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  1. An interesting thought occurred to me. After rewatching the series and more specifically episode 61.5 it got me thinking. After reading through the comments that proposed the same thing, I was pretty convinced. Episode 61.5 is not non-canon. It actually takes place in the Freeman's Mind universe rather than just an alternate ending. Now before I get to the point I want to bring something up. Perhaps Gordon was right about the teleporters, they clone his atoms, destroy his old form and reconstruct them on the other end of the teleporter with all thoughts and memories intact, but he is not the original. Perhaps during the final teleport to Xen, Gordon's old self was not destroyed but somehow remained intact, so one Gordon was teleported to Xen, where he was supposed to, and the other was placed in an unknown location. (likely somewhere in eastern Europe) Now to the point. I believe that Mike from CP IS that copied Gordon. Gordon and Mike do share some similarities. Gordon and Mike both know Eddie. Now this could be a different Eddie but evidence points towards it being the same guy, such as when Dave was searching the crazy guy's home in The Tunnel and says he has nothing worth stealing, to which Mike replies, "You've been hanging out with Eddie too much." While we still don't know much about Eddie, we can all speculate that he is either a professional thief who sells his merchandise or a Black Market dealer as Gordon says he can get human skulls from Eddie and even says he should give Eddie a call to lift a huge weapons stash and make a profit off them. So, it's likely the same guy. Another is during the CP Christmas special when Mike was telling the viewers how to make a "Christmas brick" Mike then goes on to give suspiciously detailed instructions to which Dave notices he's talking from experience. This is likely a hint to Gordon's backstory. While Ross keeps the original backstory on Gordon very lore friendly such as how gordon became a scientist and his time in Austria, he also implies and often admits that Gordon had or still has a drug problem. What i'm getting at is I think Gordon was homeless at one point and highly addicted to drugs before he even went to MIT or joined Black Mesa and Mike/Gordon is telling his stories from childhood/adolescence/early adulthood, I don't know. The next point is the name change. Despite the marines saying "forget about freeman" it's likely that Gordon #2 would have been paranoid enough to change his name under fear that the U.S. Government would find him again as he still thinks he's a fugitive. Even after the Seven Hour War when the U.S. Government, along with all other governments, fell to the might of the combine, the name Gordon Freeman is still synonymous with the thought of him being a savior among the rebels and a deviant among the Combine. He likely would have kept his fake name and never mentioned anything about Black Mesa to keep himself safe from the Combine. He decided to make himself even less of a target by joining Civil Protection to get more benefits and make himself seem less suspicious. Now, onto Mike and Gordon #2's mannerisms. As we all know, the events of HL2 take place over 20 years after the Black Mesa incident. This seems like enough time that Gordon #2 would settle down into the Metro-Police. Given the complete worldwide ban of all narcotics, Gordon wouldn't be able to get any more of his Oxycodone, likely making him reform from his drug fueled ways, making him more level-headed and calm but still keeping his over-the-top sense of urgency and short temper. Add the fact that Gordon #2 was never put in stasis at the end of Half Life, making him age and mature like everyone else. Imagine what Mike would think when he hears that Gordon Freeman has been spotted in the canals and what he sees when he reinforces his police team.
  2. Hey ross, if you're planning on doing a halloween episode for the game dungeon this year, i have an awesome flash game you might be interested in. It's basically Dead Space and DOOM in one beautiful and gorey masterpiece. I highly reccomend you play it. It's called The Breach. And if you don't like the white contrast like when you skipped Union City. (I am still a little miffed about that) Then you can play the newgrounds version with the dim lights option. I highly recommend playing it. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/542858
  3. Hope you don't get harvested Ross. Also, I'm blaming you if the entire world ends because everyone who has seen this episode has seen things they shouldn't. Thanks a lot Ross, hope to see you in our slavery to the warlock overlords.
  4. Hey! I just posted this!
  5. So I was checking around SFM videos on youtube and I found this cool beauty This guy remade the Civil Protection episode that was cartoon animated. So one of my questions to Ross is; Why not HIRE an SFM animator for Civil Protection? There has to be at least SOME SFM animators that are probably willing to partake. EDIT: PFFT, it's like this guy is reading my mind! The subliminal text at the end of the video reads "Hey Ross if you ever, you know, want to continue the series you-uh have my contact information. So yeah, see you soon?" Something to think about , Ross?
  6. "Well done everyone! The war is over. We must remember all who had the courage to step up against the combine. Many good men have died by their hands, but one final push on their forces liberated our planet. With all of our efforts to rid earth of the combine, we have succeeded. But without one man, we could never have broken their hold. The Free Man did what no one else could have done, he gave us hope. Humanity is now stronger than ever. We now have the resources and the manpower to fight the combine should the need arise. But we couldn't have started it all without him. He inspired all of us, to be free once again. He shall never be forgotten."
  7. Let's hope that even after a possible episode one and two, Valve will finally announce half-life 3. I still have some hopes that it's coming soon. It's been seven years since episode 2 came out and I think we're getting close. If it took Ross seven years to complete freeman's mind, than we have a long journey ahead of us.
  8. Let it be our New Years present from ross.
  9. I'm sure you would, and thank you. But what I was referencing was the fact that Mike and Dave from Civil Protection are (possibly) stationed in Bulgaria and were also mentioned in Barney's Mind as being barney's "Friend's from Bulgaria"
  10. A nod to my older post [Freeman's mind intro] "Okay, now shit is DEFINITELY getting real. If I understand this correctly, aliens from another planet have invaded and have taken over the world, and I, out of some freak coincidence, am it's only hope. What form of meth am I on where aliens can take over the world in seven hours? What am I going to do? I can't exactly escape to Massachusetts if the entire world is enslaved. Hmm, if i'm right about this, city 17 might be in the middle of some sort of eastern European country I've been seeing a lot of signs and posters with some sort of Russian letters. I can probably make my way to Bulgaria, I have a couple buddies there who can help. If I can find eddy he can probably smuggle me across the country, give me some weapons. I wouldn't doubt he has a SPAS-12 up for sale. That man can smuggle anything anywhere. Man I miss my shotgun, the satisfaction of punching 12 gauge into someone's abdomen is so overwhelming."
  11. I think I started watching this around '09 to '12 I think I remember it as seeing a couple episodes of Freeman's mind but then got more interested in civil protection. Once there were no more episodes to watch, I took notice of freeman's mind and now i'm here. What a good run it's been. I would (and still) check in once a week on the accursed forums just to see if there was a new episode out. If ross doesn't make a freeman's mind season 2, then it's been a good run and maybe we'll see other source related material. It's amazing to me how far Freeman's Mind has come. I was once on the Black Mesa website and found that some guys were doing some kind of role playing around the Black Mesa complex and when they came to Gordon Freeman he was depicted as having a voice box with ross' voice. Kind of makes me hope for a Black Mesa remake. It would be nice but we all know the answer to that by now.
  12. If freeman's mind season 2 is confirmed, we all know that Ross has to turn off the music to preserve the realism of freeman's mind. I would find it cool if he would enable the music at least during the really "action-y" scenes like when he fights Civil Protection or when he first encounters Overwatch snipers or when he guns down all the CPs and scanners with a mounted gun or when he assaults Nova Prospekt.
  13. I have the theory that all of these islands are just pieces of landmass after a catastrophic occurrence which left most of the planet in pieces. think about i, all of the islands have gravity which means the islands must still be within it's gravitational force.
  14. I was/am really hoping to see freeman assess the workings of xen for it's environment and flora/fauna like him saying something like "If all of these islands are floating in the deep void of space, why don't they move in perpetual motion? They can't be held by a gravitational force if they are all just islands without a base." or "Why am i still breathing if all this is is just a void in space?" There are many interesting things about Xen that COULD make sense, for instance, if you look at the animated freeman's mind movies the creator depicts Xen as being an actual planet but the islands we see are just small chunks of the whole planet which has somehow been almost completely destroyed. The gas giant below and all of the chunks of the planet orbiting the remaining half like moons.
  15. I actually think i understand the backrubs thing. The whole time, freeman couldn't hear very well due to the portal vibrating and the aliens (forget their names) are screeching. He probably misheard him as he could only make out one word and misheard the rest. Get |BACK| here you big orange fuck |BACK| rubs
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