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  1. I never realized there was a games suggestion thread, let me throw a couple into the void. UIltima IX I played this game as a kid, apparently people didn't like it due to plot inconsistencies or something. I don't really care about that, I liked the game for the most part. Kinda has Elder Scrolls like gameplay, with different tiers of weapons, armor, and spells. Came out 2 years before Morrowind too. There's just a lot of things to do and see in the game, and a lot to discover outside the main story. I enjoyed exploring Britannia. The Moment of Silence I got this game as a teenager on CD for my birthday, but I wasn't able to install it because it said it was only compatible with Windows XP for some reason and I had Windows Vista. But I came back years later to play it (I haven't had time to sit down and beat it yet) and I like that one of the first things you have to do in the game is harass a family that just had their door blown in and had their father abducted by a SWAT team.
  2. Favorite quote: "I do not like the Hell Room."
  3. I was looking through my Steam library a couple weeks ago for something to play. I have a lot of games I got in sales or through bundles so I wanted to try one out. A couple years ago I bought Resident Evil 5 but didn’t get around to playing it, so I decided to download and play it. After it downloaded I went to play it but when you go to launch it through Steam, Steam launches Games for Windows Live (GFWL) instead, and GFWL launches the game. But it turns out that Microsoft doesn’t support GFWL anymore, and the last update for it was in 2014. So when I go to launch Resident Evil 5 it tries to install GFWL and I get something like this The installer attempts to install GFWL but it fails because Microsoft shut down the servers for GFWL, and I can’t launch Resident Evil 5 through Steam. I can’t refund this game because I bought it years ago. So I’ve got two options: I can try to find the installer for GFWL somewhere else. I can find a crack for the game If I wanted to go the route of finding the installer for GFWL, I found this guide in a Microsoft forum. I skimmed through it and found this line hilarious: So I could try to install GFWL and it might not even work the first time, and if I want to try to play it again years later it might break even more because GFWL is not supported by Microsoft anymore. I chose instead to go with the game crack. I found this website that has a bunch of simple steps to follow to get Resident Evil 5 to work. Not only does it patch out the broken launcher, it also has a bunch of quality of life fixes and bug fixes. You can still buy Resident Evil 5 through Steam. They will sell you a broken game, though new buyers can just refund it when they realize it’s broken. There’s a bunch of other games that were integrated with GFWL, some I have in my library and have also not played yet. I found a list of GFWL enabled games that are on Steam here. Recently a bunch of other game developers have been making their own special launchers for their own games. I just saw that the XCOM series just integrated a new special launcher in Steam when I went to play XCOM 2 recently. It made me think: How many of these launchers are still going to work 10 years from now? Have you guys had any experiences like this?
  4. There was an episode where he changed the railroad tracks early and called himself "Mr. Efficiency". Since then I've called myself Mr. Efficiency for tiny efficient things I've done.
  5. I followed this guide a while back when I was running apache on my server. I looked up accursedfarms.com server information and it looks like they are running apache. And if the server admin gets that setup they should redirect all http requests to https
  6. Bit late to the party. But have you czeched out ? He's the first person to do a video let's play
  7. Why isn't the site secured with SSL certificates? I'm not sure what your hosting situation is, but they're really easy to setup with LetsEncrypt.
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