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  1. No one's comenting on my thread. I WORKED HARD, DAMNIT!
  2. A short essay on why Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are my one One True Pairing. The wind, strong and forceful, but ephemeral and fleeting. The rose, charming and influential, but has all these painful-ass thorns on it, which no one acknowledges until the last minute. But the wind doesn't seem to mind. In fact, the rose often gets bent over backwards when they meet. Why? I have no damn clue. But here's why SonAmy is the best pairing in the history of ever. Amy likes the positivity, but needs the negativity. “I love him because he's like a father to me. Is that weird?” Ever since Sonic first saved her, she had always seen him as her knight in shining armor, and had always strived for their relationship to be straight out of a Nicolas Sparks novel. But despite his solemn promise of comradery, and the strong unlikelihood of him ever bothering to find someone better, Sonic never believed he owed her the confirmation, so he'd quickly shoot her down whenever he felt she had overstepped her boundaries. It was frustrating and disheartening, but it encouraged her to be more independent, and more confident in her romantic advances, as well as in-general. Sonic likes the negativity, but needs the positivity. “I'll show HER crazy; in more ways than one!” Sonic loves to butt heads with her. Hell, the day wouldn't be complete without her chasing him and/or threatening to, at the very least, put him in a sling because of something ill-advised he did. He could more than handle it; he relished it. He made a living weaving in and out of trouble, for crying out loud. But sometimes the complicated pressures of being a hero (nevermind his current, less-than-stellar public image) would become unbearable, and he'd find himself needing her childlike wonder and enthusiasm, despite how psychotic and manic it may be. He IS a mascot after all. I usually don't like to get so deep into the romantic endeavors of fictitious characters, but I thought this was an interesting concept, and certainly felt it made the games more endearing. TLDR: Amy is a crazed, and obsessed fangirl, but has a good heart. Sonic loves putting her in her place, but won't ever reject her, because the WORLD rejected him. Best video game romance of the year, all years. Any comments?
  3. Since I was the last person to post in the "Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions" thread, and since double posting causes everyone to ignore what you facking said, I figured I'd post this here. Alyx: "Gordon! I had a feeling I'd find you here." Freeman: "Right, among the zombies, turrets, and massive bloodstains. Hey, what made that door explode?"
  4. It's Chell. It fits the timeline. This is sometime long before the Resonance Cascade. All the alternate dimensions overlap. The DLC itself is a slightly brighter alternate dimension where the GLaDOS project was shut down.
  5. I wish they made it more apparent that the soldiers were getting curb-stomped. The retreat sorta catches you by surprise. I hope fixing things like this in a later patch isn't out of the question.
  6. Freeman shouldn't genuinely care about Alyx until she proves her worth to him somehow, but he SHOULD hold Eli, Kleiner, and Barney in SOME regard.
  7. I don't think I present myself very well. My voice is kinda monotone, and I'm constantly breathing through my mouth. I'm worried people think I'm retarded or something.
  8. I wonder if it'd be at all possible to make the building in Source, across several maps.
  9. During your tour of Valve, Xen aliens start popping up and begin attacking the staff. Find the experimental displacement reversal tech before everyone is killed, and the rights to Half Life are bought by EA!
  10. You're covered in fur You really shouldn't be wearing clothes in the first place STOP MAKING THIS AWKWARD *source? for research*
  11. You're covered in fur You really shouldn't be wearing clothes in the first place STOP MAKING THIS AWKWARD *source? for research*
  12. With all due respect, that was your problem.
  13. http://www.blackmesagolfclub.com/info/index.php
  14. Sorry. But, yeah. It's been thoroughly proven that this franchise unironically being edgy and 90s-ish isn't working, at least not anymore. Kids today just see right through it. Let's be optimistic, and say that the devs/writers aren't stuck in a time warp, and that the cheesiness is just a part of who Sonic is. Unless, he's encountering someone even more obnoxious, like Jet, an IGN rep, or to a lesser extent, Amy. Then he gets mean.
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