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  1. It's pretty undeniable that aiming in FPS by using a mouse is far easier than using a gamepad, but I think this doesn't necessarily mean that mouse aiming is better as it is a little *too* good. Playing FPS on the PC you have near god like aiming skills while using analog sticks you are slowly adjusting your aim which is slightly more realistic. Your thoughts?
  2. I wish they'd have a quick announcement of "we're still alive" because I'm starting to fear the joke of them living in a Silent Hill 4 house wasn't too far fetched.
  3. Why? A quick search shows that the gun industry employs around 300,000 people. Knocking down the number of guns sold in a remarkable way will get a lot of those people out of jobs (with the usual things it entails) for the potential to prevent a school shootings, which in itself is unreliable as the shooter might use a gun that is already in their house or an alternative like a knife or car to commit a massacre.
  4. This will start with a bit of a ramble: A couple of months ago my brother showed me the series 13 Reasons Why. The show is about a high school girl commiting suicide and leaving behind tapes for 13 people she blames had a hand in her commiting suicide with the intention that each one in turn will listen to the tapes and then pass it to the next one in line with failure to do so will get the tapes publicly published. I'll get it right out of the bat, the show is boring as hell. It might have worked as a two hour movie but instead it is a 13 hour slog which is padded with terrible music (think Ross's review of Life is Strange). I only lasted until the fifth episode but did read on the plot afterwards since I was expecting some major stuff to happen, as the first few tapes were really tame in the "transgressions" toward the girl. But as far as i'm aware there is no secret event later which involves the first characters (at least the majority of them). They are blamed as causes for the girl's suicide for doing stuff like "breaking up with her due to misunderstanding" or "sharing with friends the girl has "the best ass"" which might be shitty but overall regular part of human interaction. The events of the last tape is pretty disturbing when you think about it. She goes to the school chancellor (after already finishing recording the other tapes) and secretly tapes her talk with him, when he can't immediately help her she blames him in the tape for her impending suicide. But she already made the other tapes, meaning she pretty much came in expecting to fail so there is point rather than adding the guy to the list. Now to the point, when thinking about the show a couple of months later it kinda hit me that this isn't the actions of a regular depressed invididual. Making a "hit list" of people she blames for her suicide, putting them in a game where if the tapes will be released then it will destroy some of their lives. Heck, the book ended with one guy commiting suicide (making the girl a complete hypocrite) and another enacts a school shooting. The girl is a psychopath who wants to enact justice by commiting suicide and leaving others to suffer for it, yeah it's potentially "only" psychological damage but not everyone on her list is having an easier life than her. This is this is a show detailing a lighter version of a school shooter. And with this in mind when looking at the show it can be seen as the mental gymnastics of a school shooter. Blaming other's in all her problem and creating an elaborate setup to do as much damage to people she perceives as at fault. It might have been the author's intent but as far as I looked the majority of people don't see it and he (a guy wrote the original book) didn't scream "hey, the girl is also a villain" and a major hypocrite. Now the question is how we got into a situation where we have such a show and nobody notices that something is wrong by the main character (technically not the protagonist) being a monster rather than a victim. It's possible that people just don't think while binging the show, this wouldn't surprise me. But the frightening alternative is a good chunk of people who liked this are emphasizing with a person with no empathy that sees nothing wrong with ruining people's lives while killing herself in the process. This kinda make current human society look bad. So am I hallucinating stuff? Is having a misunderstanding with a person is a valid reason to be singled out as cause for suicide? What are your thoughts?
  5. I don't think sentience is really needed in this case. As programs are made to maximize/minimize a function or do a specific task. You just need a mass of robots coming to the "answer" the imprisoning people is the best way to minimize their suffering. Of course it still depends on robots getting into a situation where they can bully humans to their goals but at least it makes sense for them to want humans to be happy.
  6. The problem with the topic of guns in the USA is that there is not a lot of things the USA government can do about removing the spread of guns logistically as well as that, considering how big the Weapon industry is in the USA, seriously cutting sales to it will cause much more social problems than any mass shooters can do. As for Trump's revoking a bill made by Obama, how many of the mass shooters in recent years fell into the categories described by the original bill (and bought their own guns)? I think the mass shootings are a product of serious cultural issues.
  7. It kinda depends on the company and field in question. Not every company is a corporation which makes millions in profit and some of them are barely holding on as it is so a small increase in manufacturing costs can put them in the red easiely. If anything corporations will be very glad of price increase as they can keep the old prices and just "weather the storm" until the small businesses collapse, making them the monopoly. As for society criticism, I recall something along the lines that modern media wants to keep us intelligent enough to think we are smart but not enough to actually think about things. In essence espousing mediocrity as a virtue. We need to be lazy to buy thing for convenience but not too lazy to work. We need to be greedy and want everything to ourselves but not too greedy to think for the long term rather than immediate happiness. We need to be fearful of new ideas and stick to our current status quo but not too fearful to mistrust the corporations/politicians.
  8. 64% INTROVERTED 58% INTUITIVE 56% THINKING 58% PROSPECTING 64% TURBULENT I wonder if you make a psychological profile of a group on a forum you them skirting close around an average. I got INTP-logician personality, freakishly accurate in some areas.
  9. This is a relatively benevolent apocalypse scenario (which some might not think as so bad). Basically it's a spin on the usual robot apocalypse but rather than the robots wanting to murder all mankind they instead put every person from the moment of their birth inside a closed box and hook them on a VR set. Every person in those boxes are living in a perfect and ideal environment with connection with other people is either non existant or filtered to be stricktly positive. The robots meanwhile make sure that everything is perfect and maintain population artifically. After all, they love humanity and thus want every single person to be as happy as he/she can be. Does this idea has a name? And are there works that use this idea? The only things I can think of are The Matrix (which, at least originally, didn't have the machines capture humans for their safety but rather as battery/neural computers) that didn't follow on the idea too much but rather the philosophical "are we in a dream" scenario and the people inside had just as shitty time in the usual world. And the other one is the anime "The Girl Who Leapt Through Space" which didn't elaborate on it too much. I think this idea is the most probable way a robot apocalypse can happen, as even if they gain sentience they don't have pain receptors (since that will be idiotic) and it's extremely likely the number of machines that will function to support mankind will be massively larger than robots who will want for military purposes. Not to mention that today people are already living more and more inside "boxes" where they mostly expect positive reinforcement. Your thoughts?
  10. I suggest Piposh. It is an old Israeli adventure game that unlike Armed & Delirious is actually really good (at least if my memory is correct). It's about a guy boarding a ship full of insane people with a murder mystery going on. I'm not sure if all cultural references and jokes survive the english translation but it's unique and unknown, perfect for Game Dungeon. The link (I hope it can be accessed by everyone): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bwqx7RiWdM3Ya2hFNHI0Y04xd2c A picture: The first five minutes in hebrew (plus a nice song intro): joZUXq2ooKM
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