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  1. It was a ploy to get the most random post possible
  2. I'd be interested to see if freeman could come up with an explanation for Antichamber. Isn't it technically a factor, not a difference?
  3. I'm not entirely sure what google's trying to accomplish. Seriously, I understand wanting more people to use google+, but we're talking about forcing every single youtube commentor in the world to use it. Do you really want a site populated with angry youtube commentors. No offense.
  4. If I could change one thing about Canaan, I'd unstupid the ending. Just thinking about it drives me insane. The entire time it's less than subtly hinted that the protagonist and deuteragonist have romantic feelings (or are at least damn close friends). After a bizarre plot revolving around pseudo-superpowered angsty teens with guns, the two main characters get sperated, both in life threatening situations. The good guys barely deus ex machina their way through, the bad lady amputates her own arm with a handgun and falls off a moving train into a canyon. Then, rather than find out if the other is alive, Maria and Canaan find it a better idea to simply not see each other. Ever. Or call each other, or communicate in any way, except for having each other in their hearts. I guess they didn't find it necessary to tell each other they weren't horribly murdered or something. I can only imagine there was supposed to be some kind of sequel that didn't work out, but for christ's sake, if you're not completely sure you'll have funding for a sequel, try not leaving people at the most frustrating ending ever. Thanks for the conniption inducing final episode guys.
  5. Not really. Fringe sciences are likely fringe for a reason. I'm interested in alternative theories for certain aspects of physics, like models that don't require dark matter, but nothing really deviant. How much money do you think you'd need to fulfill your current realistic desires?
  6. Probably best to use PMs for that question.
  7. Trying to discern what effect this forum had on my life two years ago, what my place on it now is and what its place for me is.
  8. I despise anything psychoactive or addictive being used recreationally. And while I spend a lot of time on the internet I don't think I would really call it an addiction, I'd just rather spend time on the internet than do something else. The only thing I might really be addicted to I keep on an encrypted partition of my hard drive.
  9. The two of you should have full permissions now, with the exception of making new officers. Thanks for the help, the fate of the universe now rests solely in your hands.
  10. I was wondering if any of the more mature users would be willing to be an officer in the accursed farms steam group. I try to be punctual with announcements, but sometimes it's just not possible for a single person who frequents the forums quite a bit less than they used to. You'd also be free to change and update the group profile if you so desire, assuming it matches the 'mature' criteria. I doubt most people are informed of posts by steam announcements so it's not of vital importance, but the whole point of a group that wasn't freeman's mind lovers was to be closer to actual AF community, which just isn't happening with the current officers. (No offence, Kyou)
  11. I'm really unsure what you're trying to say, and your "TL:DR" just confused the hell out of me. My post was primarily about: 1. What we originally were attracted to the forum for is not what we use it for, yet no major changes have been made. 2. Individual threads cover too broad a range of topics to effectively cover them all. 3. Too many pointless topics have been started. I don't know if you're disagreeing with me or not. If you are, what are you disagreeing with?
  12. It's hard to post here. For starters, half the topics in the Free-For-All section would be better off on Twitter or Facebook, because what you just ate is really, really not interesting. To anyone. I'm sorry. The FFA section is like some kind of insanely overcrowded apartment of ideas, with multiple topics hot racking threads. One section shouldn't be housing all the topics people want to talk about, it's too much. There should be a pony section at this point, because if you want to discuss something in particular in the pony thread you have to pray to god that someone isn't going to change the subject immediately. Not to mention if you miss a discussion that you wanted to add to, you're screwed. Making a thread for every topic would make the FFA section unnavigable, but trying to fit every topic into a single thread makes the thread unnavigable and a lot less fun. There are too many things being talked about with too little space. The whole forum wasn't designed for this, it was designed to host discussions about Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection, but that wasn't changed even when it became apparent that those conversations would be taking a back seat to the Free-For-All section. I guess the reason why everyone talks so much about random crap is because there is no common goal for the Free-For-All section. Chemistry forums, anime forums, body building forums, video game forums, hardware forums. They all don't have this problem because people that post on them all were attracted there for the same reason. Chemistry, anime, body building, video games or hardware. We all came here, or at least I hope we all came here, because we like Freeman's Mind or Civil Protection. But there's a big disparity between what this site was designed for, and what it's used for. More so than any other forum I can recall.
  13. Jesus christ. I come back for five seconds and they've replaced everyone with a single guy.
  14. Just point by point, Oh look, there are lonely, anti-social virgins on the internet, lots of them probably. Not much question as to why we can't break the sterotype. I think I get how he feels, he likes something that has negative connotations because of its community. I loved ponies, but god damn if the fanatics didn't take that out of me. People make the gaming equivalent of phone sex, other people pay for it, the community looks bad. People make conventions, people dress up as ponies and scream songs at those conventions, the community looks less respectable. That's too bad, I guess you just have to live with the fact that people you don't like share interests with you. That's not going away, and not something you can really complain about. (Two thirds of online gamers are women) On the sexualization of video games, that seems more aimed at enticing society as a whole rather than the industry assuming everyone is seventeen. That's more the author wanting to shift blame from his generation. It makes more sense for developers to think "people seem to buy more games when we add lesbian sex" than to make contemptuous age estimates about fans. I would say that games are to movies as movies are to books. I don't expect the epic of Gilgamesh when I play Half life, nor would it make that much a difference if the story was as amazing as people seem to think it is. Unless someone has an example of success to prove me otherwise, video games and great stories don't seem compatible. "The Great Gatsby Video Game" doesn't have high hopes from this perspective. For his Alan Wake example, I can see why some people would get upset that a game was a lower resolution than the maximum when that maximum is already inadequate for many. I agree with him somewhat on principal though, people do get too caught up in graphics. I can agree with him on his last point, not much argument there.
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