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  1. There was an episode where he changed the railroad tracks early and called himself "Mr. Efficiency". Since then I've called myself Mr. Efficiency for tiny efficient things I've done.
  2. nimdok

    SSL Certificates

    I followed this guide a while back when I was running apache on my server. I looked up accursedfarms.com server information and it looks like they are running apache. And if the server admin gets that setup they should redirect all http requests to https
  3. nimdok

    Serious/Mature Let's Players?

    Bit late to the party. But have you czeched out ? He's the first person to do a video let's play
  4. nimdok

    SSL Certificates

    Why isn't the site secured with SSL certificates? I'm not sure what your hosting situation is, but they're really easy to setup with LetsEncrypt.

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