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  1. I'm making this post since I've barely been able to find anything at all regarding Dungeon Siege tools or fixes (in terms of downloads), so I figured that a thread for Dungeon Siege mods could come in handy as a resource for others here that play it. That being said, if you happen to have any mods or patches for Dungeon Siege and NOT ILLEGAL MATERIAL, then reply to this thread with a safe link (Google Drive, Mega, Mediafire would be preferable) and a virus scan if possible. Try to include as much detail about the source as you can, or at least credit the author or site that you found it on, and be sure to label the files properly if they are not already. To the mods:
  2. So, I just did a bit of boring research for population numbers for 2017 using some search engines and I came across the AHAR for 2017 (the Annual Homeless Assessment Report that is sent to Congress) alongside the 2017 revision of the World Population Prospects issued by the UN. According to the WPP, the North American continent has an estimated 361 million inhabitants. Canada has around 36.8 million inhabitants according to their quarterly report issued around 12/20 of last year. I could only find a rough estimate of about 127,000 inhabitants for Mexico (which I highly doubt), but it gives enough to work with. The AHAR claims that around 537,000 were homeless at the projected peak night in the US. Even with the rough population estimates of Canada and Mexico removed, that leaves around 324 million that inhabit the US. Here's my problem: Through the math, we see that the AHAR actually claims that a meager 0.168% (about) of the national population experiences homelessness. This report is also supposedly including those that are forced to live with family or friends. This is what is sent to Congress every year alongside a copy-and-pasted plan of action for 'eliminating homelessness'. To claim that such a low amount of the national population is dealing with not having their own home is beyond absurd, especially since I see more and more people being forced to group up in homes because of the combined cost of rent and general living. Hell, I have to live with my brother because the minimum price for rent in my local area is $800 a month without anything else. I've seen literal camps of homeless in my area (<60 mi) that continue to grow by the week. I've had more and more friends that are living out of their cars or moving back in with their parents because they can't afford to live on their own anymore. Now, this problem might not be as evident in other areas, but to say that homelessness is that small of an issue is practically insulting. Anyways, that was my little spiel. Thoughts?
  3. xlYoshii

    Personality type thread

    Mediator, apparently. INFP-T
  4. xlYoshii

    Root of everything?

    And that is my overall point. Nothing is perfect, nothing is infallible, nothing is certain and everything is questionable. People lack the ability to discuss, to debate, to think in critical and analytical terms, and it is because of this that we now even lack the ability to communicate when combined with general social media. You and I are people, beyond the trivial and petty concerns of society such as race and gender. However, because of our conditioning we have been deceived in a way. We believe that social media bring us closer, and it does, but it also drives us further apart and creates a communication deficiency by making face-to-face conversations and interactions somewhat rare outside of friends and family, and even that is becoming rare. We are becoming drones, empathetic to everything except for our most basic human desires. This is stimulated by our indulgence of arrogance, of greed and avarice, of lust and envy, and even of self-preservation. While it is not something that someone should say lightly, I can confess that I would kill to defend others in a dark sort of irony. If a man walked into a bank or a school with a drawn weapon, I would have no hesitation to break his arm and execute him. Incredibly dark and obscene as it may be, my anger issues over the years has led to this point. While it pains me to see us fall so far and I truly have hope for society, I also have such incredible hatred for all of humanity. We are disgusting, horrible abominations of what we are meant to be, arguably degenerate to the point of being worthy of annihilation. I say this as a perfect example. I honestly feel all of this, but I at least try to override it and help others. I volunteer when I can, I try to be kind and open to others, I listen to others when they need someone to talk to. If I can overcome my rage, then why is it that others seemingly cannot? Are we really that lacking in self-awareness? One of the main problems with our regulations is that we've left them open to corruption through ourselves. When the richest person will win an election over 90% of the time, there's a problem. When the laws that are supposed to protect and help us become mere mountains of red tape that hinder our progression and ability to live as we want, there's a problem. When the conglomerate that is meant to assist international coordination falls apart and becomes a political battleground with all but a rogue army behind its back, there's a problem. For society to be convinced of anything, we must discuss and teach when we can. We have become so conditioned by government and media in so many different things that we must perform conditioning of our own through persistent education and discussion. It will be hard and trying, but it is something that must be done. Every system that has been proposed has lacked one certain thing: a coexistence between the four. We have always required thought and societal mutations to advance and expand, we have always had those who delve into the unknown and try to make sense of things throughout existence. Faith is something that we have to have in some capacity or form; otherwise, everything is seen as pointless or inevitable in its destruction. You need faith not just in a religion, but in yourself and in other people. You will be let down, but that is when you pick them up and teach them. The moment that you intentionally drop a person is when you know that you have failed, and you can even feel this in the form of loss. There is so much more to everything than what we want to acknowledge or admit. True scientists understand this, they understand that nothing is 'fact' and that everything is subject to revision or further study. True philosophers definitely understand that all of their thoughts and theories are subject to change and evolution. Those of faith understand that it requires more than just religion or what a book can teach you, that you can never abandon people without abandoning yourself. Everything aligns when you look at it, but we are so lacking in self-awareness and in generational memory that we cannot perceive this. Overall, I've learned one constant 'truth': We have to save ourselves, and we have to do so through unity and understanding.
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    Root of everything?

    Well, modern Christian scripture is more or less a modified version of the traditional teachings and sayings, so it's not surprising.
  6. xlYoshii

    Root of everything?

    Yeah, I agree with you, Templar, but what I'm advocating is not some kind of removal of those traits. I want for people to acknowledge and then combat these urges in their day-to-day lives, to try and figure out when it's a good practice and when it's actually harmful. If you have a child and you warn them about walking across the street without looking, that's a rational fear because you don't want them to get hit by a car. However, if you then refuse to let them walk to school even when they enter middle school and get angry at them when they finally do it, that is a prime example of harming more than helping. While it sounds preachy, nature is all about balance. If you can't balance the good with the bad then all you're generally left with is a chaotic sense of daily progression. If you're overprotective and actively shelter your kids, there is a very good chance that they will actually suffer more trauma rather than less when they're finally exposed to the world. If you always prefer to eat what's left after a big meal despite not feeling hungry, it just leaves you with an enlarged stomach and more cravings. If you prefer to have a couple beers with a friend or two and then remember that you have to go pick up your niece after soccer practice, there's a good chance that little Suzy might not make it home. I don't want removal of our humanity through drugs or anything like that, but I definitely believe that our lack of self-awareness and willpower is obscenely low; because of this, we let out humanity take more of a dark turn and quickly corrode into unhealthy practices.
  7. xlYoshii

    Root of everything?

    Well, this is a bit of a rant, so bear with me. See, the long and short of what I believe to be one of the main roots (if not the root) of modern civilization's problems is greed. What do I mean by that? Quite the obvious, but allow me to clarify. When you go to the store and buy a gallon of milk, everything's fine. Two weeks later, you go to the same store and buy the same gallon of milk only to find out that it's around a dollar more. While there is a minor drought in your area, the local farms haven't been too affected when it comes to cattle. However, because of the drought being persistent and the vendors being fearful of losing money, they implement a slightly higher price on the stock that they sell, and the stores then raise the prices to compensate. Because of this, the average population monetary loss for that milk could easily be a couple thousand dollars over the course of a few weeks (depending on the population size). What about the gas station? You work there as a part-time employee for some extra cash. When you get the call to change the gas prices, you note how it's only $2.48. A week goes by and you look over at the TV in the corner after handing a customer their change. There's a report briefly covering some skirmish in Syria over oil drilling and rights that temporarily halted the operations of a local oil refinery. Two days after the fact, you get a call and are told to change the sign to $2.79. It doesn't sound like much, but that quickly adds up to a couple thousand more in revenue assuming that the trend continues. While both of these are theoretical and are very loose in detail and viability, the point is this: the moment that anything comes up, anything that even begins to threaten monetary loss for any given corporation, they will clamp down and inflate prices for fear of losing out. Hey, it's better to screw over your customers and have a bit of extra money for when things collapse rather than having nothing, right? This is truth for virtually everything today because we place such value in money, but moreso because everything is now an industry. "Oh, it's okay, a company has to make a living, right?" "It's the industry, what did you expect?" Companies obviously need money to survive; they wouldn't be much of a company without it. However, what most people defend is now a massive circle of schemers who care for nothing but money and will find every way possible to nickle-and-dime the hell out of you, and the gaming industry contains countless irrefutable examples if you look at almost anything mainstream within the past five years. Microtransactions are now in almost everything mainstream, with people blindly defending (almost with a passive-aggressive nature, mind you) these multi-million dollar corporations by trying to pole vault over the massive mountain of garbage and pick out a tiny gem from the heap. This has expanded to integrated third-party analytical systems meant solely to figure out how to force people to cough up money for that $65+ game that they just bought. It's no longer a gaming world, it's a gaming industry, and those of us that remember the days of old are among the world's dying remnants. This is applicable to oil, this is applicable to science and general R&D, this is even applicable to minor systems like public transport. We form massive conglomerates to skirt around the various anti-trust laws and such, then we find methods of milking whatever we're involved in for everything that we can. It is because we succumb to our avarice that things are the way they are, and acknowledging our downfalls is the first step that we have to take before any true progress as a society or as a civilization can occur. Anyways, it's now 5:00 am and my rant is over. I've left out plenty of what I had to say because of exhaustion, anyone have something to add?
  8. xlYoshii

    EA Update?

    As we all know by now, everyone's favorite company EA has made terrible move after terrible move since the multiple videos covering a few games related to them. They've continued to go further and further down the rabbit hole, so much so that quite a few people (myself included) have pretty much abandoned all confidence in their management ability and in most new releases that they are involved in. That being said, while covering Battlefront 2 would be like beating a dead horse, I definitely think that an EA update would be possible. Since those RGD videos, they've cut down The Secret World and transitioned to The Secret World Legends, made microtransactions such a staple in their games that even P2W systems are beginning to become a standard addition for their full-scale releases, and have completely botched a beloved classic. The last two have been covered to death, but I would honestly love to see a revisit of The Secret World, mainly looking for changes to story. The gameplay seems to be relatively similar (if not the same) to the original, but the story seems to have been changed significantly. Anyways, on the off-chance that you see this, keep up the good work Ross

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