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  1. Happy Easter Ross Out of no reason in particular, I had the desire to watch your Game Dungeon series playlist starting from episode 1: Tyrian. Feeling nostalgic, and the game also brings back old memories.
  2. Keyboard Chikkim burgurr or lasaaga? or
  3. currently playing a longplay of Full Throttle
  4. I'm pretty good thx Do you think Ross predicted this?
  5. Do we have a secretary who has timestamps for questions talked in this videochat? I was looking for something said on accursedfarms about cyberpunk 2077 and wanted to hear if ross had anything to say about it yet. the reddit question order and estimated video time has been the go-to method also why can't I cross-quote between threads? post hyperlinking the only way? https://i.imgur.com/24pohhT.png embedding images automatically via urls is really meta.
  6. I haven't seen Who, nor Doctor Who - actually scratch that... someone forced me to watch an episode of Doctor Who around 2016. What's a question that BillTheGuyBullseye can't answer?
  7. Finally after years of working on it, Ishkur's music guide 3.0 was released sometime recently. Tons of music genres to go through, i'm currently listening to the Amiga/Tracker timeline, but I know i'm gonna spend a few hours going through this guide in my spare time. https://music.ishkur.com/# @Ross Scott I think you might appreciate it too, although its focused on electronic music and less so on metal You can find examples of other genres here: http://everynoise.com/
  8. Affordable parts and current technology that will outlast its usefulness. Tbh i dont know what your question is asking, who wouldnt want quality over whatever RGB is? Or Q 2: Is your refrigerator stocked neatly, or is food strewed everywhere on its shelves?
  9. There were two things in this video that really touched base with me. OMF 2097 & Wacky Wheels.
  10. I wouldn't in regular circumstances due to knowing which parts to pick myself. I would be open to suggestions on style. Do you think anyone entering Forum Games would take its description literally? " (e.g. ban the person above you... "
  11. y u kill thread ? ;_; this forum or 𝓁𝑒 reddit?
  12. Echo!! * Hello ! * * helloo... * * elo.. * > . < https://i.imgur.com/G4sQY9Y.jpg anyone home? hello? respond; over.
  13. I had some free time today and decided to create a visual calendar for the dates and types of videos uploaded to Accursed Farms starting after the end of Freeman's Mind 1 in 2015. 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Whether this has any practical use or not, I figured i'd post it to visualize the time-frames between video releases. *note: the only calendar year that lines up with the correct days of the week is 2015. All other years were just copy & pasted...
  14. First it was SoaD, then it was SEVENDUST Beer or Pizza?
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