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  1. There will always be some loser that isn't happy. It's a rule. I'm just curious if there is any thought into a Freeman's mind for half life 2? I was playing it this week and thinking about parts that would be interesting with a Ross twist on it. Parts like the commanding of the ant lions and meeting dog. I know I'm asking for a lot from a person that might just say fuck it and choose to not work with gman and get the bad ending for half life, but it was interesting in my mind.
  2. I was ready to RELEASE the next episode mid December. I'll wait until I actually have an official agreement with Machinima.com, but I may detail a play-by-play of how long this has taken afterwards. The analogy I've been making is the situation is kind of like having terrorists storm a building and take people hostage, then they say they'll kill the hostages unless the police give into their demands. So the police ask them what their demands are and the terrorists don't say anything. That's kind of where I've been almost 3 months now. I don't understand how communication like this (three months???) is even possible. If I let a contract sit for three months at my company, I'd be fired. It just doesn't sit well.
  3. I don't watch them regularly, but did something happen there too? I hope not, he's pretty funny.
  4. Machine a is a large company. They most likely have general contracts that all the publishers sign. I hope to be proven wrong, but contract issues do not carry on like this in larger companies. Especially into the second full month.
  5. While I'm not an expert on the former, the later is only an opinion. Short staffed or not, an updated contract doesn't take months. Based on the large amount of items that fall under Machinima's umbrella, the contract would likely be a general contract and should have been resolved quickly. The longer this takes, the more I question this situation.
  6. Call me a pessimist, but this issue with machine a seems to be taking a while. I'm pretty sure that a contract issue would generally be resolved within a few weeks. I like the series, but I'm about ready to stop checking for updates.
  7. Poland, nice one. Well, I am waiting for the video (as I'm hoping that is not a joke). Nice to see that your internet is back.
  8. I believe I speak for all of us when I say, "10 F***ing days!?!? Are you serious!?!?!". Also, does anyone know of a way to navigate machinima through a search? I can't find any way to search them, so I've resorted to searching youtube for the tunnel (much to my disappointment in it not being up).
  9. If someone sees it is up, let us know. While that it is obvious that someone here will starting yelling to the rest of us, it would be nice to find out if ross is too busy (or unable) to update for it.
  10. At least the red bars thing is over, just a little more waiting I guess...
  11. Does anyone know about a time frame of a mac port? I'm not sure about time frames factor into these, however I hope it wouldn't take them another seven years...
  12. I saw there that the developers are still posting and occasionally answering questions. I believe that the mod is currently estimated for a summer windows release.
  13. This guy is awesome. His reviews are funny and in my opinion, usually highly accurate. Being from the same generation and owning a comparable collection, makes me proud. Beware of impostors though. The Irate Gamer is a complete rip off, and even went as far as to bash Super Mario Bros 3 (he will never be forgiven for that). I loved the Superman 64 review.
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