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  1. Nah I really want this topic locked for good, to me it's such a bondage that I still have to discuss here.
  2. In light of calls for a cease-fire, I would like to say I am ready to declare a truce. Is @ expertyejin ready for a truce? 100% agree...I even mentioned earlier that I wished an administrator or global moderator could close this thread for good.
  3. First, Kim Jong-un uses his assets primarily for himself, saying anything different would be a blatant lie. Second, Did I ever say communism was a good system? No, I didn't. Unless you want to claim I did, just like your accusations of US war crimes in the War on Terror, claims that the US is/will become Fascist, that Nationalist China could defeat Japan, and claims of collaboration between the US and communists. You didn't explicitly say communism was good, however it seems to me that you might be defending communists when I talked about their crimes. You were underestimating the scale of their crimes even though I've already provided several sources. And about the fact that Kim Jong-un uses his assets primarily for himself, well clearly he keeps this huge amount of money for himself rather than spending it on agriculture as well as various fields of technology to meet the people's need. Thus if you only blame the famine on removal of foreign aid as opposed to Kim's corrupt regime then you might be trying to defend Kim. Plus why did you all of a sudden shift topic from communism to Nationalist China vs Japan and other stuff?
  4. That link concerning the assets of Kim Jong-un has no links to resources, and claims to be citing an unspecified source... I wouldn't trust it to tell the truth about the color of the sky. How about this one: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/03/12/2013031201144.html "Chosun" means Korea. Hence, if you claim the Daily News network from Korea is fake then there is really nothing else I have to say to you.
  5. First, I never said the artificial contribution to the Great Chinese Famine was the only factor; however, just because it wasn't the only factor doesn't mean it was a minor contribution. Second, read this and you'll see that the current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (him alone, not even the whole extended Kim family) possesses an assets roughly worth $5 billion: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/presidents/kim-jong-un-net-worth/ Hence, the fact this huge amount of money is not enough to feed the people of a very tiny country clearly suggests something is wrong with communism and/or the North Korean regime. Third, I was wrong for not having made this point earlier, because I really want to make things fair: I forgot to admit that Stalin did bring some reforms to the USSR when he first took office, such as developing heavy and light industries which were badly left behind because peasants and farmers (well the people in general) were excessively employed as slaves to boost agriculture when the Tsars ruled Russia. But otherwise, communism as a whole still sucks.
  6. First, The Great Famine was accidental (due to Mao not realizing the scope of the problem), Holodomor was intentional, and the North Korean Famine started due to the fall of communism, and made worse by government polices. http://www.studymode.com/essays/Causes-Great-Chinese-Famine-158880.html http://cup.columbia.edu/book/978-0-231-14000-3/famine-in-north-korea Second, If 20 million or more people died at Tiannen Square, that would mean Tiannen Square should have as many dead as the Nazi death camps Auschwitz, Treblinka, and the Soviet massacre at Katyn (which it did not). First, stop feeding your own arrogance when you've never been to a communist country! The Great Famine was man-made: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/feb/10/worst-man-made-catastrophe-ever/ Second, your article on North Korea doesn't mention the fall of communism at all. Do you want me to report you for lying and sending disinformation? Third, you failed to mention that while the only crime committed by Nazi Germany was the Holocaust, crimes committed by the USSR include the Holodomor and the Great Purge, and perhaps some other state-terrorist policies as well.
  7. If you do not show where YOU got your alleged facts from, you might as well be making stuff up. Whether or not other people choose to trust your sources or believe the information held within them is beside the point. They provide an opportunity for people to find other evidence to prove or disprove the information within those sources and to move the debate forward. Provide those sources please or this discussion will have become meaningless and I will close this thread. In fact, I would really appreciate it if you could close this thread. Not because I have no sources, but such an ongoing discussion is a waste of time we could have spent on something more interesting and important.
  8. I think you should watch the whole series, rather than the very first video of that series on "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (the reason I didn't copy/paste the URL of a playlist is because Accursed Farms doesn't allow me to do so), before you even start to debunk my claims, so that you'll know everything I said is based on hidden historical facts, not bullshit. The Great Famine does count as it was artificial rather than natural: it happened because of communist policy at that time which regarded African and Latin American countries brotherhood as a whole. Hence huge amount of food was freely exported oversea, leaving native Chinese starve to death. And wherever there is communism, massive famine and starvation always ensue. That's why the Holodomor happened in the USSR, and that's why nationwide famine is still happening in North Korea...And if you seriously believe all those disasters are natural and just happen in communist countries by accident, then I really, really admire your logic! And what do you know about the Tienanmen Square protests if you've neither been to China nor were you even born at that time?! I bet it's easier for you to believe in communist propaganda which says not a single person died from that protest. And don't tell me you really think that the artificial Holodomor was better than the Holocaust...At last, what's the point of giving you a link should the outcome be exactly the same - you won't believe me either way?!
  9. First, give me a break ok?! The USSR didn't just kill their own people they invaded other sovereign countries too (Finland, Poland...) I don't see why they were better than Nazi Germany! Second, stop using the word "Jewish" to substitute "Zionist"! If it was only a matter of Zionist family background among the Soviet leaders then how come the USSR supported Israel? By the way you can Youtube Jews (true Torah/Mizrahi Jews) and Muslims and everyone else were living in peace until the creation of Israel... Third, I don't need to mention again that Wikipedia cannot be trusted! I know Mao himself killed 80 million people (Great Chinese Famine, the Cultural Revolution...) because unlike you I don't believe in communist propaganda! The other 20 million were killed during the Tienanmen Protest in 1989, and those are only conservative numbers! Fourth, the fact the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact even existed proves communism and Nazism can indeed coexist. Enough said. Fifth, I'd like to give you the link...but you're just gonna say those civilians don't exist, by your logic.
  10. You're kidding me right? Wikipedia is full of propaganda and ANYONE CAN EDIT ARTICLES ON THAT! No plane, no car and no tank? LOL It's funny you are the one who sticks to communist propaganda yet you accuse me of being brainwashed by commies! Just the opposite was the case - the communists had no planes, no cars, no tanks! And no, they DID NOT fight against Japanese invaders at all, they took advantage of the Sino-Japanese war to overthrow the Nationalist government! Here is a video playlist made by Falun Gong practitioners, they are 100% anti-communist. You'll see the communists did not fight against Japs at all! And don't even try to tell me I'm brainwashed by commies once you've watched this: s8oaUepvc70 Then you fucking say I'm a robot! I don't know! For the sake of my sanity, let's just say 100 children (more or less) died in drone strikes. You know that they aren't targeting children on purpose, and yet you still use this in your anti-US views. So just stop using it please. Just because they didn't target children on purpose doesn't mean what they were doing is right! And just because they didn't kill those children on purpose doesn't mean those victims don't exist! How about if I kill you and I say you don't exist?! Anyway if you ever say those children don't exist again then I'll say hurricane Sandy didn't cause any fatality and the victim list was fake! 6L79wWAFUqg Again Wikipedia is not a reliable source as anyone can write article on it...
  11. First, "whoever struck first would be portrayed as the aggressor, the one who was struck would be portrayed as the victim", but the US didn't keep this school of thought in mind when attacking other weak communist countries. Therefore you cannot use this to prove there was no secret alliance between the US and communism. Plus the US would achieve the same victory if they attacked the USSR during WWII just like Nazi Germany. Open your eyes! Second, did I say I hate Jews? NO! I repeatedly used the word "Zionist" to emphasize the difference between Judaism and Zionism. I love religious Jews because they read the Torah, while Zionists are not real Jews because they read the Talmud! Many Religious Jews (Orthodox Jews, Neturei Karta...) oppose Zionism too, and this is truth! And are you saying that prominent communist figures such as Lenin, Marx or Leon Trotsky were not Zionists?! Do you even have the slightest idea about their family background? Third, what makes you think you know better than me? The communist regime in China alone murdered at least 100 million people. Get your fact right! Fourth, why do you want to avoid to mention the non-aggression pact made between Nazi Germany and the USSR to invade Poland? Unless you realized your mistake but you dare not to admit it? Fifth, let me get this straight: I am not Muslim! And I never said I hated all Americans! I only like normal Americans who don't feel they are so superior just because their media encourages them to do so! And do you want me to give you a link showing US police brutality towards civilians? I guess it will be useless because you are gonna say they don't exist...
  12. You obviously overlooked the fact China already had a huge manpower available to join the armed forces, which had absolutely no problem overthrowing the Japanese empire. Nationalist China would certainly be stronger if the US-funded communist rebels didn't take advantage of WWII to harass the nationalist army! How about if I say you don't exist and you are a robot?! Go watch the relevant videos yourself! Unless you are blind? How does race not affect the way people think? All Black people are with Martin! And some good White people demonstrated in supported of Martin too! I'M DENYING WHAT ISN'T TRUE YOU ASSHOLE! If you knew me personally you would find out that you were just making shit up about a man you think is an evil person, JUST BECAUISE HE'S AN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. First, READ WHAT I SAID! I said attacking puppet communist regimes doesn't prove anything. If the US attacked the USSR or China rather than other small communist countries then it is a valid proof that the US wasn't working with communism. Second, attacking puppet regimes rather than the superpowers themselves, or supporting their enemies still doesn't prove anything. It's like a game of chess in which one person plays white and his opponent black. No matter how many pieces are captured/killed a game remains a game in the virtual world, which is never the same as physical fight in the real world. Third, Britain supported Palestine because they were anti-communist, as opposed to Zionists who were, and are still communist. Just look into your dictionary and you'll see the ultimate goal of Zionists is Zion, which has the same meaning as Utopia - the ultimate goal of communists. And the fact the US along with the USSR supported Israel is enough to prove the US did support communism. "And the US and USSR supported Israel for a variety of reasons, namely to look like good people to the world", yeah you just confessed the US government only looks like good people but are not in reality. Fourth, "the leaders of the USSR didn't want to look like another Stalin and make the Warsaw Pact look bad, and therefore did not want to kill more people than they had to", yeah they were so better than Stalin that unlike him, they executed people in secrecy. Fifth, "40 million people is plenty. Why lie and add 20 million people to that count when the said number is plenty to use in propaganda?" Either you are lying about this number, or you only count people who were publicly executed but you forget to include others who died of starvation, overloaded & forced labor in the Gulag, etc. Sixth, fascism/Nazism and communism do mix! It is an undeniable fact Nazi Germany and the USSR forged an alliance by signing a German–Soviet non-aggression pact to invade Poland, before they fought each other. Seventh, I've already heard in the news (not from my country) that the US is gradually becoming a police state. And incidents involving police officers who fatally shot unarmed and innocent civilians is on the rise nationwide. If your friend is still alive that's because he/she is lucky, it's just a matter of time till the police silences him/her.
  14. Rewriting history? Who's rewriting you little jerk? Japan at that time was at war with Chinese, Koreans, Indonesians, Malays, Filipinos, Burmese, Thais, Vietnamese, Cambodians...It's logical the Japanese economy would collapse when it was at war with so many countries! They aren't children? Look at their age idiot! What is your definition of children otherwise? Bradley Manning and Julian Assange revealed some crimes committed by US troops. It is a fact and I even talked about it. But if you do not read carefully what I write then it's not my fault! If you were Black I bet you would never support Zimmerman! You just don't dare to confess you may be racist that's all. Yeah, just sit on your comfortable couch and deny this fact, this is easy. But if I know you in real life then you won't be able to fool me anymore.
  15. Listen up, my government never told us anything about the US conspiring with communists for fear of their own reputation, I do my own research. First, attacking some puppet regimes doesn't prove anything, how about invading either the USSR or China? Why no solid action if they weren't secretly working together? Plus, back in 1948 Britain, which is supposed to be an US ally supported Palestine while Soviet Russia supported Israel. And how do you explain the fact the US chose to side with the USSR and supported Israel? Second, you are underestimating the atrocities of the USSR against its own people in order to defend your government's wrongdoing, aren't you? Third, current major events tell me that the US government is a mixture of communism and fascism.
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