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  1. And this is another problem with VR: they are seriously power hungry, Oculus HTC Vive or TrinusVR app. So eve if someone gonna spend that 500-800$ for Oculus, Vive or Morpheus they would probably spend another 500-800 for new hardware(consoles are different story tho). Because most of people that used DK2 or other goggles are tech guys that know "something" about it, and they try to have a bit more power in their PC than typical users. But someone gonna buy VR goggles because everyone say that its so cool, and they saw screens of people playing new games.... and they end with looking for any old game that would run smooth or play with settings just to run it. For past few years I changed my hardware loots of time, and I actually never could set modern games to max just too see how it would look, with oculus or with mobile goggles. Even if technically my hardware where capable to run it. I dont care about it that much because almost none of new game fit my needs and I just stick with older ones, but when you look at it in a bit wider perspective its gonna be annoying for most of people. No one said its gonna be cheap gadget, but to hit global trend in game industry it still need loots of work if we want see best quality games in VR for "everyone". For most of time its gonna be small step back in terms of quality, Not that big, but it would be visible for most of people.
  2. Third time Im asking to stop sticking to small part of my post. Why you all so driven into being so mad just because someone doesn't share your opinion... Its seriously hypocritical that in one way you are so mad at me because I dont like something what you like and in other way... YOU bash me because of that... And you should really rethink your life if you think this was "4chan" style post... I have my motives why I dont like VNN, and I have no real reason why I would need to tell you why and leave forum, because I really dont care about some random guy and his friend "Binky" behaving like kid because someone doesnt like what he like. Again, maybe now instead of driving this topic more and more, you could focus on main topic of my post. Back on VR topic: After all this time with VR gaming I found out that such gaming have one problem: cables. Even if I managed do finish few games using VR goggles and I tried playing on keyboard/mouse and controller, every time I found out that more advanced games(read: fast movement, precision) those damn cables and goggles are a bit annoying after some time. As far as precision is matter of practice, fast movement are really annoying... For example try to play Portal or even CS... it is possible but for me its irritating as hell when you need to make something fast. Im afraid that in current state VR gonna do what consoles did with FPS games: They gonna limit everything, dumb AI and simplify everything just to make it easier for casual gamers in every new game... But as far as I can play old ones... Im cool with it. And in this time when we gonna return to old games in new style they would limit size of goggles and add wirelesses connection without big lag...
  3. Why inventing new wheel if we have it. This quote pretty good say what I think about him. why I should pretend and act like fake person just to "blandish" to some users. I write what I think, if someone dont like it... not my problem. And I hope you all realize that some people here are for looooooooong time... they, just like me just didnt had reason/time to register to forum... So you dont need to tell that its small community :] I hope you are not persons who judge people by number of post... I dont need to tell that its retarded(hard to call it different) Also I hope we could stop this useless posting just because someone stick to small part of my post. If someone dont like my opinion, feel free to send me PM filled with anger about why your opinion is better than my. Lets just stick to more cooler topic like VR...
  4. And can I ask where do you see ""vulgar expressions""? It is word "twat"? I hope you realize that it also mean an inept person. You see what you want to see, so if had in mind women genitals... you have issues... I see that some of you are those person that doesnt like any opinion that is not like their opinion. And we all should be fake polite and nice, and we should not say what we think, even if its not nice opinion. I know forum rules, and you dont need to behave like typical "elite" members like every internet forum have. Its just an opinion, you dont like it, deal with it and move on, you dont need to spend another 20post just to bash other person because they doesnt like what you like. Because for now its like war of one person that like color blue and other Red and Im bad because I like orange... Not to mention that you would rather stick to really small part of my post instead of talking about VR goggles... So tell me who have problem here?
  5. Well, as far as some people like to be nice for everyone, you cant denied that ValveNewsNetwork IS (quote) ""an annoying clickbaiting twat with a patreon account." Life is brutal, and we should learn calling thing by name if you like it or not. About VR. As I write on previous VR thread/news( ROSS RANTS: 3D ) There is more and more content for mobile phone VR goggles, and Apps like TrinusVR in current stage are so good that you can play any PC game in VR mode using only your phone and any VR goggles that doesnt cost fortune. I currently wait for my third goggles, this time a bit more advanced with way better lenses, and even if my current ones are good and I finished few games using them, looking at new content that show up every week, I cant wait to play with it again, even if its not Oculus quality, its still enjoyable and using USB tethering I have minimal lags and thanks to 2k screen on my current phone its just pure joy to watch movies or play games. So even if Oculus, HTC vive or Sony Project Morpheus will get most attention of media because of obvious possibilities of PC/console they use, most of people would start with mobile phone and simple VR goggles, especially thanks to Youtube VR option. But then people gonna find more and more content for it and THEN maybe they switch to oculus/vive/morpheus, because main problem is price and setup that they have, no one gonna blindly spend few k$ just because its new. People that spend time with technology gonna buy it just like that because they interested in it, its obvious, but we should not forget that not everyone are like that, and still 90% of people even if heard about it are not gonna buy it just because its "trendy". PS. Coldplay for me its in the same level as Justin Bieber. Its joke for "no one love me" girls and guys :]
  6. Well no one force Ross to make game, but its just good topic for new ideas and discussion. To be honest making GOOD game is not about additional work, but having good plan for it. Almost whole my life Im helping people with small graphic and sound work for games, from simple texturing to making concept art and basic graphic(GUI, logos) and for most of time its work for free and its work not for some big companies(I wish) but for normal people, most of it are 1 person projects or max 10 friends who want make something cool. And guess why for most of time project end at alpha stage or not even get first release? Its not about lack of recourses or knowledge(most of stuff you can get or buy and then just modify). Its lack of planing time schedule, and having overall idea of game. When you work alone or with few people you modify and fix something over and over again and you just stuck at the same point and because of that you just give up. Most of people always focus on polishing one part of game all the time and forget about rest and when they finish it it turn out that they need to modify it again to fit it to other part of game. And to be honest its gonna be the same with the movie. I hope Ross have overall plan and idea of this movie, and not gonna stuck at one point just because he would want to modify it over and over, forgetting about other parts. But Ross have experience with making movies so after all we should not be worried :] Also about ther topic of video: Car. I seriously cant agree with Ross about not having a car, especially in Poland. It not cost that much as most of people think, mostly because they look at car in wrong way. I work in car workshop, most of m family had something to do with cars all the time, and its not like Ross said, lack of having a car make you thing what where you go... its like saying that having phone force you to call all the time. Having car today is must have, not having your own car/motorcycle is seriously disadvantage in life, and instead of thinking how much it cost think HOW MUCH IT CAN HELP YOU in your life. Starting from helping getting a job, ending being your job as a driver. Especially in Poland you can go to any local fastfood/pizza restaurant or even grocery shop that deliver shopping to homes. Its best way to get first job. And having a car is not that expensive. You can buy cheap car for 600zł and drive it for few months... and then get another. Last year we bought two Opel's Corsa B for 700zł each(paid and working), for our workshop as a replacements when we fix client car and when in one gearbox died(lame client driver) we scrap it and get 300zł from it... So no its not THAT expensive. Just get any cheap car and when its die, just scrap it and buy another one, there are plenty of old cars that still are paid(insurance etc) and just wait for their final ride before insurance/inspection end :]
  7. I got that game from one of old PC magazines back in 2004 i think... And It suck me for good few weeks, and I got back to it few times, and still it was enjoyable. Its not complicated game and RPG elements arent that big, but overall quality of fighting and level design is really atmospheric. Gameplay it self is typical "go there kill everyone, push the button" but to be honest as far as game have this good atmosphere such gameplay is really good. Its one of this game that look simple but because of it design and characters you can finish every level in different way, and even if aged a loot, I really dont see any flaws in it. If anyone played Rune Game should love this one(and vice versa if you like this game you should try Rune)
  8. Only I like to have screen lower? -_- And Youtube is amazing in suggesting video. Someone should write a book about their system. One time I watched Funny Star Wars video, and for WHOLE F MONTH i got suggestions about Star Wars related movies... and I watched only ONE movie about Star Wars... And Minecraft gameplays... or latest Internet Cancer "Reaction" videos... oh my God... no comments. I would understand it If I would watch them... but only 3 person use my network and none of them watch those(they hate them too) Clicking "Im not interested" is like hitting a concrete wall using leaf. I seriously dont know why Youtube dont have "Ignore" and "block user videos" options. It would actually help making more views and users would find new channels to watch... so that would be also good for YT. Because for example I NEVER gonna click anything that have "reaction" tag in name, and if I would block those videos and channels once and for good from my view, I would have a chance to watch other channels. For now you can click "Im not interested" but after some time you gonna see this video again and again and again... And google wonder why no one like YT and they not get more money from views...
  9. Well, few years ago I bought old HP laptop for 300zł(about 70Euro) just to play old games, But then I said screw that, And I just made multi boot on my everyday laptop. For most of time I use Linux LiteOS, and for rest I switch to good old Windows7 but I made small 5GB partition for Windows xp and using only integrated Intel Graphic(not Nvidia one that normally is used) I can play almost any old game(even those from win98 times). I though that I would have problems with other part of hardware but no, nothing. I just didnt update any drivers and I run everything on software and for some games I had to set process to use only one core... For now its work excellent. Also for people that dont like Windows10(like me) because of tracking and data recording on it. I spend some time with that system and I recorded logs from my router, and even with all available options turned off, system can send/receive almost 4-10MB of data per day(only by system part). So because of that I just blocked most Microsoft IPs on my router, and I use external Firewall(like tinywall) to block all that crap. I actually use IP blocker on my router as a best Ad blocker :] And about videos idea. Most of people play older games, and because you need to spend time playing game, record it and find something interesting about it, Why not to ask people: "Hey! You play this game? You like it? RECORD gameplay, WRITE simple info about it, about specific part of it, problems you encounter in it, maybe some cool stuff? Write it down, add timestamps for your records to quick find that parts and send them to Ross or post in forum..." Ross could choose game, still play it to get that "feel" of it, but it could use your video to speed up making Game Dungeon. It would credit you at the end of video and everyone would be happy... Because think about it. For example last Week I played again Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and I actually could record gameplay of it, and write some basic and interesting things about it. Ross could play it a bit, and he could use some part of my records and info that I found to speed up making his next video. And if someone say that they need to record it and edit it? I dont think that it would take more time than few hours, and because you can spread this to few days or weeks its not big deal... and write about it? Basic info that could be useful for Ross and timestamps to find interesting parts... Nothing big. PS, you need to seriously review in RGD "Giants: Citizen Kabuto" its too good and too underrated to just leave it, like you said MaxPayne and other games are well know, but game like this... Some people know it, but rest just dont know what they miss :]
  10. I spend soooo much time on this game... I bought it after premier on 4 god damn CD's that I almost lost before I even reach home(sad that music CD is scratched like hell, Jeremy Soule maybe is not that good as Mark Morgan but it have nice style). It was actually first game that "glued" me to PC for 18 hours. I spend nonstop 18 hours on it after I install it first time. Actually only Fallout 2 and Stalker SoC could do that, and I still play both those game EVERY YEAR, I making small 2 day's marathons for both of games and I still think that I should made this for Dungeon Siege. And just like Ross said, this game have "something" that give you that pure fun. Game can be dumb or ugly, but as far as it have atmosphere and good gameplay you can spend days playing it. But few thought about video... After you get 3 people in your team, You should definitely try combat magic. I always choose bows for my character, but after you get good combat level you can just burn anything that you encounter. When I reached one time swamps with full combat magic team It was almost impossible to stop me I just send them to fight and hold Manna Potion shortcut ALL THE TIME Second thing, you should DEFINITELY mention that you can pause game by hitting space and set orders to your team, you actually gonna use it all the time later in game and some people today just dont get it that you can do this(yes some people on internet have problems with such things like reading and checking options). Other thing. DS II. you should mention that it was probably first game that your character could use two weapons at the same time. Ff course there where games with system like that, but DS II was fist game that work great with it and look amazing with all those effects and powerups. first DS would be amazing with dual weapon system. Also this time that you spend thinking if you should set your character as a brutal one weapon or fast two weapon fighter... Because in DS II it was almost impossible to set your character to different type in the middle of the game. If you choses magic... later its pain to change it... And last funny thing, when I first played Dungeon Siege it I stopped before reaching Castle Ehb, when you need to beat that damn Dragon. I had really messed team and I was to pissed off to back to the city, so I dumped this game for good week before I beat that Dragon... Normally I would not go back to game(ragequit) but Dungeon Siege was just to good to leave it like that
  11. For me Twitch is no go. I personally hate it for lack of optimization, really idiotic stream configuration, forcing for HD stream, really bad, bad, bad, bad mobile app. And all that covered with double-dragon-falcon-punch traffic sucking machine. In one minute it can just kick to death my 50 mbps LTE and actually stop any other traffic in home. Any other stream service, even VOD with 1080 res videos doesnt have such problems.
  12. I always wondering do you have any outtakes/funny records between takes from FM or CP? I have on my phone outtakes from Leet World and this is sometimes funnier than actual machinima, and because CP is in my top5 it would be nice to have outtakes from it
  13. But we still can laugh from Polish Politics ( Są gusta i guściki, ale Sejm jest tylko jeden :] )
  14. This s just a guy who play weird mods. He didnt create them, he just play them, and to be honest I prefer text comments instead of shouting to mic like most of people on youtube. If anyone remember channels like tolkki32 or Polaze from start of YouTube they would also prefer text over voice. And you cal it low level humor. Well for me low level humor is Pewdiepie, and similar crap, including ALL minecraft videos. I would rather laugh once per month from weird as hell mod and reviewed by this guy, than listen another World of Warcraft or MC gameplay :]
  15. I always though that he get drunk, get some drugs and this happed after that: PS. sub that guy, he have seriously good videos
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