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  1. You know, you can always add trackers to it on your own... You'll get seeders faster. I use this list myself: https://github.com/ngosang/trackerslist Constantly updated for good and bad trackers, so you can even blacklist known bad trackers from your client. (it will remove them automatically)
  2. No. You already knew this, why did you ask?
  3. 3085 - The lack of previous year's record was a plot by boring people to make things more boring.
  4. xvbgzsc g l6k8t c9ikdxryhf kjbdfgalibtoilg bweib iuje4rbhniuNAwe4irthapi4rtgiujn vgbekujirtgrfdctgvxtgyfvuhujiujhnikdrfewseazxedrsxtyhbujtgjikolnmhnujik vyhubfgvtrftdcedrzwsxedwsxrftvgydcryhuvtgb bhnjuvyhtgbedcrsxx rfedcfvct gyhhnbuji hvgb fydxecrstgyrfvnujibyhjhnk b nbjmrfdcttgrfvycuyhingbujinbyhvc gbfh
  5. The original with the duct tape mod, and the parallax mod. Was visually on-par with most AAA games that have come out in the past 3 years year. (apart from low-rez textures, and poor widescreen support) On topic: Star Trek Online
  6. Well, Zenimax has been doing poorly for a long time now financially, and Microsoft has a history of buying those sort of companies. They also tend not to mess around with the actual dev groups that much. (meaning they tend not to destroy games they buy) Hopefully this will result in increased funding for the next Bethesda RPG they've been planning since last year that is supposed to be less fantasy, and set in space. (and singleplayer only as of its announcement)
  7. Sounds like you might be bipolar... (with depression)
  8. Remember, W10 was not the idea of the current management or dev teams. It was their predecessors that forced this mess on the world. In the near future, don't be surprised if Microsoft releases a "successor" to Windows based on the Linux kernel.
  9. 3083 - The year @kerdios and @Psychotic Ninja stop being boring, and type random events that might happen in the year that the number represents.
  10. Maybe it is. Who am I to say?
  11. Well, they did just recently give up on their war against Linux in the PR department. They're probably going to stop having a proprietary monolithic kernel in a few years. (makes it much easier to maintain the codebase too) They also clearly stated that they are not going to have Xbox exclusives anymore, as all must be available for PC as well. Things are improving over there, just really slowly. True. Though it's really quite inevitable when you look at the laws in this world, and apply human nature to the mix.
  12. Because I win, regardless of who posted first.
  13. Bethesda. All they showed was some cool looking space warping effect, and said it was supposed to be a more realistic-style space RPG.
  14. $7.5 billion. Seems low for some reason...
  15. I never said it was a problem. As a matter of fact, it's probably going to improve the quality of the Bethesda productions overall. (they were planning a completely new IP set in space, to be the next release instead of Fallout or TES, as of last year)
  16. So... Microsoft just bought Bethesda...
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