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  1. Good in small doses. I don't regret playing it, but I never saw any point in trying to finish it.
  2. Gripping atmosphere, vicious, even often unfair difficulty and nice, simplistic graphics. I agree that it's best to go in blind.
  3. More like a surrealistic survival game. I think that describes it best. You might even call it a rouge-like. It's not, but what good are save files when you just noticed that you mismanaged your resources and brought yourself into an unwinnable situation hours ago?
  4. It's released now. It's... well, definitely interesting. I like the architecture and the atmosphere, but the gameplay is terrible. The voice acting is even worse. I regret paying money for it.
  5. This game is a harsh mistress. Stunningly beautiful and terrible at the same time. It makes you doubt your abilities, your sanity, your existence. I don't think I ever lasted more than two, maybe three hours and never got close to the ending.
  6. So much wasted potential. When I started the game, I tought you were going to explore the house, haunted by the demons of your own memories. But instead you walk corridor after corridor with things screaming and crying at you.
  7. I put many hours in this game and regret it completely. The nice handdrawn style is completely ruined by the animation looking like a flash video from 2001. The randomized level design and constant backtracking makes progress boring and the story is almost unnoticable most of the time.
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