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the tunnel-maps

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I was going to ask ross himself but I don't think he'll listen but if he is I want to ask if he can release his custom made tunnel maps for free usage for playing with, or machinimas for the SDK base or Garry's mod. Both the foggy city and the secret tunnels, if they're separate, I have no idea!!! I personally want to play around on it and explore the twists and turns of the tunnel or even invite a friend and we can both kill whatever creepy critter that lurks in the tunnels or even customize it with my own scary props and elements such as blood and dead bodies even gibs and limbs. I know many have wondered what map it is but I found out It was custom. because it is so well done and gives off the "man eating creature" vibe I really wish it can be free to use for the public on the SDK base or Garry's mod. I mean everything about that map screams "Don't come in here or you will be shredded to bits". So please mister ross or anyone who knows conections with him please release this map and if that is a yes please put a link to the map for either SDK or Garry's mod

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I am not actually sure whether Ross made the map himself or not. The exterior has been used in a prior CP episode. So either the map was edited to add the underground areas or they are two separate maps which seems more likely to me. In this case, if Ross sees this it's up to him to either contact the creator of the map(s) (if Ross is not the original creator) to ask their permission to upload them or upload the map(s) himself.

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I created the outside map by heavily modifying a HL2 level. "Nicadeamas" created all the other maps in the episode.


These maps aren't optimized at all and aren't meant to be playable. There's really not much to them besides what you see in the videos. There are multiple maps for every scene, almost none of it is all-connected. I think I asked him before if he cared if they were released, I don't know if I got an answer, I would have to check. Even if he said okay, they are not in a release state AT ALL, somebody would have to come in afterwards and clean it up. The maps also mix content from multiple mods for the objects.

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Well I wish that all the maps can be combined into a large one or be an individual map pack for choice. I wouldn't think it's that hard if it's already been created. All I think it is, is just copy and paste the individual maps and bind them together but I don't really know, I actually think map making is pretty hard



oh and BTW I never knew Ross Scott could view even the smallest of threads thanks for viewing our recommendations and concerns ross :)

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