches (you know when you see them). Can also feel it focuses less on combat than people might want. Upsides: extremely interesting concept and its highly likely games like SAO (in-anime game with same name) are only matter of time when they become available (although year suggested is way too optimistic), story development (i prefer inter-character stories) after it finally figures out direction it goes to, good animation and art style, good music and one of best anime couples i've seen. Or scratch that, one of best fictional ones
  3. Been on anime binge last year or so short summary of impressions in order of when i watched it Fairy Tail. fantastic anime, i love the positive attitude mixed with dark aspects and great fight scenes. Art style and music are amasing! "Lightning Flame Dragon roar" and its themes are one of most unique and awesome music pieces i've heard. Has few anime tropes i dislike, but overall, one of my favourites if not THE favourite. GATE: the JSDF fought there. Weakest i watched, but its often so dumb its funny, so at least good entertainment. Its fanfiction roots were visible from start though. Still, it has interesting concept (modern military vs fantasy medieval in realistic fashion) and provided good action scenes. Good visuals & animation, music is more forgettable. Attack on Titan. Definetly lives up to the hype. I like the dark themes and how it portrays threat of titans, it has good music, good visuals and animation. Story is also ok, although i'd argue that while story started off strong, by now (and im including manga story to it too) it actually has generated few plotholes. Still, if it keeps being as entertaining, then who cares about plotholes? i dont. My Hero Academia. While it started off weak in episode or two, it quickly grew really good in terms of story. The animation and visuals are gorgeous, the story is more complex than i first tought, but still uplifting. Season 3 so far has also been a blast to watch, with everything constantly improving. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003). One of best animes, even though after it caught up with manga, it suddenly got several fanfiction tropes. Now, suprisingly enough this didnt make it worse by any means. Although it did cause story to go totally different direction and turned story lot darker. It was intriguing and good, done well enough that i didnt start to think about obvious plotholes and lackings until after i finished it. Its one significant shortcoming is that it requires you to watch movie if you want to finish story. Now, movie isnt bad, but it isnt nearly on FMA level too. There is one significant thing this did far better than Brotherhood did and that was to more thorougly introduce characters and make you like them before it caught up with manga. So if you ever watch FMA, i reccommend watching first ~25-26 episodes of 03 anime then switch to Brotherhood and watch from start. Visuals and animation, considering its made in 2003, are really good. I cant remember music, but i do know many prefer english dub over japanese in this one (me, im always dub over sub- i prefer to not miss any plot or visuals over reading) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Absolutely one of my favourites- great story, great music, great visuals and animation. Homonculi are made far better here (although there is slight question regarding some), also some new characters are fantastic. Only downside i can really find is that they slipped over the chapters 2003 anime managed to adapt from manga, thus lessening emotional backlash significantly for some important events. Again, this is why i reccommended to watch ~25-26 episodes from original before watching this (its not copy paste and has some differences so you shouldnt feel too annoyed seeing similar events, sides brotherhood covers same episodes in ~10 or so)
  4. 1. gamepads have aim assist like BTG said 2. you know you can change your mouse sensitivity, right? 3. You know that several mouses already offer you changing mouse sensitivity on the fly, right? meaning you can use fast aiming in normal chances, then slow sensitivity down when you need more accuracy. Those mice arent particularly expensive either (although still bit more expensive than run-of-the-mill office mouse)
  5. To people suggesting Ross would move to Crimea.... yeah right. First, crimea is occupied territory by Russia (to put any and all claims of "but it was will of people" aside- Crimea was actually legally independent after USSR collapsed. But they DECIDED to join Ukraine). Now, if that alone isnt enough, theres also the fact that wages & pensions in crimea have suffered a lot to point of where Medvedev (prime minister of Russia) asked retired people to "hold on" year or 2 ago, infrastructure is a mess. Also 2 biggest problems with crimea- its still under sanctions. Heavy ones, the type that would directly affect Ross since he works via internet. First is that several large sites have imposed sanctions on Crimea, rendering their services unavailable there (such as steam). Now, granted, this can be bypassed by VPN-s, but here comes another problem and more obvious one- russian goverment. Russia outlawed use of VPN-s unless you have specific permission year or so ago. Add that to fact that FSB is basically KGB reborn and most people dont like to be snooped upon... well, theres that.
  6. Fair enough, though i hope you dont mind if i keep topic up a bit in case you want to get into mods more at some point (or in case it helps someone). Depends, really. Keep in mind ENB-s often expand drain on GPU (meaning you would need to look Skyrim as it would be AC origins regarding resource drain for example). Wrong ENB settings=laggier game. Weak graphics=same. I mean i managed to get my PC (that can run AC origins and Witcher 3 at max settings) to a crawl when playing Skyrim because i wanted to see what'd happen if i said my GPU is more powerful than it is when installing realvision ENB. As far as bethesda games go, ENB-s still have enormous impact, if you select correct one (since there are indeed several ones that change palette and do it rather poorly). As side effect they can make your game bit more stable, especially in oldrim As far as mod conflicts go, if you keep track on what you install and gradually build your mod library (if you plan to install tons of mods at once, at least install them in incriments of 5 and test cycle), its easy enough to figure out whats causing the issue to help you solve it. At least if you arent insane and install mods manually instead trough mod managers like NMM or mod organizer or some such. Theres also LOOT tool, that besides its main function (making load order good) shows any missing master files (because you can accidentally add plugins that do require plugins you dont have, thus conflict and crash)
  7. Small reccommendation- if its bethesda game, you might just want to pick decent ENB and install all "install these if you want exact same looks". Least hassle, plus most ENB-s have it tested so its stable (like realvision for skyrim for example). So no, having more mods doesnt nessessarily make game less stable, if you pay attention to possible conflicts and install them one by one
  8. Seems like workers didnt do good job or shoddy materials were used indeed. Apartments shouldnt look like this, even from outside- although, some streaks are common enough to not worry too much (but that was way much). but i agree with one of previous posters- 3 days to dry your clothes indoors is long time, even if you want them to be bone dry. In my apartment, its usually a day and half for bone dry, a day for closet dry. And that should be normal for average humidity. 3 days is quite normal for outdoors in winter. of course this might be all you are already aware of, so heres few hints. First off, let wind go trough apartment for couple of hours straight, especially when theres prettier weather. Like open all windows- sheer ventilation helps a lot. After that, you might try to (if flats are still being heated in Poland- from what i can hear it can be summer there already) turn heating up higher than normal. Or better yet, if you happen to have some sort of fireplace or anything heated with with wood or something like that (i.e NOT electric heating or normal radiator), that is perfect for getting humidity out. In fact that is one big advantage wood heating has. I often use it to get humidity out even in mid-summer (and it works best if you do it after letting fresh air in) its not perfect, but it would be good start to contain it at least
  9. @BTG thats the whole problem- there shouldnt be a mod for something that should be in game in the first place. I mean without ammo variation, theres not much fallout can do to provide combat variety. as for inventory, i know that mod and it isnt bad, but thats beside the point- my point is which company in their right minds decides "ok, remember the old inventory system? how can we make it even MORE annoying"? Again, shouldnt NEED a mod to be usable. New Vegas and even 3 didnt, 4 does. Quite frankly, that makes it even dumber reason to hold on to weight limit. Its prime example of developers using outdated mechanics just for sakes of "its tradition" as for bethesdas modding policy, while i do think modders should have legit way of getting paid even without companies looking the other way (which has been the case so far, lets be fair), bethesdas approach has lot of holes. First off, the moment you put a mod behind money wall, it stops being a mod, but becomes DLC. So best option to support modding while keeping integrity of the meaning, it should be voluentary/sponsored with something else that must-pay-to-play (even though modders have found ways to sneak past it, its effectively requirement)
  10. Fallout 4 is such a weird beast... i mean it is good game, but it does require effort to get into. Especially coming from new vegas (lets be clear- 4 is improvement of 3, but stepping back on tons of things from NV, although faction system is more meaningful) Personally i'd love to see Obsidian upstage bethesda again with something similar to fallout new vegas, but doubt that will happen. I have actually long tought about what makes 4 feel so akward. Its not better graphics, more FPS-i style, while still trying to incorporate RPG, voiced protagonist (which i do like tbh). I mean like you pointed out, game is good. But i figured it out First off, while it took some things from NV and improved them, it left many, potentially more crucial things out of focus. The reason for that being that those things they left out, they were details. Like different types of ammo from NV (as in you had 5.56 for piercing armor, yet you had variant of it that damaged gun less but dealt less damage, had variant where it was more effective vs unarmored, etc). Or pip-boy itself (in sense that sorting options were a mess and it was way more annoying to use compared to NV, although i do like not stopping the time magically). And dumbed-down narrow-view loot managing isnt helping Second is that it seemed to gear itself way too much toward crafting, which did impact world negatively in terms of weapons and their variety. And to top it off, most crafting, especially city building can be considered clunky at best. But crafting focus has another annoying side issue- weight limit. You need a lot of junk, but your carrying weight becomes your nr. 1 nemesis real quick to point where it feels like a chore. Of course this can be redeemed via console command or cheat/mod, but thats besides the point...
  11. what about era? Is it more early 00-s or 90-s game? again, more details the better. for example, was it where you mainly aimed with mouse or was it more in style of doom/shadow warrior/wolf 3d, where keyboard was actually more effective or was it more like Half-life, i.e you had to use mouse. Also, speaking of which, platform you played it on also helps. Theres so much info that can help narrow it down, even if you remember that small episode from it.
  12. i take its FPS then? 3rd person? anything you remember from mechanics would help, even if its description what it looks like. And whats grey?
  13. you know damn well why i cant DM you. Dont act like you are in the dark, i KNOW for a fact you have been informed of this- it is you who has blocked me, not other way around.
  14. has she? Yes, last time she was in forum discord she apologised and she and i actually started to get along, but then someone caused her to leave again and all of a sudden everyone in discord gets insulted. Im sorry, but i cannot be silent if person who has trampled upon others trust time and time again, made up lies AFTER that and then acts like shes most innocent and victim in all of this. Can you imagine how fun it is to go from "good chat, good night" to being called who knows what during the time you sleep not once but several times. Ok, times before that, i can understand (had talk, worked that part out when she apologised), but last time, just no fucking way. And then she gets suprised that i have such reaction to that, going as far as saying i should beg her forgivness, well ignoring all wrongs she has done since that "apology" so yeah, i sure as hell have strong reasons to call her a liar and two-faced person.
  15. Yeah, calling it right now: people getting banned from Username discord because minor disagreement. I dont hold grudges, but in her case, im sure as hell making an exception. Im sorry, but i cant stay silent in this case, if backstabbing person acts like shes so damn into involving everyone. Yeah, right. You faked sincerity, something i cannot look past in anyones case- Last time you were in this discord, you acted like you meant to fix things (and i actually believed you, spoke out), then out of nowhere, pick a fight, insult everyone in discord and go (i was offline when last bit happened). And you call yourself to be inclusive? How more two-faced can you get? And in before you come pointing out arguments we had- me and selous had plenty, yet selous was always honest and spoke his mind, how he sees things. And i respect him for that, despite radically different views. I may be many things, but unlike you, i never treat words, apologies, promises as mere playthings, i dont toy with peoples emotions. If i say something, i mean it. So i do urge people to be cautious there and wish people there good luck, all, except username.
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