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  1. Woah_G!

    Things you got recently

    Added some of the following to my wishlist, kinda at least 1 or 2 of them go on sale on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Audio-technica M40x studio monitor headphones - ~$99 ASUS AC2900 (RT-AC86U) router ~$179 Roku Streaming Stick ~$29.99 Then perhaps a non-smart Samsung TV from a pawnshop ~48" under $200 Some new hood lifts for my car x2 ~$22 Some Iridium spark plugs ~$10 ea. A mattress <$700 & lastly some fragrances Vintage Green, Leather Reserve, Pure White, Black Platinum, Oud Mosaic
  2. Woah_G!

    This or that?

    Kylie Minogue Snug in a blanket on a cold day, or on the water on a hot day? or
  3. Woah_G!

    Welcome to AF 2.0

    Came in here to ask about the RSS feed as well, it appears it's not currently implemented on this version of the forum software yet. Will be waiting for the next update to (if) automatic feed availability will become a thing.
  4. 20 years later, Gordon Freeman remembers that day he started as a research associate in Sector C test labs at Black Mesa. Realizing its Unreal. 5ejNGN66Xq8
  5. Woah_G!

    Q & A Thread

    A Carthusian monk to understand their ways of silence and prayer. What's a shoe brand that you buy most often?
  6. Woah_G!

    What are you listening to?

    1:21 / 4:51 Up next Autoplay 7:58 Toe - Goodbye / グッドバイ (CUT_DVD with Toki Asako) specialother 3.5M views 50+ Play all Mix - N'夙川ボーイズ - 物語はちと?不安定 YouTube 9:49 N´夙川BOYS (Live) 高橋哲也 594K views 4:46 アルカラ - キャッチーを科学する P-VINE, Inc. 2.1M views 4:37 ももいろクローバー 走れ! 12129momo 5.6M views 5:16 ぜいたく / 在日ファンク 在日ファンク Recommended for you 7:03 七尾旅人×やけのはら - Rollin' Rollin' P-VINE, Inc. 1.9M views 4:38 Half-Life / J-POP avex 1.4M views 3:54 夜行性の生き物三匹 - ゆらゆら帝国 00290489 1.7M views 4:04 NUMBER GIRL - 透明少女 tak k 551K views 5:09 八十八ヶ所巡礼「仏滅トリシュナー」 PANICROOMTAKESHIT 2.3M views 5:46 شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar | Official Music Video Sherine Recommended for you 4:11 爆弾こわいPV/在日ファンク hamaken0805 2.9M views 3:53 WHITE ASH / Stranger [PV] MrBAUMKUCHEN 1.7M views 2:58 Shiina Ringo - Karisome Otome - Live at Fuji Rock Festival'15 carlosbueno 541K views 6:26 神聖かまってちゃん×N’夙川BOYS - ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ 2015.7.30 渋谷WWW 竹内道宏 98K views 4:32 ラブリー / 満島ひかり・小沢健二 Hikarer !!! 845K views 5:02 Suchmos - STAY TUNE [Official Music Video] SPACE SHOWER MUSIC 34M views 7:25 似てる曲 100連発 part5 160maxie 4.5M views 7:55 サイケな恋人/モーモールルギャバン sionnetcojp 1.1M views N'夙川ボーイズ - 物語はちと?不安定 DBddnWs4-Ag
  7. Woah_G!

    What are you listening to?

  8. Woah_G!

    What are you listening to?

  9. Woah_G!

    Q & A Thread

    Shephard's pie. (I'm not sure the difference between Adrian or John, and i'm not interested enough to google it). Which browser do you use? (If Firefox, are you satisfied with its latest incarnation of Firefox Quantum so far?)
  10. Woah_G!

    The Random Image Thread!

    I know now that's a crab. When I posted those pics, I thought it was a snail.
  11. Woah_G!


    Saw this clip the day it was posted and was a piece of vlogger art. Great design and organization, good content on a bad situation - filled with the right questions and satisfying answers. Would recommend to board of directors meeting. I seem to recall charts and documented evidence, court hearings and casual video-watchers would be pleased to see this - offers much content to chew over.
  12. Woah_G!

    Last Game You Played

    Deus Ex - Mankind Divided
  13. Woah_G!

    Post what you're doing right now

  14. Woah_G!

    Funny pictures/videos etc


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