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  1. 3171 - Typos cease to happen for anyone anywhere.
  2. 3169 - Everyone is split on the opinion that 3167's Spider-man reboot is either the definitive version, or the worst one ever.
  3. Which is meaningless to me. You have provided no meaning for me to use.
  4. The meaning of the statement.
  5. 3165 - The year we all get on the same page.
  6. 3156 - Yes, I did forget that it wasn't started from 0. I can admit that. Don't ever say I never admit when I make mistakes.
  7. That is absolutely not a well done game character model...
  8. That only further supports the change to enhance the diagnosis methodology for ADHD, not keep using known flawed methodology.
  9. I remember that game. Still have the CD somewhere... It was fun for a once or twice game. Seemed like it lost replayability after the second round. Felt somewhat like the original Stronghold from the art direction, but with detailed control over the specific units instead of the castle buildings.
  10. 3140 -Because I can actually count.
  11. Except that the diagnosis methods are science based, (unlike the old bipolar stuff) and have been around for over 200 years. (also unlike bipolar)
  12. DSM-5 refused to include scientific information that "might broaden the prevalence of the disorder". The AMA also supports using diagnostic tests that remove ~200 years of scientifically known knowledge of the disorder. (removing the emotional component) Politics disrupting science, and since this is a 2014 talk, you can't even blame the current political system.
  13. It depends entirely on how you intend for it to read. If you intend for a slight delay, usually for emphasis in that situation, then it is appropriate to include a comma in that location. Considering however that you don't capitalize or use other punctuation, there seems very little point in including that in the first place.
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