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  1. Take your time Ross,as much as I love GD I think you should stop it for a while and maybe make a follow up episode 2 or some other videos.
  2. Hi Ross,I know you said many times that you won't play witcher 3 until you finish the first two.You said you were still "stuck" on witcher 1 and I agree you should play the first 2 before playing the last one.But if you don't enjoy it maybe you shouldn't finish it and just read up on the story of the first game,honestly the witcher 1 is downright a bad game,it has boring gameplay with repetative combat,story is okay but I would explain it as if it was told by a really bad story teller.The second game is a lot better but not nearly as good as the third game.I really think you are missing out by not playing witcher 3 it is a true masterpiece of a game,never in my life have I played a better game.I never even knew that anyone could make an open world game soo big,with no loading screens and such an insanely good story.I mean even if I told you every day for the next year how amazing the witcher 3 is you would still be surprised when you start playing it.I know,I know this is a very "heartfelt" text of a fan of witcher but I just feel like you will never try it,I am sure it will change you mind about gaming in general and what gaming devs can make.
  3. I am more impressed that he actually managed it. How many tries did Ross need to pull that off? Or was he just improvising after he managed it by accident? You can see there is a cut a bit before that scene so I am pretty sure it wasn't improvised or by accident,it surely took a few tries.
  4. Question for Ross? The Witcher 3 being one of the best games ever made,gathered a huge fanbase of people who love the card game in the witcher 3,GWENT.Have you played it and what are your thoughts on it? Honestly if you are ever going to break your gaming on a 4-5 year lag rule,you should do it for Witcher 3,because it's insanely good,I am not a kind of person to say these things and 99% of the time I mind my own business and I don't go around preaching like a mad person.But witcher 3 is way too good,it's a new standard for gaming,I really hope you at least try it for a little bit.
  5. First of,I want to apologize,I know I was being extremely rude and I even said I was sorry for being rude in my original unedited comment " Sorry for being rude but...".I hesitated a lot before posting that but I ended up posting it.I don't even know why,I guess it's just because I really really do love your videos,all of them and I got a bit disappointed when the game dungeon wasn't posted on halloween. You said that you would start doing it a lot sooner so you could have it ready for halloween,so the scenario form the last year doesn't happen again and you end up losing you sanity from all the work. To all the people saying that I know nothing about editing and commentary.I use to do a lot of casting and post commentary professionally for Starcraft and starcraft 2 and believe me I know how saying same lines over and over again for hours until you get everything done,editing,trying to catch up with Korean players who have insane macro and micro abilities,figuring out what to say next as you are saying the current sentence live so you can't mess up can make you almost angry.Sleepless nights and a lot of aderal until I got diagnosed with all sorts of shit so I had to quit. I never got annoyed when people asked immediately after posting a video "When is the next one coming out",even doe I spent hours and hours working on the previous one.I just knew they don't understand as much as I do and I can't get mad for that.Even if they did understand,it's like when you watch a new TV show and you get really annoyed when you watch an episode and you can't wait for another one,even though you know it took them hundreds of hours to record that season.I would never ban just for that,I considered it criticism and that was my job anyway. As for banning me,I really hope you don't.Since I really am sorry.The reason I thought you were uploading only on weekend since like last 4 game dungeons were uploaded on saturday or sunday.Actually there is a story to this as well,some companies deliberately forced some of my friends to only release videos on sunday since statistically that is when most people would spare time to watch those types of videos,therefore it would bring in more revenue.
  6. You are going to upload the halloween game dungeon on saturday again to get more views and come up with something like "I worked all day,didn't even sleep and still didn't finish it on time,right? P.S Sorry for being rude but it's way too obvious to me at this point,it's been the same since you started game dungeon.
  7. Another awesome edition of game dungeon,thank you Ross! I think it would be awesome if you just played a good horror game on twich,watching you play would be great or you mentioned that you wanted to play an RTS game and see if you can beat some levels on the hardest dificulty,actually I think that would be even more interesting to watch.
  8. How do i send you some game footage for the next video chat?
  9. Ross you've done a lot of game dungeons in the past months,I think you should take a break and do a follow-up episode 2 or something like that,just a casual video.
  10. I watched your old LP's and some are actually interesting,specially your battlefield 1942 live commentary since I really love that game and use to play it a lot.
  11. Hello everyone,this might be a weird question but I have to ask. I love watching let's play videos like many people here and from time to time I like to take few hours out of my weekend to watch some let's plays...now the problem is that I basically ran out of good let's plays to watch.This would be easy for most people,since there are soo many let's players out there that it's getting a bit ridiculous,but not for me. I kind of have a strict criteria for let's players.I just can not stand let's players who keep screaming,overreacting,faking enthusiasm...here are some examples of let's players I can not stand: theRadBrad,Pewdiepie,Markiplier,Toby Games,Rooster Teeth,Tetra Ninja... Now people that I like are usually not that well known except for few.I love LPers that are very calm,serious,mature,have deep voice and don't have their damned face drawn like a cartoon character as their profile picture (JK). Some examples of LPers that I have already watched and really really loved:Coect(serious,older guy,known for his hitman LPs),Battlefield315(very serious,mature guy,he only did one LP but it was a long one and one of my favorites),Gopher(serious,mature,does RPG games),StarduskLP(also RPG games) Now if anyone can suggest me some good Let's Players that meet the criteria above I would be very very thankful. I HAVEN'T WATCHED A GOOD LP IN MONTHS!
  12. Well...I guess there wasn't an another video in july...I'm very surprised.
  13. What! damn...you will get started with the next game dungeon,well fml! See ya next year!
  14. Hello everyone,I am planning to send some footage for the next video chat,so I was wondering what are the requirements.I know that it has to be at least 3h long and that it should be at least 720p,but how do I send it and where?
  15. Hey,Ross here is a quick question,I really hope you answer it. Have you ever listened to Rammstein music or watched their concert?
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