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  1. Zaraki

    Rate the Avatar above you

  2. Zaraki

    What do you like about the user above you?

    Elexis enthusiast. (Wish I could draw Elexis.)
  3. Zaraki

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    I've yet to watch that.
  4. Zaraki

    Last Game You Played

    Tales of Destiny
  5. Zaraki

    Random thread

  6. Zaraki

    Post what you're doing right now

    *nom* Chilling rn.
  7. Zaraki

    Count to 1,000,000

    3001 - The Final Odyssey.
  8. Zaraki

    Post what you're doing right now

    Eating oatmeal.
  9. Zaraki

    Article 13

    One major concern is the illegality of VPNs. I'm thinking since it's passed, the EU would likely take the China route by banning VPNs. It won't affect only the usual people, but the content creators and especially game developers who work both internally and abroad. They'll eventually be left without a job. If this keeps up, total chaos will definitely ensue over the mass censorship policies.
  10. Zaraki

    What is Hell

    Article 13.
  11. Zaraki

    Last post made wins

    Yeah, hi.
  12. Zaraki

    What is Hell

    Waiting for Doom Eternal.
  13. Zaraki

    Last post made wins

    Le hummm..

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