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US Homeless Count Misinformation?

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So, I just did a bit of boring research for population numbers for 2017 using some search engines and I came across the AHAR for 2017 (the Annual Homeless Assessment Report that is sent to Congress) alongside the 2017 revision of the World Population Prospects issued by the UN. According to the WPP, the North American continent has an estimated 361 million inhabitants. Canada has around 36.8 million inhabitants according to their quarterly report issued around 12/20 of last year. I could only find a rough estimate of about 127,000 inhabitants for Mexico (which I highly doubt), but it gives enough to work with. The AHAR claims that around 537,000 were homeless at the projected peak night in the US. Even with the rough population estimates of Canada and Mexico removed, that leaves around 324 million that inhabit the US. Here's my problem:


Through the math, we see that the AHAR actually claims that a meager 0.168% (about) of the national population experiences homelessness. This report is also supposedly including those that are forced to live with family or friends. This is what is sent to Congress every year alongside a copy-and-pasted plan of action for 'eliminating homelessness'. To claim that such a low amount of the national population is dealing with not having their own home is beyond absurd, especially since I see more and more people being forced to group up in homes because of the combined cost of rent and general living. Hell, I have to live with my brother because the minimum price for rent in my local area is $800 a month without anything else. I've seen literal camps of homeless in my area (<60 mi) that continue to grow by the week. I've had more and more friends that are living out of their cars or moving back in with their parents because they can't afford to live on their own anymore. Now, this problem might not be as evident in other areas, but to say that homelessness is that small of an issue is practically insulting.


Anyways, that was my little spiel. Thoughts?

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Those homeless numbers are pretty accurately representing the truly homeless, but not if including those that don't have their name on leases or deeds.


Multiple housing (multiple people sharing the rent) shouldn't really be considered for this, as that may or may not be because of an inability to afford it alone.

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