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  1. I got a good one. I played an MMO called Tibia for about 10 years. It looks a lot like Ultima back in the day and has a top down perspective. The Point of the game is to kill monsters to gain exp and loot and do quests and what not basic RPG stuff. One of the cool things about Tibia though is that you can rent houses to display all your loot. All items can be placed on the ground in a 1x1sqm pattern because the game is run on a grid map where you can move up down left right etc. So anyway, super rich players can display really rare and valuable things in there houses, and the only way in is to be invited by them through a game mechanic so you cant just walk in and steal everything. So, now that you know all that, my friend in RL, just happend to be invited to this one guys house who happend to be a huger botter, meaning he used unoffical software to play the game and level up. My friend had access to this guys house. There were 3 Really rare items in it, Golden boots, Rainbow Shield, and Demon Legs. All together total about 15 million gold. Not to mention he had about another 10 million laying on the ground as well as other various items. Anyway we pretend that my friends account gets hacked and I log on to it and run into this guys house and take every single item he has and mail it to my other character. In total we stole about 27 million in gold (a huge amount back then) which in real dollars is about $700. It was the craziest thing ive ever done in an MMO to date and ill never regret screwing that botter over lol
  2. Good episode as always! Those haters are gonna rue the day they told you you wouldn't finish by the end of the year. I want to believe
  3. I'm sure you have heard of it but if not, its a site where people essentially pay you a set amount of money for every piece of content you produce and release. I was thinking that this could help out with your financial stuff and what not. You should check it out I would definitely subscribe. http://www.patreon.com/ p.s. writing this right before work so I haven't really done any research other then that so Im sure other people can fill in gaps.
  4. Cant wait for more! Any games I may have never heard of, im looking forward to it!
  5. This is a screenshot from Tibia, an olllllld MMO. This is a picture of when me and my friend stole 27 Million gold in items from a botter (Cheater). Basically its around $700 in real money. Its the stuff on the right side of the screen and if it looks are then it probably is xD http://imgur.com/BPWL0qv
  6. Have you researched Thorium reactors at all Ross? It looks like the crisis "could" be averted if people would get off of their NIMBY view of nuclear energy... Peak oil and its future crisis is somewhat of a fantasy of mine just to tell people I told you so. So I really don't mind it happening but at the same time I also don't want to lose my internet haha But a lot has changed and a lot can still change in the coming years. Who knows... Only time can tell. And time is on our side
  7. For a while now I have been experiencing problems with my computer, namely when I have it on for a very long time (1 whole day) or I run a large program (League of legends), both my monitors will go black and the computer will still be running. When I try to type on the keyboard nothing happens and the num-lock key does not turn off the light. The only way to get the screens to come back on and the computer to be "unfrozen" is to manually turn of the computer by holding the power button.I have looked this up and what Ive learned is that it may either be a fried motherboard, or graphics card. I was wondering if anyone in this forum would be able to give their insight onto what might be causing this because It is very annoying when I cant use my computer for games that I need it for.
  8. Somone ban axeldeath for posting porn
  9. Its come to my attention that "some" people find me annoying on this thread apparently, I dont know why because I don't really do anything but post MLP pictures for people to see. I dont wanna start drama but PM me if you have a problem. I dont even know why this is an issue, but some people take the internet seriously. Anyway heres more PICTURES of TOPIC RELATED CONTENT.
  10. My response to people complaining about this thread.... back to mlp...
  11. I dont get it. You state that its worse but how? Not saying why is pointless and better off not said at all
  12. Rl pic but pony related! New PONY SHIRT OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH!
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