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  1. Zaraki

    Word Association

  2. Zaraki

    What is Heaven?

    It might have Heaven as a location, who knows. X) Also ye, NGE Netflix. Gonna wait. On topic: A video game where aliens/weird creatures are abundant with no human or human-ish characters.
  3. Zaraki

    What is Heaven?

    Doom Eternal
  4. Zaraki

    Rate the Avatar above you

  5. Zaraki

    Guess something about the person below you.

    At least I ain't FBI. TPBM has some hype for upcoming games.
  6. Zaraki

    What do you like about the user above you?

  7. Zaraki

    Give the person above a title

    Lord Of All Fantasy
  8. Zaraki

    Am I weird for...

    No. Am I weird for having brunch on a regular basis?
  9. Zaraki

    Word Association

  10. Zaraki

    Word Association

  11. Zaraki

    Word Association

  12. Zaraki

    Random thread

    Happy Thanksgiving, man!
  13. Zaraki

    Last post made wins

  14. Zaraki

    Last post made wins

    The grass was greener.

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