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    Post your setup!

    Well, considering I'm wanting to have high framerates at a lower price than $1000 as soon as possible, and because I actually have the money now, (got paid for housesitting for my sister) I have decided on a 5700 XT. Planning on getting it, and then at next paycheck getting the Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II, because the stock blower is definitely not going to be as good, and the aftermarket cooler is only $40. (about what would be tacked on from a partner manufacturer for their aftermarket stuff) This will effectively give me my first ever system that has a chance of being CPU-bound in a primarily GPU intensive game. (that will go away in ~6 months though, when I get a Ryzen 5 3600)
  2. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I'm too tired for this shirt... So tired it hurts!
  3. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I remember that picture! I'm doing just fine thank you! (being the redshirt hasn't hurt me so far)
  4. BTGBullseye

    Let's talk about NPC intelligence

    It might be trying, but it's failing.
  5. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    Now that I can play movies at higher then 720p at full framerate, I find I'm running out of drive storage space much faster than before...
  6. BTGBullseye

    Let's talk about NPC intelligence

    I'll have you know, that eye patch is only for show!
  7. BTGBullseye

    Let's talk about NPC intelligence

    That AI is copywritten by Warner Bros.... You really think they would just let anyone use it?
  8. BTGBullseye

    Let's talk about NPC intelligence

    Because copyright.
  9. BTGBullseye

    Post what you're doing right now

    Trying to avoid a headache.
  10. BTGBullseye

    Oil and its future implications

    Problem is, the battery life degrades way too fast. You can't use the same $5000 battery for 20 years and expect to go more than a half a mile on a charge.
  11. BTGBullseye

    Say Cheese, Ross.

    Wait, it isn't a GIF? Why is it moving then?
  12. BTGBullseye

    Games you bought recently

    Space Rogue, Original War, & Survivalist.
  13. BTGBullseye

    Last Game You Played

    Civ 5. Giving a go at playing a map until completion for the first time...
  14. BTGBullseye

    Secret Weapons Over Normandy

    Sounds like you'd be better off playing in a VM...
  15. BTGBullseye


    EA can send as many C&D as they want, it's not illegal for them to keep on making these games function again.
  16. BTGBullseye

    What are you listening to?

  17. BTGBullseye

    Videochat July 2019

    Looks more like "stand behind barricade and shoot waves of zombies" than it does "walk around shooting and looting, despite zombies".
  18. BTGBullseye

    Say Cheese, Ross.

    Not bad! The lines between the teeth seem just a little wider than reality, but you can clearly tell who it is.
  19. BTGBullseye

    What are you listening to?

  20. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    I see that kind of stuff in single player games for getting you to spend in-game currency on things that actually hinder you...
  21. BTGBullseye

    Last Game You Played

    Space Rogue. Similar to FTL, but with MUCH more content, no chase fleet, and a lot of bugs. (but at least they're really easy to bypass, just relaunch the game)
  22. BTGBullseye

    Questions for Videochat May 2019

    Well, it did show as locked when I first saw the topic, before anyone else commented...
  23. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    That attitude is why I can't go outside as often as I want...
  24. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

  25. BTGBullseye

    Random thread

    (*Oi(NLK Qnokuh9aszxdoineobo2n789T&UIBNl.

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